Sep 20, 2012 DragCub commented on Will Churches in Washington State Be Forced to Perform Same-Sex Weddings?.
Worth mentioning: because we're born everywhere across all cultures, many religions / sects do have contingents of folks raised in that tradition who disagree with the leadership about scriptural interpretation. There are gay (and straight!) Muslims who are fighting within that religion for a more inclusive view just as there are gay (and straight!) Catholics who believe that being gay and finding love are not a sin. These discussions usually happen in a different forum than the national debate about specific marriage / employment rights.
Jan 14, 2011 DragCub commented on Savage Love.
Ok folks. Maybe SUPER's girlfriend can "learn" or "be educated".

1. It's not SUPER's job

2.Dan's advice is suggesting that it's not worth the "maybe", or even worth the time until she's learned (if she's going to).

3. Y'know what's a pretty good eye-opener / teaching tool? Getting your ass dumped.
Oct 19, 2010 DragCub commented on SL Letter of the Day: The Wicked Grandmother.
I think we failed to ask some vital questions here:

1) Does she vote? I don't think my grandparents did when they were older, but I don't know for sure. And I don't presume to project that experience onto other people.

2) Are there young people she might be influencing now? (Do these young people know that you, the cool granddaughter/grandson, are someone they can talk to and hang with who has different views from grandma, who is getting older afterall?)

Yes, I think old people should get a pass on their personal views because they're a product of the times they lived through -- but that pass only goes so far as embarassing language ("the queers/fruits/homosexuals/whatthefuckever") and occasional interpersonal encounters with adults (preferrably strangers). Once these old people --who are only a product of their times, in which no one was not a raging bigot-- are impacting someone else's kids, or someone else's family life through voting antigay, there's a serious problem.
Oct 1, 2010 DragCub commented on SL Letter of the Day: Almost Sorry.
"Yeah, like, I get that kids are dying and all but we're clearly losing sight of how I'M a victim in all this!"
Sep 29, 2010 DragCub commented on Seth Walsh.
One reason the gay orgs aren't jumping to press charges is that, while I'm not a lawyer, I was under the impression it's not their place. Pretty sure the grieving parents are the only folks lefft who can do that (and, oh yes, should be offered full support from all orgs mentioned), and right now they're kind of busy, y'know, grieving.
Aug 10, 2010 DragCub commented on An Anonymous Flight Attendant's Take On Jet Blue Folk Hero Steven Slater.
The speed difference shouldn't matter if that speed is constant. But, on an airplane, especially when, say, the seatbelt light is on? That's probably very unlikely. And that shit does go really fast (because it has to for lift) and accelerates very fast (because it has to for lift by the end of the runway).

Particularly at times when the seatbelt light is likely to be on, I have no trouble acknowledging that that shit WOULD be as dangerous as a car, so sit the fuck down. And I don't think it's a stretch that it would be MORE dangerous than a car, so sit the fuck down.
Aug 9, 2010 DragCub commented on SL Letter of the Day: And Sometimes No Means....
I don't care if he eventually stopped before penetration, I'd DTMF in a heartbeat if someone did this to me.

Like, you could just fucking ask him "Is there a reason that this was really hot for you before but you're not into it with me?".
May 21, 2010 DragCub commented on Chicken Run.
Do you think her campaign fund accepts livestock?
Jan 14, 2010 DragCub commented on Someone In Questionland Wants To Know....
also google "Faux queen" (see also: Lady Gaga)

Men in drag are generally assumed to be gay, but that's not always fair or accurate.
Drag is generally considered distinct and separate from (though sometimes overlapping) fetish-transvestitism or Mtf / Ftm transsexualism. Transwomen aren't monolithic enough to all share one opinion on it. Some find it offensive or appopriative I'm sure. Others see it as a piece of gay male culture that can be offensive or can be awesome. Some transwomen have been drag queens either as an initial foray into their gender expression or as a career in which they don't need to worry so much about discrimination.
Nov 18, 2009 DragCub commented on Something Has To Be Done....