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Feb 15, 2012 gember commented on Famous Last Words.
It sounds like it's Tivo that needs to worry, not Samsung.

Half a decade ago when I lived in Europe, Apple was the only easy way to watch American TV. I picked the shows I really wanted to see and got season passes. This probably cost less than what I'm paying for cable now, I watched exactly what I wanted where and when I wanted it. AppleTV wasn't out yet so we bought a Mac Mini for the living room to watch on our TV.

Now, like most of you, we have a big but featureless TV hooked to a bunch of flawed devices. I like Tivo, it's better than the alternatives, but could the flash-based interface be any more annoying and slow? I am also so tired of tweaking every device AND the tv exactly right so that shows are the correct aspect ratio. Low definition never bothered me but making everyone 20% wider or narrower sure does. If apple does this well, there is definitely room for a TV with a decent UI.
Feb 6, 2012 gember commented on Here Comes the Amazon Brick and Mortar Store?.
A retail store? Are they trying to run *themselves* out of business?
Jan 27, 2012 gember commented on Lowering the Minimum Wage for Tipped Employees: Yes or No?.
I used to enjoy a restaurant in San Diego that added a flat service charge and didn't accept tips beyond that (if you left one, it was given to charity). I was fine with this - 18% is well below what I would normally tip anyway - but from the yelp reviews, most people HATE it.

That said, I don't really understand how the tipping works in Seattle. Do people get this $9 regardless of tips, per hour, on top of tips? Or is it just for hours where their tips do not exceed the $9? Or is it in a pay period, if their average tips per hour do not exceed $9, then they get that minima wage instead?

If they earn $9/hour regardless of what their tips are, that's a lot.
Aug 27, 2011 gember commented on So, if Rick Steves Received $1 Million from the Bush Tax Cuts, How Much Did Rick Steves Make During the Bush Era?.
So..he tried to make a statement, and do some good locally, and so Eli/some sloggers will shit all over him for it? I mean, it doesn't undo the taxation stupidity, but he can't change the tax code so he's doing what he can. I've been thinking about donating my bush tax cut savings to planned parenthood. It's no million dollars and it's not the same as giving it to the government, but I know the money would do some good. Why discourage people from this?
Jul 15, 2011 gember commented on Marcus Bachmann, Victim.
I think the Slate article was valid and largely agree with it. Marcus Bachmann appears to be a loathsome, reprehensible human being. But I dislike the gender and sexuality stereotyping behind pursuing the "Bachmann is a closeted gay man!" cheap comedy.
Jul 15, 2011 gember commented on Jon Stewart on Marcus Bachmann.
@27: THIS, and I'm surprised it took anyone that long to say it. Am I the only one who was bothered by the bit? Plenty of straight men dance. Some of them are assholes, some aren't. Plenty of gay men don't dance. He acts like/resembles a sitcom character played by a straight actor pretending to be gay? Yeah, sitcom stereotypes of gay men are always so realistic and believable.
Jul 15, 2011 gember commented on CNN Smells Fox Blood.
The commentator banter aside, I wouldn't spring to attribute malice to their failure to cover a story most fox news viewers probably have zero interest in - how much do they pay attention to British domestic politics normally? As this becomes a broader international story, I'll judge based on whether they start covering it if the DoJ gets involved.
Jul 13, 2011 gember commented on Pennsylvania Restaurant Bans Babies.
@51: It's not perfect, but how about "adult restaurant = no pictures of food on the menu, and the menu isn't a large sign behind the counter"?

When I lived in Europe for several years, we didn't see children at non-fast food restaurants. Period. If they were there, they were tourists. Going out to eat was relatively expensive for people and they just wouldn't have wasted the money taking their kids out. Occasionally a non-mobile baby would be in a stroller dining outdoors, but never inside. So yes, this is cultural, but it isn't like the US is the only place with spaces you don't see kids.
Jul 12, 2011 gember commented on Pennsylvania Restaurant Bans Babies.
One of the things I considered before deciding to become pregnant was that going out to eat would get rarer and more difficult. And that's OK. Is "where will our nation's toddlers get their cheap steaks and uninspired chicken-pasta dishes?" really a pressing culinary concern?