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Jan 29, 2016 taco hut commented on Welcome to Seattle, Stoners!.
What is this weed lube and where can you buy it?
Jan 23, 2015 taco hut commented on Films That Are Better Than the Books They're Adapted From.
I've never read Puzo's Godfather books, but there's now way thy're better than parts 1 and 2, right?
Jan 16, 2015 taco hut commented on Out on the Conservative Fringe, Ben Carson Says Republicans Should Be More Like ISIS.
"Damn it, Smithers! This isn't rocket science, it's brain surgery!" - Mr. Burns.
Nov 14, 2014 taco hut commented on The Morning News: Washington Tightens Logging Rules to Prevent Catastrophic Mudslides.
On Publicola, Josh commented in a post that ECB is currently out battling alcoholism. Yet another depressing bit of news, but the fact that she is seeking treatment is a good sign.
May 30, 2014 taco hut commented on That’s Kind of Racist, Dude.
@14 From the article, "Several of us had already ordered drinks from him, had been exchanging pleasantries with him and telling him about the conference—speaking in perfect, unaccented English."

Why would anyone think that someone speaking unaccented English is not from the US? Maybe Canada, but there's no indication he said anything like that.
Apr 30, 2014 taco hut commented on In Culture News: Mudede's Favorite Film, Kid Musicians Need Your Vote, and What to Expect When You're SIFFing.
Last night Charles named his 3 favorite films, none of which were La Jetee. There's a difference between greatest an favorite. Those 3 btw? To Sleep with Anger, Blade Runner (duh), and North by Northwest. You're welcome.