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Mar 7 Id Thoris commented on Who Killed Teatro ZinZanni?.
TZ's wooden spiegeltent does not meet most city occupancy codes as is. I'm truly sorry that this is how the One Reel Productions empire ends, with the closing of a dinner theater, because Langill didn't think he had to respond to the same rules the rest of the world does. It is always sad when actors are out of work, but I hold Langill responsible for that. The TZ in San Francisco was on one of the piers, (rumored so they could get around the stronger code enforcement in that town). It closed in 2011 when the pier was taken over by the America's Cup; they are still looking for a new home for that as well.
Dec 12, 2015 Id Thoris commented on Emotions Run High at Ballard's Bauhaus Coffee, Which Is Closing Forever Because of "Financial Difficulties".
I"d like to use this space to thank the Green Lake employees for their good cheer and fine coffees. Good luck gals and pals.
Oct 26, 2015 Id Thoris commented on Paul Allen Gives to Arts with One Hand but Takes Away with the Other.
Damn, this is a great GREAT overview of Allen's 'curatorial' works in Seattle. This isn't about the little guy getting shafted, or about how we oughta make an art collective: it's about how culture develops around resources. When you let one guy/one organization's money drive the conversation (the Kreielsheimer Foundation for one of many examples), that paradigm becomes important. When that money goes away (Ford/Detroit), shit happens. And you might want to know what sort of shit is going to happen, and I thank you so very much for doing the work to get more information about what that shit might be (instead of just whining about 'the man').

It would be nice if their museums were as well done as the Getty's (please get a curator that knows how to label a vitrine and preserve an artifact, I am so tired of watching stuff molder and decay) but they certainly are swinging it around as much.

The work that gets paid for is work done. No money - no gallery - no theater - no stage = no art. It's not about bad taste; it's about one taste.
May 10, 2013 Id Thoris joined My Stranger Face
May 10, 2013 Id Thoris commented on "Man of Great Personal Integrity" Sentenced to 80 Years in Prison for Genocide.
Our dear pal is down there, escorting witnesses to the court, and I could not be prouder. Red menace my ass. Do some research, kids; extermination of a native people cause they aren't the color you like is not "a little carried away".