Feb 11, 2014 Vlad commented on Amazon Crushes Barnes & Noble Under Its Heel, with Help from the Department of Justice.
@2: No, It was Bezos talking to Jobs.
First: There was NEVER any substantial evidence of collusion (the legal word you're looking for); the whole DOJ case was built around the fact that in NY publishing, *people in the industry get together at restaurants and bars and talk business*-- the allegation was that there was some power-lunch where the Big Six all sat down to hatch the plot. That's it. No smoking gun email or piece of paper being definitive.
Why did the publishers lose? They DIDN'T. They settled. Why? It wasn't guilt, it was the fact that the legal costs to maintain the case would stagger the houses. It's why the head of Macmillan didn't capitulate and held out for most of a year.
Apple is still disputing the case, and wrestling with the DOJ post settlement.

And get this: The lead counsel for the DOJ was Hagens-Berman, a firm that has connections to Amazon going back to 2000, and currently shares a building (since early 2010) with Amazon down in the Denny area. Yeah, THERE's your conspiracy, buddy.
Apr 24, 2013 Vlad commented on Go Ask the Granta Editor Why He's Quitting Tonight.
This may have something to do with it:

Feb 6, 2013 Vlad commented on Anne of Green Gables and Sylvia Plath Get Sexed Up.
Frankly, I'm surprised this is getting any traction with anyone, but of course! The original article forgot to mention that this isn't even a real publisher-- there's an industry out there of people who just get every public domain title they can get their hands on, slap some half-assed (probably not licensed) image and text together to make a cover and churn it out in ebook format or even upload as POD title.
So this is one tiny step removed from self-publishing. And we know the kind of covers that show up in that field...
Jan 23, 2012 Vlad commented on If You Use Apple's Software, You Can Only Sell Your Book Through Apple.
@23: Amazon already did. What I don't understand is people can't see that.
Amazon bought Mobipocket years ago, made its .mobi format *exclusive*, so that if you wanted to sell a book through Amazon and get it on kindle, authors and e-book developers had to use the standard.
They locked you into the Kindle environment, even though ePub was perfectly viable. .mobi wasn't even an evolution in e-book coding and design, just a very proprietary version.

So now Apple develops a *multimedia* e-narrative program and everybody's bitching because you can't sell it on the Kindle site? Get over it; it's smart competition considering how Amazon tried and failed to completely corner the e-book market. Sure they have have a large slice of the pie, but it's only after years since the first kindle that they eased up and allowed ePub format and PDFs to be read on Kindles.
Jan 11, 2012 Vlad commented on Nancy Pearl Launching Publishing Line with Amazon.com.
Well, the main point we should all pay attention to is that Indie bookstore CAN'T sell these books, or any Amazon books-- not because we're being vindictive, but because Amazon undercuts us on their own website.
They will offer these books at standard publishing discounts (say, 44% retailer discount) and then sell the book on their site at that discount (or close to it), while the retailer has to sell it at list price to reap any sort of profit. Look up any AmazonCrossing title and see it's discounted price... What's the point of a bookstore carrying a title if there's steep discounting? It's to be Amazon's showroom. Before it's always been ambigious, but now it would be overt.

It's a rigged game and nobody's paying attention to this aspect at all.
Dec 29, 2011 Vlad commented on Give Me a Million Branches.
@15... Wow. The trolls are out in force today.
Didn't I see you grumbling on another post earlier? Oh, wait-- I'm not sure because you're *anonymous*...
And shouldn't you be off fragging a 12 year old, or whatever it is trolls do when they aren't commenting?
Dec 29, 2011 Vlad commented on Give Me a Million Branches.
Everyone should read EXTRA LIVES by Tom Bissell. It engages and examines the video game industry in new ways, and constantly asks these types of questions about the evolution and purpose of narrative in games...
Dec 7, 2011 Vlad commented on Police: Vega Homicide Fits Prominent Robbery Trend.
Last March I almost got jumped by four teens as I walked up the street from the bus (In Ballard, just off Market). They were loitering on an unlikely street corner and I got wary. I walked by and pretended to ignore them. I didn't want to look back and alert them so I just kept walking, watching for signs, shadows. Luckily they were lazy and I saw them in my peripheral vision (two right behind me, two keeping pace with them across the street) and pretended not to notice till I Got to my street. I rounded the corner and walked right up to my front door-- another bit of luck: my apartment is near the corner. They didn't anticipate me getting to my door quickly, and the leader shouted at me 'you got lucky!' as I walked into my door, and so I called the cops while staring at the guy and closing my door.
I knew those kids were prowling for a victim and told the cops as much because I worried they'd jump somebody else. It took me ten minutes to get the dispatcher to understand that they were trouble, and by the time a patrol car came by they were gone.
When I heard about Vega, I was saddened-- I got lucky because there's no way I would've fought off four teens...
Oct 17, 2011 Vlad commented on Another Reason Why Book Awards Are Meaningless.
Libba Bray goes nuclear on the committee... http://libba-bray.livejournal.com/62266.…
Sep 27, 2011 Vlad commented on Do They Know the Misspelled Title Is Intentional?.
It's about time a large publisher was shamed into admitting it wasn't paying attention to e-conversion. As @4 said: Proofing is proofing; doesn't matter if it's for the hardback, paperback or the e-version.

I've been hearing comments about shitty conversions without attention to detail (and let me tell you, Amazon's conversion system doesn't have ANY proofing whatsoever).

Publishers need to pay attention to the quality of these conversions if they are going to win the battle over pricing with Amazon. No, making an e-book isn't simply point-and-click; a proper conversion takes a careful eye and several hours & the publishers need to step up to that reality.