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  • Tom Skerritt or Dave Matthews
  • Dina Martina or Jean Godden
  • No legs and a million dollars or A million legs and no dollars
  • What song or movie makes you cry?: "Field of Dreams"
  • What helps you sleep?: Melatonin, good sex

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DrummerGrrl is sitting at my computer, stunned that I just wrote about my secret S/M crush on Bea Arthur.
Aug 6 DrummerGrrl commented on Celebri-Days.
Godzilla1916: That's funny, you calling someone dumb. Did you actually read your post? Do you not know the difference between your and you're? Hint: You're= you are. Don't call people dumb when you are (you're) even dumber.
Jul 30 DrummerGrrl commented on Celebri-Days.
Why the hell does anyone let this Ann Romano write "Last Days"? She is so tired. Her writing is so juvenile. She ought to get a job at TMZ. What a douche nozzle.
Jul 17 DrummerGrrl commented on Belinda Carlisle and the Go-Go's Taught Me How to Be Punk.
The Motels?! Are you serious? That's a laugh. "Suddenly Last Summer" was such a punk anthem. NOT. The Motels are about as punk as Kenny G. Hahahaha.
Jul 3 DrummerGrrl commented on Last Days.
keshmeshi: I know! Poor bear, just doing what bears do and IT gets shot dead?! I can think of many, many asshole humans that are less worthy of life than that poor bear. Oh, well, off to get some cupcakes, tra la la!
Jul 3 DrummerGrrl commented on I, Anonymous.
Why does poor Arthur Zifferelli get so much hate? Just because he's a man? Just because he tries to inject some ugly truth into the conversation? He already stated quite clearly that rape is wrong and there is absolutely no excuse that could make it acceptable behavior but once again, some people feel the need to jump all over him and accuse him of being a "rape-apologist". A rape apologist. Wow. That's some heavy shit. This anonymous poster admits that she hangs around with jerks who wouldn't be sympathetic to what happened to her. Also, she CLEARLY says in her post that she could have pushed the guy off of her because he wasn't stronger than she was. But, instead, she looks at him with "sadness and revulsion in her eyes". Oh, give me a goddamn break! While it's true that when she told this asshole repeatedly that she wasn't interested, she just remained passive while he raped her! She didn't fight, she didn't scream, she didn't try to claw his damn eyes out--no, she just let him do it. So, it really sucks, yep, but looking at someone with "sadness and revulsion" and not doing a goddamn thing except lay there like a mannequin is on HER! Here are her words again, for those of you who glossed over this the first time you read her stupid post: "If I really didn't want you to fuck me, I could have pushed you off as soon as I knew what was going on". She could have but didn't. So, now she wants to sob and cry 'rape'? Sorry, sister, but that's bullshit. I think you sort of wanted to have sex with this guy but you felt guilty that you wanted to have sex (the sadness and revulsion) with him and then later, thinking about what happened, instead of owning your feelings, you decided to call it rape. Well, sweetie, I think you need to grow up. What happened to you was unfortunate but YOU could have, by your own admission, stopped this.
Jun 18 DrummerGrrl commented on I, Anonymous.
Ohh, cry me a fucking river! You had to wait ten extra minutes! Ten extra minutes that you could have used to drink some more or to whine about how terrible it is to wait ten extra minutes! Oh, the humanity!

Also, when you call for a cab, isn't it standard practice for the dispatcher to ask how you're paying? That's the way it is here in in Atlanta. You probably forgot to ask or you just assumed that everyone was as hip and with it as you are. If this is the worst thing to ever happen to your stupid, entitled ass, count yourself lucky. What a self-obsessed douche-bag. I bet you didn't even tip the cab driver.
Jun 4 DrummerGrrl commented on Celebri-Days.
Dear God, how long must we suffer before David Schmader returns? Actually, this column wasn't as bad as previous Ann Romano columns, I even giggled at the description of Kim and Kanye's wedding. But, please, bring back David Schmader!
May 22 DrummerGrrl commented on I, Anonymous.
Arthur makes me laugh every damn week, without fail. Sure, he's incredibly mean-spirited at times but he's so not "touchy-feely let's dance around the campfire singing Kumbaya" that I have to love him. Oh, and Seattlebcc? Learn to spell! It's W-H-I-N-E-R, not 'whinner'. Also, pity the poor fool who spells pity as P-I-T-T-Y.
May 22 DrummerGrrl commented on Last Days.
I will be extremely happy to move away from the Atlanta area. Sandy Springs used to be kind of cool, before it became a city. Too many Republican bible bangers are moving there from Cobb county and trying to impose their values on everyone else. WHY, oh why, did I ever move away from Seattle?! Sigh...
May 15 DrummerGrrl commented on Last Days.
Auntie Grizelda: What makes you so sure dear old mom and dad are shaking their heads UP there?! My, my, did God tell you that? Mwahahahahaha!

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