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Homosexual village, Montréal, Québec, Canada
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Gin Gin Bon Bon is bored of the innernets.
Nov 6, 2009 Gin Gin Bon Bon commented on Happy Heteroween.
hey ShellyM, that was a lovely reply. I'm sorry people jumped all over you so nastily, too. Also @109, nice. This is one of those (rare) times where I don't feel totally gross about commenting on a Stranger post.
Nov 5, 2009 Gin Gin Bon Bon commented on Happy Heteroween.
dressing up in a sexy costume might make me an object to some, but I am not _only_ an object, ie I am not reduced to nothing more than a stereotype simply because someone may think it, initially. Furthermore, if I'm going to be defined by a sexy Halloween costume or some other uni-dimensional aspect (I know we're often only allowed one) of my appearance, to echo @39's point, the issue isn't what I'm wearing at all.

What's wrong with "that chick's hot," anyway? A lot of interesting conversations get started that way. Say I start out as a stereotype, and become an actual person thirty seconds in. Is that not a sophisticated enough way to break down stereotypes? I think the mace would do a lot more damage, perpetuating stereotypes...

So yeah, I take offense that my fellow feminists are willing to go so far as to say that I "don't understand the implications" (I am knowledgeable and excelled in Women's Studies ps.) I would be loath to insult others in that way. In fact, making it all about how a woman behaves and dresses, and saying "women can't just do what they want despite sexism" _is_ sexist, and frames the issue in totally the wrong way.
Oct 29, 2009 Gin Gin Bon Bon commented on Happy Heteroween.
...except I do not agree with this:

"dressing up as a stereotype of men's sexual fantasies is not empowering when in our daily lives women are sexually NOT equal to men because we don't have the same control that men do over when to not be sexualized"

it just doesn't follow that we must never want to dress sexy or play with stereotypes because we lack the same control over when we are sexualized/objectified. Being subjected to sexism doesn't render me asexual and actually, it creates that much more of a need to examine and interact with my culture. It _IS_ usually hard to separate ironic reclaiming from unthinking collusion, but I think it's often a bit of both, and I like to give the gals a little more credit. kthxbye!
Oct 29, 2009 Gin Gin Bon Bon commented on Happy Heteroween.
@shellym, so? I agree with what you posted, but I liked Dan's article, too. It is possible to have fun, dress sexy and question social and cultural messages all at the same time.
Oct 14, 2009 Gin Gin Bon Bon commented on Woman Dies in Proximity to Pit Bull.
Oct 9, 2009 Gin Gin Bon Bon commented on Today in Nerd.
Adrian Brody is on that disgusting Polanski support petition.
Sep 21, 2009 Gin Gin Bon Bon updated his or her location.
Sep 21, 2009 Gin Gin Bon Bon is bored of the innernets.
Sep 16, 2009 Gin Gin Bon Bon commented on You And Your Stupid Fucking Dog.
I live in Montreal, and there's one bar in my neighborhood (that I know of) where I can bring my dog. I assume there haven't been any problems, or they would change this unofficial policy. I keep mine on a leash, but most other patrons make a point to come over and interact with her. They really love dogs there and it adds something special to the place. I agree that dogs should by default leave people alone while out in public, and I understand that some people have had bad experiences with dogs, but going off because no one should ever dare to bring any dog into the same room as you is a bit extreme, whether the law is on your side or not. Is it really that common to be assaulted by a slobbery dog in a bar or restaurant in Seattle?

There's no need to be so combative, even if the dog/owner is out of line. There will always be jerks and morons, but being calm and reasonable still gets everyone better results. I'm so grateful that (most) people were patient with me when I was getting the hang of being a considerate dog owner, and I'm really happy that there are establishments out there that are a little more flexible with these things. It allows people to have positive or at least neutral experiences with dogs, which is a great thing, considering that dogs seem to be hard to avoid altogether these days, living in a free society and all. Different bars assign different weight to the advantages for some customers and the discomfort of others. If you hate it, take your business elsewhere. Isn't that how shit works most of the time?
Sep 3, 2009 Gin Gin Bon Bon commented on Apparently, They Do Have Limits.
I don't hate this aa ad as much as some of their other ones. Usually what bothers me about them is the extent to which the girls look like they've been drugged and raped or drugged and about to be raped. From what I've heard about some of the people involved this might not even be that far off from what actually goes on. And really, exploitation makes me feel icky no matter what the age of the "model". Anyway. I'm not outraged at aa in particular, I just don't give the company any of my money because their ads disgust me. This model doesn't look that drugged or rape-y, but I am still getting my stupid leggings somewhere else.