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BrianMyFatAss is um, what?
Jan 29, 2015 BrianMyFatAss commented on Football: Pro or Con?.
love ya emily, but ya didn't ask enough people. last year i got so tired of hearing about football this was my pre-superbowl playlist on my 2/1/14 Sonic Reducer broadcast, a buncha anti-sports punk songs -…

this year?
eh, i'm getting use to this stuff i guess
Dec 6, 2014 BrianMyFatAss commented on Drunk of the Week.
around 6am the morning after my 40th birthday party i woke up in a grassy median by an I-5 on ramp. later on i figured out that i was bought too many shots & passed out in the bar. poured into a cab, apparently i came to on the way home and jumped out.
while i still drink i don't do shot nights anymore.
Oct 13, 2014 BrianMyFatAss commented on So There Were "Northwest Rock Trading Cards"?.
@14 - Cool, I'm Service High class of 85 myself, and while I still have my Skate Death LP & Clyng-Onz / Psychedelic Skeletons split LP, I lost all my zines years ago.
Oct 13, 2014 BrianMyFatAss commented on So There Were "Northwest Rock Trading Cards"?.
i wish i had the HEAD card.
Bombshelter theme was a tune by Naked Raygun - epic lyrics!

i wish i still had my copies of Bill Boreds 80's Alaska zine Warning - a good read from my highschool days
Sep 20, 2014 BrianMyFatAss commented on Here's Eight Different Musical Events You Should See Today.
"music nobody cares about"?
speak for yourself, chump.
what an ignorant thing to say.

but hey, also tonight is the 2 Bits Saloons closing night, they are have a suicide prevention benefit show -…
Aug 28, 2014 BrianMyFatAss commented on Capitol Hill Venue Chop Suey Is for Sale.
i wish i could afford it, i love working with jodi
Jun 20, 2014 BrianMyFatAss commented on Battle of the Bands: Wimps Vs. Posse Video Burn-a-thon.
it's not trivia, it is rock n roll family feud.
your host, professor jake, polls 100 people with questions like "name a song with red in the title" and hilarity ensues.
May 20, 2014 BrianMyFatAss commented on Funhouse Documentary Razing the Bar Premiering Tonight at Columbia City Theater.
thanks for the nice words, and sorry for the correction but tonights show is only at the uptown for siff at 9pm.
the showing on june 15th will be at the columbia city theater -…
Feb 24, 2014 BrianMyFatAss commented on Intricate and Ornate: Chung Antique's Dynamic Post-Rock.
Highline is also restarting vegan food service today - doing mon/tues 4pm-8pm to start.
more restaurant days/hours will be added if this tentative schedule is successful