Oct 2, 2013 fuckwit commented on Video Catches Cop Threatening to Harass Me.
sadly, it doesn't seem like officer marion was lying. it sounded like he actually believed that it was private property, which is possibly even worse if officers don't understand the public private distinction or are being trained incorrectly.
Aug 22, 2013 fuckwit commented on The Richer the Driver the Bigger the Asshole.
as somebody that walks pretty much everywhere, i would have to say that prius drivers are up there with late model bmw and high-end suv drivers as the biggest pricks on the road, at least in terms of being willing to risk my life in order to not have to slow down. something to do with moral balancing i believe.
May 23, 2013 fuckwit commented on Yet Another Example of Oppressive Government Regulations Destroying Free Enterprise.
@10 i think the deaths were mostly caused by the gov. poisoning alcohol during prohibition, how about that for the importance of the gubmint. anyway, what this fuckwit is saying is that alcohol regulations (of which there are plenty of stupid ones as well as good ones) is really tangential to the issue. i am pretty sure fraud would still be illegal, businesses commit all sorts of scamming bullshit that doesn't have a direct link to regs. i just don't think the debate over what the proper role of gov. regulations is has much to do with this story. i can't think off-hand of a hypothetical reg. that could prevent a bar from pulling this kind of shit, maybe requiring non-refillable bottles and having some other complex bottle accounting system.

i think it is pretty fucking low level of political discourse that has one side yelling more gov. regulations and the other side yelling less. who gives a shit what they actually are or how they work.
May 23, 2013 fuckwit commented on Yet Another Example of Oppressive Government Regulations Destroying Free Enterprise.
how exactly is this story about the importance of gov. regulations. kind of a stupid spin on the story. some regulations are good, some are bad, this story doesn't add to that discussion in anyway.
May 9, 2013 fuckwit commented on Your Dog Sucks.
i have no sympathy for people that think they have the right to never be bothered by another person's dog. my dog is well-trained, but he does get curious and wants to approach people or sniff them. tough shit if you bothered by that. i love it when people cross the street to avoid my dog or give me nasty looks if he so much as extends his snout toward them. the city is full of annoying as shit things and dogs are big part of life, deal with it. that said, giving an dog a smack to get them to go away is pretty much the right thing to do.
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