Oct 29, 2011 bear commented on Required Viewing.
Jesus, people. All of you in Seattle making guesses about what is happening here, where I live. I work across the street, on the 8th floor of an office building. I saw what happened here, bird's eye view. There were some water bottles thrown by the protesters. Some cops had blue paint on their uniforms. BUT THE OFFICERS ARE WEARING BODY ARMOR AND FULL FACE SHIELDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The only PPE I saw on protesters were bike helmets. And handkerchiefs. It must be nice to be a 1000 miles away making comments that you THINK may be true. But, you are still wrong, and need to stop commenting with incorrect information. Read, inquire, then comment. please. Because I am here, and you are not. Peace.
Oct 19, 2011 bear commented on What About the Contents of Their Characters?.
Fuck you, Dan. You and all the other people commenting here about how horrible pit bulls are, and how they should be banned, sound like uneducated idiots. You sound exactly like someone telling you that you will burn in hell for being gay, they have lots of "evidence" too. Go read a book about pit bulls, you like to do that for your causes! Go talk to Cesar Milan. Just go look into it before you spout your bigoted bullshit. You and all the other assholes above that agree with you. You can all move to a deserted island and ban pit bulls there. But my girl, who is 10 years old, and perfect, will stay right here with me. Don't be a jackass (anymore), go talk about something you have some knowledge of, like sex.
Sep 14, 2011 bear commented on Eating Pussy Harder than Sucking Cock.
I feel bad for my boyfriend sometimes. He is down there for a long time (although he is amazing at eating my pussy <3) and I am down there for him for all of 5 minutes. Pussy is much harder. And I ate one once, my mouth hurt for at least a day after. That never happened after sucking cock.
Aug 25, 2011 bear commented on Pit Polling.
People who cannot control their dogs should not own them. Banning the dog that PEOPLE CREATED is not the problem. Just don't let weak ass people who cannot defend themselves own one. If you cower, the dog will lose control. My American Bulldog is twice the size of a pitbull, and I can put her ass down in 2 seconds if I need to. And, she knows it too, even though I am a woman. A really tough woman, but still a woman. I think that 50% of dog owners should not be allowed to have dogs. Of any breed. As a child I was attacked by a toy poodle, and one of those 100-lb dogs that look like a golden retriever. Both of those dog owners did nothing to get their dogs off of me. The 100-lb one put me in the hospital. And, it was not a pit bull! Dan, stick to what you know, You don't know JACK SHIT about dogs. So leave it alone, k?
Jul 27, 2011 bear commented on Savage Love.
I was in a relationship where I was not very nice, kinda like CPAS' relationship. I never hit him, but I think he thought I might in the future. Thing is, he was an unbelievably attractive man. An idiot, but very attractive. He would drive me insane with his narcissism and ego. He had such low self-esteem that he would overcompensate to the point that I was repulsed.

Yes, I was an asshole, but so was he, in his own way. I take responsibility for my actions, especially after he dumped my ass, which took me a long time to recover from. I thought that I was doomed to be this way with all my relationships: an asshole.

Really, we were a horrible match. I do not act like that in my current relationship, because we are better suited for each other. My current man is not afraid to accept his faults, does not try to hide them. I can respect that, and therefore, respect him. I found with a lot of soul-searching that I should never be with someone with low self-esteem because I would probably make it worse, while pissing me off in the meantime. You live, and you learn.
Jul 7, 2011 bear commented on What She Said: The Saying and Doing of a President.
Hey Cerne, thanks for visiting SLOG! Now go back to working on Santorum's presidential bid! Don't be a stranger, mmkay?

And to the real sloggers, just wait until his second term. Bet he evolves, already. It sucks that our political structure is the way it is, but we all know there is quite a lot of bullshit that a president needs to go through in order to pass real, positive change for the USA.
Jul 2, 2011 bear commented on Racist Queers.
Hey, "I like to read"!
I like to read too.
Yes, there was and is quite a lot of warring, and not nice behavior between different African cultures. That is true! You do like to read!

The biggest problem with your argument, is that, although you like to read, you forgot that Africa is a continent, not a country!

Europe is a continent! And there has been a whole lot of warring there too! But (ignoring the Reformation) most of the warring is between people of different countries, which means, different languages, and cultures!

Same as the continent of Africa. Nobody ever claims that white people hate themselves because during WWII Germany attacked France. Or because the Nordic Vikings would rape and pillage the (Roman) British Isles. They are all Caucasian cultures, doing icky things to each other.

People from different African cultures, with different languages, and religions, and beliefs did have wars. And the winner of these wars did take prisoners, and used them as slaves. And they sold those slaves to the European slave trade. Because they were not from the same culture of people. Just like Caucasians have been cruel to other Caucasians, killing each other, raping the women, etc. Not nice behavior!

As a white woman, who ACTUALLY LIKES TO READ!, I have to always bring this up to people with your argument. Which usually makes those people STFU.
:D Keep reading, honey. Keep reading.
Jun 28, 2011 bear commented on AR-15 Left Sitting On Trunk of Seattle Police Car.
God, people. All of you whiney anarchists and gun collectors need to grow some balls to go along with your bullets and anarchist-y things. For people trying to seem tough, you are coming off as silly little boys.
May 27, 2011 bear commented on I Love New York.
Let's not confuse a MUB for a tramp-stamp. Please.