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DrummerGrrl is watching some dumb home improvement show.
5:25 PM yesterday DrummerGrrl commented on I, Anonymous.
God, #9, your many typos made my head explode. You're part of the problem...ignorant and so proud of it. Learn to write intelligent posts, would you? Oh, wait, that's a liberal conspiracy, isn't it? Literacy is evil! President Trump is an idiot and look where THAT got him!
Oct 26 DrummerGrrl commented on New Column!.
I happen to believe in God. But not the god that old Chickie baby believed in. I hope that Jack Chick came face to face with God and God appeared as a Black woman! Or an Asian woman. Or a Black man in drag! Ohhh, that would be rich.
Oct 26 DrummerGrrl commented on I, Anonymous.
I must buy one of those little Mariners bats and carry it with me at all times. If I ever see one of those drones near me, it's on, motherf*cker! I'll hit it until it crashes and smash the crap out of it until it's in tiny little pieces. I hate those damn things.
Aug 26 DrummerGrrl commented on We Saw You Riding Horses Outside a New Apartment Building, Rapping at Seattle Center, and Laughing at Hempfest.
escapefromchicago: Or, Atlanta, GA. Atlanta doesn't have the rioting that Milwaukee has but it has lots of other problems. Mainly, it's in the South. Ugh! I was never so happy than when I packed up my worldly goods, my wife, and my cat and we moved to Tacoma. Atlanta is just so backwards.
Aug 21 DrummerGrrl commented on I, Anonymous.
Seattlebcc: Learn to fucking spell, you moron!
Aug 18 DrummerGrrl commented on We Saw Your Car Signs, Your Ass Crack, Your Benghazi Shirt, and Your Public Make-Out Session.
Tearing bumper stickers off cars? My, my, how so very "tolerant" you are! Oh, you die-hard Seattle liberals! You say you're liberal but only if everyone else agrees with you. I consider myself fairly liberal but you PC whimpering babies in the Pacific Northwest need to grow the fuck up. I'm so sick of you folks ragging on people who believe differently than you. Pull your heads out of your asses, please."Oooo, all Republicans are evil! Oooo, all white people are inherently racist! Oooo, people who believe in God are deluded!". And on and on and on.
Aug 11 DrummerGrrl commented on We Saw the Whole City Almost Burst into Tears When It Started to Rain Last Sunday, and We Saw a Lot of Netflix.
I love this summer! Fuck all these haters. If you want warm weather and sunny skies, move the hell to California. I moved back to the Pacific Northwest from Atlanta, GA and I don't miss the humidity, the unrelenting heat, the Southern morons, the bugs, the backwards attitudes, and the crappy public transportation. Go move there--they have tons of sun. They also have smog alert days, ignorant people, and horrible tornadoes, straight line winds that can appear out of nowhere and rip the roof off your house...need I go on?! If it rained ALL summer here, I wouldn't mind a bit.
Jun 24 DrummerGrrl commented on We Saw You Primping Your Undercarriage, Oozing Out of Your Shoes, and Commanding a Dog to Chase an Invisible Squirrel.
I despise man-buns. I despise them almost as much as I despise white people with dreadlocks. Ugh, seriously?! These are "sensitive" types. Blecch!
May 19 DrummerGrrl commented on I, Anonymous.
Mike Friedman: I know! This is the biggest pet peeve I have about people on the West Coast. They will bitch and whine and moan about something but never actually DO anything about it! Effing little wimps, most of them. I love being back in the Pacific Northwest but I am from the East Coast and we don't put up with shit like this.