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Dec 23, 2015 Nuclear Marc commented on We're Overweight for the Same Reason We're in Debt.
When you say "We're" twice in your title, exactly who is in this 'we' collective you reference?
Just curious.
Jul 10, 2015 Nuclear Marc commented on Hey, Seattle Times: It's Not True that Being Naked in Public Is Illegal.
I believe the issue in public is more about women, and going topless.
Apparently naked is OK, and topless is OK for men... go figure.
Even women with double mastectomies seeking relief in the heat or use of a public pool, legal trouble can ensue when others make complaints to law enforcement.
Nov 28, 2014 Nuclear Marc commented on I, Anonymous.
We'll, if you choose to leave the business creation to someone else, you are dependent upon their 'generosity' for your archer in our Market Economy.

You want more freedom, start your own business

You want to keep on complaining about how bad your work environment is, try being the guy outside trying to sell 'Real Change' for a change of pace.

OR, you can get a grip on the realities of life as a wage earner and choose to be one or choose to make your own way. I don't think there are openings for 'self entitled' 'trust fund individual or group' positions, but I personally know there are some jobs, like yours in retail and mine in Health Care where the community as a whole, the public in general,mand many many people specifically benefit dramatically from the services we offer, and we can make a wage decent enough to have access to the internet.

I don't think your local 'Real Change' franchise owner has much of that.
Aug 21, 2014 Nuclear Marc commented on First Draft.
After doung this event for years, I have to recommend using the event program, TAKING NOTes On the beers you like, and NOT LOSING THE NOTES.
Many if the beers are commercially available locally, and if you find the elixir of your dreams, you can have it ready and waiting for you in your refrigerator every day.
Jul 4, 2014 Nuclear Marc commented on The Bar Is the Thing at Elysian Bar.
I found the place fairly decent, just not my speed.
A fine cocktail bar with a top tier brewery's name attached seems a bit of a contradiction. It seems like an expensive leap into fine dining, yet resembles a flying boat car... it can drive, can fly, and can power sail, but does none well.

There is where the similarities end... they do everything fairly well if. It excellent despite the apparent identify crisis, and have an issue figuring out which staff does what. So, we get to pay for the extra labor and the ingredients. All of this is the real stuff, not some cheap knock off that tastes about the same.

Many folks seem elitist to their way and shun 'undesirables', winers, zymurgy advocates, and mixology fans barely mix, yet this place has a significant draw for all three branches of libation.

I just wish there was something more shareable for under $10 besides bread $3, or w/ butter $5.
Muscle men at the door is another different feature rarely seen in the Seattle scene, just add that to the list of differences (or is that uniquenesses?).

Street parking makes it an easy visit, if a bit on the spendy side.
Mar 8, 2014 Nuclear Marc commented on Cutting Bus Service Would Hit Poor People Hardest.
For some reason, we all choose to remain residents of this State. We also know, if we are aware citizens, that this State has a consumption based tax system, not an income based tax system.
That is, Olympia tried to tax you on what you use, not on what you make. They don't tax you for being alive, food and a few essentials to sustain life aren't taxable, but extras are.
You can also make the argument that roads are necessary... I am not sure this forum works for this... but for some reason we are always dedicating more tax dollars to roads, and I see little to no actual improvement and an endless supply of deferred maintainence (i.e. Roads is currently a bottomless pit).
I am all for abolishing the general fund as a major account of revenue and assigning certain monies to specific functions, so the cash can not slosh wherever some buearocrats think is least-un-wise, leaving holes in budgets, and permanent shortfalls.
When I first moved here, we had annual surpluses.
What the hell happened?
Figure that out, and stop it for the love of your fellow citizens.
Jan 17, 2014 Nuclear Marc commented on Out of the Hospital and Off the Books: Should Harborview’s Primary Care Clinics Be Closed?.
Of course, the big give away of Yesler Terrace to land developers and the impact of property values on medical rescue helicopters in their back yard has no impact.

The consideration that with ACA, more of the un-insured will become under-insured and still have some of their care reimbursed is not adequately explained in this well thought and delivered piece.

Closing the "Zoo" seems a non-option to me.
Then again, all other local hospitals lacking a dumping ground might just pry loose some consideration for the greater good of Western Washington Health Care in general.
Jan 16, 2014 Nuclear Marc commented on Let Them Eat... Maybe Something Other Than Cake?.
We could not settle on one cake, enough for the whole crowd.
So, we had
1 German chocolate cake,
2 Vanilla Anglefood cake,
3 Lemon cake w/lemon icing,
4 Carrot cake w/cream cheese frosting, and a
5 Black Forest cake.
We figured...
Chocolate... No chocolate
Icing... No icing
Sweet fruit... tart fruit
and, if you didn't want cake, you could just stay away from the dessert table.
We were on the Emerald Star in Lake Union for the Ceremony, toured Lake Washington for the rest.
Jul 31, 2013 Nuclear Marc commented on Police Threatened to Arrest Me for Taking Their Photo Last Night.
Stick to your... principles.
Let's leave 'guns' out of this.
Jul 24, 2013 Nuclear Marc commented on I, Anonymous.
They have yet to go through
their own personal growth
to achieve the lofty heights
of the moral high ground
from which you pontificate.