Jan 15, 2016 Wells commented on Governor Jay Inslee Has Ordered a Halt to Bertha Work Until the Cause of the Sinkhole Is Found.
Paananen speaking on this new issue with Bertha, this [terrifying] sinkhole. "The same conditions exist today that did four years ago. There was no perfect decision, but this was the best that fit all the goals we wanted to achieve. I'm not second guessing it." "For us to stop it, would put a lot of stress on our liability," it's also said.
Plan B for Bertha is viable a c t u a l l y.

Jan 15, 2016 Wells commented on Governor Jay Inslee Has Ordered a Halt to Bertha Work Until the Cause of the Sinkhole Is Found.
Barge overloading is their excuse to gain time to reassess this predicted fatal flaw, ie, the extreme danger of "carvernous collapsable voids" developing along tunnel length, below sea level as far north as Denny. The unbalanced barge excuse is a ruse and lie among many, dating back to early AWV replacement studies pre/post 2007 referendum.

SEATTLE will suffer "economic insecurity" as once suitably sound old and new buildings begin to show cracks from Old Town to entire tunnel length. Surveys of building damage - growing hairline cracks, unusual settlement - will begin to terrify residents within the decade. An exodus will occur, thus the prospect of economic harm 'preceeding' catastrophic failure. Also predicted: severe seawall damages, inevitably frequent and ultimately permanent tunnel closure.

Billy Bryant is NOT Seattle NOR the State's friend. His boys undermined the bi-state CRC, 'vindictively' denying Oregon its long overdue rebuild Marine Drive at I-5, Balkanizing IMO the fossil fuel export game; divvying up which port gets what. Why ship Propane the length of Washington? The oval track rail terminal
on West Hayden Island isn't completely absurd?
The TPP gives these port creeps, way too much power.
Beneath my scathing criticism is honest concern.
Beneath Seattle is a mass murderer.
Dec 21, 2015 Wells commented on Now Is the Time to Start Fighting for Better Light Rail in Seattle.
AgentSmith, et al, cross-county, controlled-crossing light rail systems are successful around the world and the US. So Seatle's MLK Blvd crossing for non-motorists is much better than the grubby race track it was.

Mult-modal integration, LOTi (intermodal). Mr L's oft-submitted/presented Seattle Circulator Plan, got neither public nor an informal fair review. Mr L questions of "structural integrity" conclude inequivacably that the Bertha DBTunnel (as proposed) is too deep, too far north below sea level, in unstable soils, water channels/tables, to closs to vulnerable and modern buildings above.
A "sump" newly created, water channel deeper than natural, combining smaller channels along its length.
Water volume below "unaturally increased" leaving
weak surface soils more vulnerable full tunnel length.
Sea level reaches near Battery/Blanchard;
Suppose this 'water channel' hypothesis proves true.
That is Full Length damage to historic and modern buildings above, unexpected sudden collapse in earthquake. (chiknshts!)

AgentSmith, forget it. Seattle trusts incompetent peers, many holdovers from (twice fired) Crunican a supposedly big DOT pro, and might be doing BART harm and smiling about it. 1 step forward, 2 steps back.
Blame Wsdot for the CRC mess.
Fine ODOT finished work in '10.
Wsdot tried to 'defer' Marine Dr to 'make' the budget, but kept all 5 Vancouver intechange rebuilds, none needed near as much as Marine Dr. Why Wsdot do this? Answer: Proposes neglect to Port of Portland, corners market. Why ship Canada Pem propone thru your state to Oregon. Why the long transport? Again, it neglects Port of Portland. Bill Bryant is a jerk. His buddy Billy Wyatt has little to show for his years in office.

Bertha will eat Seattle.
Dec 18, 2015 Wells commented on Now Is the Time to Start Fighting for Better Light Rail in Seattle.
oh, and, you Stranger guys: fuck you
Dec 18, 2015 Wells commented on Now Is the Time to Start Fighting for Better Light Rail in Seattle.
Look otherwise decent fellows/ladies, progressives, environmentally conscientious Seattlers, (earn the modern ‘ite’ before using it). Truly sorry for my slaps across the face to wake the hell you up, to of course this dreadful tragedy the tunnel undoubtedly poses and bring about. Can you imagine this prospect being ignored by my own and your betters, professionals who pretend their absence of concern isn’t tantamount to heresy or something worse?

Imagine historic buildings collapsing. Imagine unexpected modern buildings falling too and many more falling to the bulldozer after extreme settling CANNOT be controlled nor stopped! That charge cannot be honestly ignored, as so many of you have, adding insult to supposedly emphasize supposed superiority.

Why bother with Mr L’s completed electric downtown design study results? It’s ALL electric, what more do you need you know to assume positive results. Cost? Don’t bother with money already NOT being spent well. The seawall is weak. Should more money be spent strengthening it? Naw, just plug the thing together purdy and don't mention structure integrity stuff.
Truly, I am afraid of Buffet, Bryant, Wyatt, and entire West Coast Port Authority leadership,
Balkanization and horrible rail transport prosects, much much worse in Washington than in Oregon. I must again make these charges near the 23rd, D-Day.
The people building the new seawall and ‘seawalk’ do not see why it faces early deterioration and inevitable damage. Seattle is being lied to, deceived, horribly mislead in transportation planning;
Sort of a 1-step Forward, 2-steps Back sort of problem.

Seattle’s Seattlers,
I present to you your future:
Disastrous? or Excellent?
Stop Bertha as proposed.
You’re nuts to let it happen.
Stop Bertha as proposed by the 23rd
THEN have a merry christmas new year.
Dec 18, 2015 Wells commented on Now Is the Time to Start Fighting for Better Light Rail in Seattle.
I suppose the Nazi comment was over the top, but it sprang from the basis that the human race has always suffered from class warfare; among the Gates, Buffetts and Bin Ladens of the world there exists those who looking down judge all others as if not useful, then disposable. I see globalization as their end game; their means to make whole populations so dependent upon trade that any disruption of essential trade goods results in starvation-execution. Thus, Wsdot transportation planners promote global trade to control population, and will NOT devise means to manage traffic because this inexorably promotes autonomous (self-sustaining) local and regional economic development. Wsdot plans to destroy Seattle with the Bertha Tunnel.
Dec 17, 2015 Wells commented on Now Is the Time to Start Fighting for Better Light Rail in Seattle.
Editing for clarity/brevity is a good thing, acurately quoting what's worth quoting. Sorry, but this dire prediction began before the acceptance of the bore tunnel option in 2009. I'm NOT sorry about having to rustle chickenshit feathers. The seawall as proposed is also weaker and more vulnerable to severe earthquake damage than Wsdot would have us believe. Typical Seattle business interests cutting corners and ending up with higher costs and worse outcomes. Plan B makes the stronger seawall, the safer tunnel, and the least displaced traffic onto miserable surface streets. Only initial costs are higher and worse construction disruption wise. More tunnels under Seattle is insanely dangerous.
Dec 17, 2015 Wells commented on Now Is the Time to Start Fighting for Better Light Rail in Seattle.
"Bertha is a most ambitious tunnel. Might have bit off more than we can chew there," Cracolici admits. Plan B for Bertha is a ~2000' extension along the seawall to a Pike/Pine portal. The Battery St Tunnel is extended to Harrison per DEIS studies, similarly reconnecting the grid at Aurora. Lower Belltown access is maintained thus displacing least Interbay/Ballard traffic onto a rebuilt Alaskan Way. Not that complicated and covered in the FEIS. Plan B route makes a stronger seawall.

Bertha proposed will destroy Seattle as water-laden till/fill liquifies in the Big One. Settling meantime undermines building foundations along the bore tunnel entire length, assholes. Wsdot business interests, led by spoiled billionaires, despise Seattle liberals better off dead to their thinking, like rebuilding New Orleans after Katrina. What American city will next face
their nazi guillitine?
Dec 16, 2015 Wells commented on Now Is the Time to Start Fighting for Better Light Rail in Seattle.
Question: What is the sound of light rail expansion plans devised by those whose heads are up their own and/or each others' asses? Answer: Explosively undulating shit.
Dec 4, 2015 Wells commented on Timeline: Bertha's Two-Year Nightmare Before Christmas.
If ACbytesla actually gains confidence after reading more than newspaper reports as do most of us, why should support be sycophantic, with so little doubt nor question?

The most specific differences between Bertha and most big bore tunnel projects is this: In Seattle, nearby buildings above the bore, its entire length, are made vulnerable to damage in all soil conditions, and, traffic management is arguably more chaotic without Lower Belltown access.

ACbytesla does not address these important regards yet continues posting usual smart alec haughty confidence. I say we hang him if proven incorrect in the predicted worst case scenario. Think about THAT. What if you're wrong? What then? Death all around and ACbyTesla standing around, dumb look on face. "Who would've thought they'd use airplanes as missles," entoned ms condoleeza, and there followed suit miscreant mistakes like slashing NewOrleans levy maintenance funds and nevermind.