Jul 18, 2009 Tom G commented on Freedom Is Slavery.
So if I purchase something from a store and decide I don't want it, can I got the store, leave the item and remove my cash from the register, without speaking to a salesperson?
Jul 3, 2009 Tom G commented on Wailin' For Palin.
@33 You beat me to the punch! The pre-speech comments are sublime. But the best best BEST part is around 3:23 when she actually resigns. At this point, some of the dumber ones still think this is good news, but for the rest reality is just setting in. Its like you can see their little right-wing hearts breaking in real time

Oh, look! The political world is on the edge of their seats. Hm, I thought she was a(n)________________, that no one thinks has a political future. Why do they care so darn much?:)
Jun 22, 2009 Tom G commented on Conservative Hee-larity!.
"Conservative" individuals can be funny. The thing is that CONSERVATISM is not funny, at least as it exists today: basically just angry identity politics. If you hate Obama because he is a "muslin kenyan socialist", thats your right but there's no coherent idea behind it that can be phrased humorously. Political jokes need to make a point; contemporary conservatism is pointless.
Jun 16, 2009 Tom G commented on Civil Disobedience: A Proposal.

I don't think that paying taxes with a protest note will attract any attention. Having hundreds of couples arrested on the steps of the IRS will do the trick nicely.

The problem with state and federal DOMA laws is that they are difficult to violate on a practical basis compared to, say, Jim Crow laws. If someone tells you not to sit at the front of the bus, you can protest by sitting at the front of the bus. If the government tells you it will not recognize your marriage, there is only a limited range of situations were you break that law in an act of disobedience. Withholding unconstitutionally imposed taxes is one way, and it is a method with a pedigree going back to the American Revolution.

Again, I think we need to coin and popularize the term "gay tax", meaning the difference between the amount a gay couple pays in taxes and the amount paid by a similarly situated straight couple. This could also be an effective way to drive a wedge between libertarian conservetives and authoritarian theocons.

Dan: "GAY TAX" SPread the word!
Jun 16, 2009 Tom G commented on Civil Disobedience: A Proposal.
@18: Yes, this was depicted in the excellent HBO movie "Iron Jawed Angels".

Woodrow Wilson claimed to be a supporter of the women's suffrage movement but repeatedly told the women that he had to much on his plate with WWI and negotiating tariffs (To which one suffragist replied "But how can you make tax policy when not all of your citizens can vote? Isn't that why we fought the American Revolution?" ZING!)
Jun 16, 2009 Tom G commented on Civil Disobedience: A Proposal.
What about gay couples refusing to pay any extra taxes that they would not owe if they were allowed to file jointly as a couple? They could show up en masse in DC on a given day turning themselves for not paying, and willing to be arrested.

Protesters could say that they refuse to pay a "gay tax" that the government de facto imposes on gay couples as a punishment for not being straight. We could then demand to know whether tea party conservatives (who ostensibly hate all taxation) agree that the government has no right to levy extra taxes on gays.
Jun 12, 2009 Tom G commented on What They Said.
@Will in Seattle:

As John summarizes here, the story is now being covered by ABS, CBS, MSNBC, and AP:


Is that good enough for you?

Jun 12, 2009 Tom G commented on Big Gay Groups To Obama: Fuck You.

I'm not sure how many of them are real supporters as opposed to opponents who want to make us feel bad about speaking our minds so we will roll over and play dead.

If you support gay marriage you must realize that there are real lives and rights at stake. If you don't understand why people would be upset about the DOJ's action then, by definition, you must not understand the issue.