Jun 10, 2009 b.farms commented on Thinking Small.
i was the first person in Seattle to exploit this so-called "loophole", and built a couple of additions --- the city didn't like it, nor did the and neighbors.
This housing saves tons of materials and uses much less energy.
There's nothing legally in the codes that forbids it.

We aren't still living in grass huts or adobe villages, and likewise today's cities are truly obsolete -- (Dirk's projects will fit in, i believe) ---far less space and far less materials will be used to create dwellings --- energy will be conserved --- food will be grown -- your home will sell energy to a smart grid ---
there will be hydroponic high-rise FARMS yes, food farmed right in the city, saving transport --and homes will be energy productive via solar -- and materials will be very different --- you won't recognize the city of the future --- but it's coming