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May 2, 2013 memory man joined My Stranger Face
May 2, 2013 memory man joined My Stranger Face
May 2, 2013 memory man commented on Why I Oppose Sub-Area Equity for Sound Transit.
Sub-area equity got South King County to pay for YOUR light rail to the airport. You dump your airplane pollution (air and noise) on us southies, who fly lots less than you, and then WE have to pay to get you here so you don't have to shell out for parking. We were supposed to get 5 stations in South King County and 8 miles of track under the original taxing proposal, but got only one station and 6 miles of track; now the politicos are boasting that the 3rd station will be built "early" - 2016 - and media play along, while it was supposed to be built by 2005, a billion dollars ago.

Sound Transit is definitely a scam, and they steal money from whomever then can get it. It's all about taking money from the public; a 10% profit on that much construction enables the contractors to cut some very fat checks to their friends in office. The first vote in 1995 failed, so they focus grouped and polled their way to constructing a proposal that would pass, never mind that both the promised tax amount and project size were lies constructed to fit what people said they would vote for.

You Seattle folks wouldn't have gotten the suburbs' votes, or tax dollars, at all if supposed sub-area equity wasn't part of the deal. Consider yourselves lucky you got what you did from us, and keep your thieving hands to yourselves in the future. Right now we get half the bus service per capita from Metro that you do, despite all paying the same for it, and the fact there are more seats occupied on the average South County bus than on the average Seattle (West Subarea) bus. Not that Metro will tell you that - they have jiggered the metrics so a two block ride downtown has the same value as a twenty-mile commute ride. They also use larger-than-necessary buses in the burbs to reduce seat utilization percentage, which is more important in their accounting system than the number of people on the bus. You won't give us bus service so we eat your lunch in the legislature, siphoning off way too much funding for roads because we don't have bus service. Give us some bus service and we'll need less for roads.

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