Jul 29, 2010 KT-Kat commented on The Daily Show Decimates "Gay Nazi Historian".
When trying to direct my bf to this clip, I had a hard time explaining how such a deluded view could be so funny. Jason Jones did a great dark humor spoof. It's so fucking sad that we communicate better with satire because of douche bags that don't realize how fucking stupid they are.
Jul 29, 2010 KT-Kat commented on Just Leave the Animals Out of It.
Is it family friendly or 21+? One of the annoying things about Squid and the Ink was the lack of a kids menu. Don't vegans have kids too?
I don't mind paying $10 a stab for what my kid is going to east, but watching 3/4 of the plate go into the trash seems too wasteful. At the same time, I want my kids to experiment with new things. Letting them pick over the menu empowers them to dare. Is it to much to ask to get half plates at 60% of the price? Or maybe a full priced plate of half and half?
Jul 14, 2010 KT-Kat commented on The New Nightlife Plan Being Released Tonight.
Um, bullshit. Buses run at 215 and 330 downtown from union and pike at 3rd and 4th. They are called the night owls: 81_ ballard, 82_ queen anne fremont, 83_ u district, 84 capitol hill and the CD, 85_west seattle. There is also a 36, 49, 124, 120, and 174. They are Joe Metro's best kept secret. Why? Because then Metro would have to think about cleaning them up instead of leaving them as a shelter on wheels ( the people that AREN'T permitted in shelters for various reasons stay on the night owls)
I am sorry if a socialite that drinks in fremont can't catch a bus until 230 that transfers to the u district at 330. It may take her two hours to get home safely, but she will. Why should we waste more resources on door to door service? Staying to last call has it's responsibilities.
More importantly_ why does Metro try earnestly to hide all info about night owls? Only %5 of the zones serviced even list them.
Jun 16, 2010 KT-Kat commented on Jaywalking Is Not a Crime.
I challenge you Dan to put up a proper etiquette in jaywalking article. There are times when it is acceptable, and times when it isn't, and times WTF? Please consult several sources: peds, bikes, cars, trucks, and buses.
Jun 16, 2010 KT-Kat commented on Jaywalking Is Not a Crime.
I deal with all modes of transit. I ride my bike to and from work. I take the bus. I drive my kids to school. I drive the bus for a living.
This thread is driving me nuts.
A traffic signal is not about absolute control. It is about taking turns. It isn't always auto-centric. The Easy-West has to wait to take turns with the North-South cars as well as pedestrians.
When people jaywalk without regard to turn, it is no different then the asshole that runs the red light.
If there isn't any traffic, why should pedestrians wait? I jaywalk all the time; as long as I do not interfere with someone's rightful turn.
I can't tell you how many times I have missed a light driving Joe Metro because some conceited ass not only jaywalks, but slowly. It isn't just the guy whom seems as if he ran out of meds, but more often it is the suburbanite with shopping bags and kids in tow.
Seattle has a true problem with a holier then thou attitude. This incident just drips with it.
That particular intersection has a pedestrian overpass. Regardless, hordes of Franklin kids press into the streets and run across. I wish I could count the number of times I have refused to board an individual because they risked life and limb to catch a bus.
There is always another bus; there will never be another you.
Taking turns is something you should be taught at least by kindergarten.
May 25, 2010 KT-Kat commented on Black Hair and White Racism.
Out of a bit of curiosity, what is the tenure of this teacher?

I only ask because when I was in Horizon, the only black kids permitted in even that echelon (sub AP above standard level) were students of black parents employed by the school district...Jones, Howard_ great administrators with gifted children. No black kids were in AP.

I ask about the tenure because of my experiences with advanced class teachers. Some aren't any different then most of your standard dinosaurs. But having "results" plus tenure gives them even more ego.

It reminds me of the ST article about a teacher trying to re-institute cursive. Cursive existed souly for the quill pen and the blobs every new letter would start. When was the last time anyone has used the quill with any everyday use?
May 24, 2010 KT-Kat commented on Black Hair and White Racism.
I grew up in the Central District. This was way before Starbucks at 23rd and Jackson. While I am white, my younger sisters are mixed. No one believed that we were sisters.
I remember when a cop stopped me, my friends (black), and my sisters walking down 29th. He specifically addressed me, "If you keep hanging around with this kind, you will end up just like them." This was only twenty years ago. It still amazes me how so many white people don't see racism because it is subtle.
While many forms of racism kept occurring to my friends, my sisters, and myself, I never realized how muted racism in Seattle is. While attending Tulane University in New Orleans. I witnessed extreme and in-your-face racism.
A friend of Mine and I were locked out of a Dairy Queen as we approached the store. New Orleans style of desegregating schools consisted of putting the brightest 5-10 black kids in the posh schools; while placing 6-10 autistic white kids in the rundown school several blocks away.
I couldn't take it anymore. I came back to Seattle to finish my education at the UW, even though I was on full scholarship.
May 10, 2010 KT-Kat commented on Unto Us a Child Is Born!.
Pimp Shrimpy
Apr 23, 2010 KT-Kat commented on Save the Date: Verse Chapter Verse on Friday, May 14th.
Is it possible to get tix now?
Apr 20, 2010 KT-Kat commented on Sonoma County Officials: Clay Assaulted Harold.
I am curious to know whom has investments in the retirement home that Mr. Greene was sent to. My sister was almost forced into a nursing home after a bad car accident, even though she had family quite able and willing to take care of her. I did some research into the facility they insisted she go to. Turns out the social worker making the call was a board member. We had a little chat with her superior.