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Dec 19, 2015 chris in dk commented on Democratic Debate Live Slog.
Did Dan pass out from boredom?
Oct 28, 2015 chris in dk commented on What's the Deal With Tonight's Republican Debate.
17:09 Pacific time…well? :)
Oct 13, 2015 chris in dk commented on Bike Activists! I Have Seen the Future! You're Going To Hate It!.
Munich? Looks like Berlin. But Dan's totally right.
Jun 12, 2015 chris in dk commented on Oh My God, You Absolutely Have to Go See Threesome at ACT Theatre.
It's about a Threesome. And it's good. Here's more:…
Apr 28, 2015 chris in dk commented on Supreme Court Wrap-Up: Did Scalia Just Accidentally Help Marriage Equality?.
How about this explanation? Scalia wants the Court to legalize same-sex marriage. This would take the issue out of the 2016 election. Republican candidates wouldn't have to state their unpopular anti-equality stance. I think @17 is incorrect. I think Danish priests can refuse to perform same-sex marriages:…
Apr 27, 2015 chris in dk commented on Seattle City Council Appoints John Okamoto to Replace Sally Clark.
I know John Okamato personally and he has a great deal of integrity. He'll serve honorably and in six months, he'll leave.
Mar 4, 2015 chris in dk commented on Hillary Clinton's Work–Life Balanceghazi.
As a person who works remotely and has to pick up work email and documents using a tedious, crappy VPN with no mobile phone access, I kinda sympathize with Hillary.
Feb 6, 2015 chris in dk commented on Watch Nancy Pearl and Me Talk About Books.
Yes, what @everyone else has said so far. Would have been fun to see the fake beard, though…
Jan 20, 2015 chris in dk commented on It's Time for a State of the Union Live-Slog and Drinking Game Extravaganza!.
Missed it live so thanks for this summary. Spared me an hour of watching Biden's chin and Boehner's closed eyelids. BTW, is RBG wearing biking gloves? Did she bicycle to the Capitol building?
Dec 28, 2014 chris in dk commented on What I Learned from Walking Around Lake Washington in Two Days.
Nice. I had NO sense of the shore on the east side and now I do. And without having to experience the pedestrian cage in person.