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DrummerGrrl is watching some dumb home improvement show.
Mar 24 DrummerGrrl commented on I, Anonymous: You've Changed.
God, #19, you're the damn savior of the free world, aren't you?! As my late mother would say, "Don't break your arm, patting yourself on the back!". You sound as though you live in the lofty clouds, only sometimes venturing down to see how the peons are living in their ignorance and squalor. Ugh.
Mar 24 DrummerGrrl commented on I Anonymous: Bosnian Gratitude.
FARTY Zifferelli didn't get a pony when he was a child. That's why he's so bitter. Also, his cocaine and malt liquor were taken away from him on his fifth birthday. Poor little bastard.
Mar 24 DrummerGrrl commented on I, Anonymous: Stop Hawking Your Loogies on the Sidewalk.
I have asthma and sometimes mucus comes up from my lungs and will nearly choke me. I am sorry to be politically incorrect but I am STILL going to excuse myself and spit out the nastiness on the grass or off the sidewalk, in the dirt. I don't always carry facial tissue with me. I try not to make a Broadway production out of coughing up a wad of throat oysters but sometimes it just can't be helped. I know it's nasty to hear someone do this because I, myself cringe when other people do it. At least I don't loudly announce it, "Hwwwwack, tooey!" as I've heard some people (men) do.
Mar 19 DrummerGrrl commented on To the Tourists Who Hate Visiting Seattle: You’re Doing It Wrong.
Hey, Kennesaw Mountain, I'm assuming you're from Georgia, with that moniker? How the hell can you say transit is shit in Seattle??! Are you mistakenly thinking about traveling by bus up Buford Highway or trying to get anywhere on the weekends in Cobb county, GA? You must be, because I lived in Georgia (unfortunately) for eighteen years and the public transit in the Atlanta area is criminally bad. I've lost three jobs because the damn train and buses were always late and in the case of buses, sometimes they never showed up at all! The miserable attitude of the public transit workers in Atlanta is really something to behold. They don't give a damn if they make you late. They don't give a damn about anything except bitching about the Atlanta Falcons.

In comparison, I lived in Seattle from 1990-2001 and now live in Tacoma since 2015 and have never had to wait longer than fifteen minutes for a bus in Seattle. I bet you never even RIDE a bus, do you?! Taking a bus into North Seattle is not some impossible dream as you seem to suggest. Ever heard of express buses? Ever heard of Snohomish county transit? Pierce county transit? Sound Transit? You really need to get out more.
Jan 12 DrummerGrrl commented on Trump Gave a Press Conference About Pee Gate. He Probably Thought He Was Tremendous.
@ #4: Hey, did you come up with that? Because I laughed my damn head off and then had to feel around on the floor to get my head back on my body. Seriously, that was fucking hilarious and I'd like to borrow it, giving you full credit, of course.
Jan 12 DrummerGrrl commented on Bands I Pretended to Like for Boys. Part Five: Grateful Dead.
I can't even convey the magnitude of my hatred for The Talentless Dead. I will be grateful when every one of them is underground. Buried. That goes for all the thousands of stupid, talentless "jam bands" that followed in their footsteps.
Jan 12 DrummerGrrl commented on I, Anonymous.
#8, right on!
Dec 15, 2016 DrummerGrrl commented on I, Anonymous.
#5: Please, for the love of whatever you hold dear, learn to use PUNCTUATION. I laughed when you described yourself as a scribe. Is punctuation too pretentious for your scribe mindset?
Dec 15, 2016 DrummerGrrl commented on I, Anonymous.
Move to Tacoma. A long time ago (in a Seattle not very far away), I listened to all my cooler-than-thou friends diss Tacoma as a redneck backwater. Of course, back then (early 1990's), Tacoma WAS sort of a backwater. So was Olympia. But that was then. This is 2016 and Tacoma is a pretty nice place to live. The rents are still decent, the public transportation is getting better and best of all, there's not a lot of that stupid "freeze out" crap that one experiences up in the Seattle area. In fact, where I live (low-income housing), some woman moved here from Seattle last summer and all she's done since she moved here is complain about how redneck and backward Tacoma is. SHE, of course, is a pretentious piece of shit who has no reason to act the way she does, seeing as she is living in H.U.D. housing...anyway, she is not liked here and is trying to move back to Seattle. Tacoma isn't as progressive as Seattle is and my wife and I don't feel completely free to hold hands in public sometimes but in general, Tacoma is much more mellow and friendly than snotty Seattle.

Also, who cares what people think of you? Fuck 'em! I have enough self-esteem that I don't give a flying fuck if someone looks askance at me. They don't like me? Oh, well. Their loss.
Dec 8, 2016 DrummerGrrl commented on I, Anonymous.
God, #9, your many typos made my head explode. You're part of the problem...ignorant and so proud of it. Learn to write intelligent posts, would you? Oh, wait, that's a liberal conspiracy, isn't it? Literacy is evil! President Trump is an idiot and look where THAT got him!