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  • SF or LA
  • What movie can you recite verbatim?: Dogma, A Christmas Story
  • Vampire or Zombie
  • Where's your hairiest square inch?: My crotch
  • Elliott Bay or Amazon

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DrummerGrrl is sitting at my computer, stunned that I just wrote about my secret S/M crush on Bea Arthur.
Apr 22 DrummerGrrl commented on I, Anonymous.
I also wouldn't have helped because like #1 stated, I only have to see someone puking and then I puke too. Blech! I think people are way too self-absorbed with their lives and the lives of their spawn. Anonymous, pick up some damn napkins and clean up your kid's puke, already. Boo hoo! No one would help you! So sad! You've lost your faith in humanity, right? Jesus wept.
Apr 22 DrummerGrrl commented on I, Anonymous.
Sea Otter: Have you ever pooped in your pants on the bus? No one will help you there, either. And that's just sad.
Apr 1 DrummerGrrl commented on Freaked Out By the Lightning Yesterday? Better Get Used to It in the US.
Bunch of babies! When I first moved to Seattle from the Washington, D.C. area in 1990, I saw grown men in a Seattle office run around unplugging every appliance and shutting down huge printing presses because a little bit of thunder was heard. It was hilarious to watch the terror on these men's faces! Stay away from the southern part of the U.S., then. Atlanta, GA gets some bad lightning every spring and summer. We had some two nights ago. Twenty-three more days and I am moving back to Washington state. The South can have all that crap weather!
Apr 1 DrummerGrrl commented on Vulcan to Redevelop Cal Anderson Park.
All of you bitching and moaning about transit in the Seattle area? Take a trip to Atlanta, Georgia. You will realize that you have some really good public transportation! I do not lie when I say that Atlanta and the metro area have crap transit--I can't tell you the number of jobs I've lost because the trains and buses are always late and/or breaking down. They also don't really go to places where people need them to go. In twenty-three days I am returning to the Seattle area from living in the Atlanta suburbs and I can't wait to ride Metro again. If you dare, come on over to Hotlanta and see a fucked up transit system. I almost guarantee that you will kiss a Metro bus driver on your return or buy one of them some flowers.
Mar 21 DrummerGrrl commented on Capitol Hill Street Drummer Joe Buckets Couldn't Beat the Law.
I'm a drummer and even I can't stand drumming 24/7, especially if it's crap drumming! I remember that steel drum band. They were pretty good but I'm a drummer so it wasn't a big deal for me because I could GET AWAY FROM THE CONSTANT sound if I so desired. For folks who are trapped in office buildings, the drumming gets old very quickly, I'd imagine. And great drumming is much more tolerable than some guy who thinks he can play but wouldn't know a real drum roll from a roll in the hay.
Feb 18 DrummerGrrl commented on I, Anonymous.
I agree with Arthur. Borrrrrrrring. Anonymous, give the obnoxious person a drink and spike it with a laxative or something. Mwahahahaha! Make this person want, more than anything, to get out of film school! Don't wait for thus douche-nozzle to make the first move! KIDDING...sort of...
Feb 3 DrummerGrrl commented on Here's What You Need to Know, Newcomer.
Atlanta's traffic is a hundred times worse than Seattle's! Ugh! I lived in Seattle for eleven years and can't wait to say adios to the Atlanta area. Atlanta has many, many problems but the biggest one for me is that their public transportation in a serious joke. Georgia state is ALL about roads, building new roads, beefing up existing roads, tearing up beautiful forests to slap more highways down, and none of it helps because there are too many people and too many vehicles on the roads. Our governor is a anti-public transportation a-hole. Can't have those Mexicans and them Darkies coming into our lily-white neighborhoods! I hate the South but I met my wife and have family here, so it hasn't been a completely unmitigated disaster...

However, when my Seattle friends bitch to me that a Metro bus was late and they arrived at work "TEN minutes late!", I have to laugh. How about being late for work by TWO HOURS or more, several times a month?! In the years I have lived in the Atlanta area, I have lost FOUR jobs because of the craptacular Atlanta bus/train service. That's a lot of jobs. So, Seattle, your public transportation is awesome and only going to get better. Atlanta? Ya'll are screwed and I can't wait until I move back to the BEST Coast! Two months, baby, I'm counting down the days!
Dec 4, 2014 DrummerGrrl commented on I, Anonymous.
This may or may not be one of those "urban legends" but I have an ex-friend who has major mommy issues and she and her boyfriend went over to her mother's house when her mother was on vacation and they had sex all over the house and wiped their "juices" on all the doorknobs, the handle to the refrigerator, the oven door, the remote control for the TV, her mother's dresser drawer handles...I mean, they got sickeningly "creative". She's a passive-aggressive little snot as was her boyfriend who is now her husband. Instead of airing her grievances to her mother in a mature way, she thought this was really clever and was very puzzled and annoyed when she told me and I was disgusted and angry with her. So. It may be this little story is a hoax but I wouldn't put anything past morally bankrupt/immature morons out for "revenge".
Nov 19, 2014 DrummerGrrl commented on The Time I Spent Nine Hours in Jail.
Stupid story. Stupid person. Typical idiot person living in Seattle...I should say, typical idiot WHITE person living in Seattle who never gives the law one thought because she's so wonderful and innocent and her shit smells like beautiful orchids. I couldn't even read past the first two paragraphs as it was so "Woe is me, I'm such a sweet little girl who can't be bothered by the TAWDRYNESS of real life". Blecch! Pardon me while I go vomit chunks.
Oct 15, 2014 DrummerGrrl commented on I, Anonymous.
Conversely, finding a HARD roommate is GOOD.

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