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I live in Oregon, home of some of the dumbest journalists ever, second only Warshington… more »

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Oct 19, 2015 Dirtclustit commented on We Saw You Puking on Rainier, Bragging Outside Kremwerk, and Day Drinking in Ballard.
Oh the joys Velleman kits on the days you remembered to leave your smart phone at home!

Chapter 1 verse 2 of the book: So you wanna be a journalist? How to abuse the very first amendment to Our Constitution while simultaneously forfeiting your own rights to a private life by illegally invading those rights of others while bi-simultaneously doubling your not-deserved rights by publishing via anonymity
Oct 19, 2015 Dirtclustit commented on The Morning News: Google vs. Microsoft, Amazon vs. New York Times, Arsonist vs. West Seattle Cars, Biden vs. Hillary?.
That's what he gets for substituting a mover's blanket for a welders blanket
Aug 12, 2015 Dirtclustit commented on The Bad Politics of the Black Lives Matter Protesters Who Interrupted Bernie Sanders.
The problem has to do with the male ability to completely deny the reality of the world we have created. It's about priorities and Charles has just proved how messed up his priorities are with this piss poor article that essentially acknowledges the problem as a serious priority, but not a higher priority than the ego of those who have already paid the deposit to have exclusive right to wave the "I believe in equality" flag.

The unmistakable racist undertone that threatens to destroy everything that America stands for, is not simply the fact that law enforcement officers treat non-caucasians more aggressively and more unfairly than they do caucasians. The actions of individual men does not direct translate to a broken system.

What does without any doubt signify the seriousness of a broken country, is the racism that is apparent in the judicial branch of our government. There will always be assholes who will never admit their racist view of the world and despite their denial their actions prove it, but when our carefully designed judicial system is in such a state of denial that it lets the death of a black boy be judged as legal action which would never have the same verdict if the death was of a caucasian under the same circumstances.

I can understand that not all cops have integrity, and the pressure for sympathy towards them.

It's the cases that don't involve cops -- such as zimmerman being found not guilty for the death of Trayvon -- that are the sure sign that our country will fail due to having the people, and their govt poisoned by racism

People are human and mistakes will always be made, the sure sign of failure and what that translates to are not the fact the zimmerman got away with it, the sure sign is that there are people who have the gall to claim that racism played no part in the verdict. The sure sign is the denial of men saying you don't know for sure that zimmerman would have been judged the same if he killed a caucasian

The sure sign is when journalist's like charles write crap like this, claiming to be in favor of a cure that will remedy our poisoned and dying system, but just not that cure or this one, that now isn't the time to begin action, if we could just wait til tomorrow and have faith that the poison will cure itself

It doesn't really matter if the reason is charles being in the firm grip of denial or if it's his ego and needing people to bow down to his politics before he will allow much needed fixes, the bottom line is that somebody with somewhat correct priorities would have viewed the interruption (staged or naturally occurring) differently than the people who reacted negatively. First reactions, even when wrong, mean very little, it's the actions taken after the fact that have real meaning, it's piss poor articles such as this one published by the stanger, that speak of the real problems in our society.

The crowd could have used derogatory and disgusting terms like the "n" word and I'd be less worried about the rampant racism within our society than the booing the crowd did, but only because people have the ignorance and arrogance to publish shit like this and describe those who prioritize fixing what is broken as bad politics
Aug 11, 2015 Dirtclustit commented on Savage Love.
This is why that asshole, is an idiot, for saying things like kinks are random and inexplicable

The kinks of a person or persons are actually the opposite of what they are. Just like a garden hose gets kinked and prevents the flow of water, sexual kinks are the opposite.

They are the result of a person who isn't satisfied with of only trickles of their sexuality, and want more water from their kinked hose.

So they un-twist it, and it's un-twisting the twist that caused the sexual "kink", what dumbass calls a kink, is the result of un-twisting the twist that is the garden hose kink. A garden hose kink is twist that becomes more twisted in the hose hose, but when used to describe a person's practice of their sexuality, a kink is the un-twisting of those twisted spots that is the garden hose kink. It's the actual un-twist that becomes a person's sexual kink

Some people only use the criteria of penetration to define fucking or raping. As there is a difference between sexually assaulting someone, molesting them, and raping them
Jul 17, 2015 Dirtclustit commented on Washington Just Announced the First Measles Death in the United States in 12 Years. What's Wrong with Us?.
thanks for illustrating my point tempo, one would think that a site like NCBI wouldn't leave publication duties to idiots, yet here it is that some idiot is able to produce a meaningless bullshit html page from a URL from the ncbi domain (I don't even want to think what would have happened if I clicked on your link)

if it was legit, the author would have known that mercury doesn't bioaccumulate in blood, so how in the hell any real experiments could be done using blood samples as data is any journalist's guess, scientists wouldn't print bullshit, they'd actually preform real experiments and be looking for actual answers instead of trying to persuade the public about anything.

Heavy metal exposure is NOT good, but unfortunately most of the worlds waterways and oceans have been contaminated. There are real studies that produced results that appear that ethylmercury may be slightly less harmful than methymercury -- methylmercury being the heavy metal that most Pacific Northwest rivers and streams have been contaminated with as well as showing up in small amounts in many ocean harvested fish like tuna -- there is a real reason for people to avoid exposure and ingestion of anything containing mercury, including vaccinations that contain them, people who abstain from vaccines with thimerosal have a very valid, legitimate concern despite all of the biased articles that hail their relative safe use

My point was that all of the info the media uses as "scientific facts" in order to belittle those weary of certain vaccinations, are far from facts. What they claim are unbiased articles, are extremely biased versions and extremely biased reviews of legitimate science research.

I am not against hard lined policies without any loopholes that exclude unvaccinated kids from school

I am saying allow parents to have access to actual facts regarding unbiased science. Let them make an educated decision and then they can choose whether or not to suffer the consequences.

As it stands we have concerned parents who may make the wrong decision for their children, thanks to the media and their willingness to publish biased opinions and one sided reviews disguised as unbiased factual reports.

In many cases parents are directed towards completely fabricated bullshit stories presented as real academic, scientific journal entries as a place to gather important info needed to make the right decision

and that is fucked up

there is no right or wrong decision, yes or no answer to vaccinate will vary from parent to parent, but when the actual facts are not readily available its damn near impossible for any parent to make the right decision for themselves. They make the "right" decision for the media, and their extremely slanted view of the world

It's not wrong to exclude unvaccinated kids from school

it's wrong to obfuscate facts and then allow parents to make decisions based on bullshit
Jul 15, 2015 Dirtclustit commented on Celibate Gay Christian Beloved of Religious Right Suddenly Less Beloved.
Good, for the stranger, it was about time they bring on staff who are slightly more responsible with their pen, EmilyRose sounds like the kind of person who would retract statements previously published if, upon reflection, realized the statement were tainted with the hatred that always accompanies wrongful discrimination

I hope the stranger acquires the full time crew of 50 it would take to do the reflection necessary for the stranger to begin publishing responsibly

until then, fuck you gorath

Yes AE, I find it hard not to be suspicious that David's love for Johnathon did not at some point include sexually expressing that love, luckily it's not my business to suspect anything of their relationship, especially knowing how even today and current views on sexuality are often steeped in ignorance, and how it's possible to be very sexual in giving a simple hug while at the other end of the spectrum extremely casual sex acts can make even fornication be less of a communicative expression of affection than a very sexual hug.

For people who desire to read scriptures with a way that engages their mind in critical thinking for themselves, it's important to remember that all of the references written on homosexuality being condemned in the New Testament was authored by the AP, who were,during Christ's Life employed to travel around and oppose message of Truth and Love that Jesus and the Disciples were preaching.

It seems strange to me for AP to suddenly have a change of heart after the wrongful prosecution of Christ and the gross injustice of his execution by the same ones who financed the AP, and to then go on to author over half of the New Testament I would be willing to bet that AP was still receiving paychecks from his previously employer throughout the duration and beyond of their authoring most of the New Testament of the Life of Jesus Christ.

I would certainly be a little more critical of all the bullshit excerpts written by the coniving, manipulative Associated Press who way back when was better know as the Apostle Paul, spokesperson for the elite ruling class who coincidentally closely resembled the same people as the Times Religious Leaders, and only after the Revolutionary War and Only in America was there a separation between govt leaders and religious leaders
Jul 15, 2015 Dirtclustit commented on Celibate Gay Christian Beloved of Religious Right Suddenly Less Beloved.
Thank You for standing up EmilyRose! And speaking out when articles published do not accurately reflect the reality of the situation.

It'd be nice for the author or stranger staff to print stories as close to stating the facts as they could, or at least explain their bitter, vicious, and unwarranted attacks on somebody who had the courage to think for themselves, and defied what her immediate community attempted to enforce.

Most of the stranger staff are just as misguided as the church leaders who have not yet learned to successfuly discern between Love and Hate, Truth and Lies, and Respecting the most sacred personal private rights in each and every one of Our individual lives and house we reside in as part of the Living Heaven. Sexuality and Spirituality will one day soon, in this immediate lifetime, by fully understood, as We, the human race reach the point when and where it is impossible to continue denying what is right in front of Our Faces.

We are sexual beings, as all life is that was separated into two genders, and those strong sexual emotions are just that, sexual. The whole hetero, homo, bi are artificial labels and non-important concepts which man has forced onto The People of society for no other reason then to wrongly control what is your most basic, sacred, foundational right as a humane being living in Heaven.

Who you choose as partners in life is Up to you and those who choose to share their life with you, including physically showing affection in sexual acts. Your sexuality is your own, as is your spirituality and your right to practice that.

Most people find it easiest to only practice there sexuality and spirituality with those who respect your choices and show respect for you, and nobody should ever feel they need to be subjected to disrespectful criticism for doing nothing more than exercising their rights to practice their sexuality and spirituality as they see fit when among knowledgeable consenting adults who by their own will desire to practice those sacred parts of life with you.

Thank You for standing up for Julie Rodgers when sloggers went tabloid with her life in order to slander anything to do with religions that they choose not to practice -- which they have no right to attempt to influence other's spiritual practices.

If more people simply spoke up every time the media publishes false viewpoints, rumors and propaganda, the power of lies and manipulation is reduced.

And if everybody understood the importance of of exercising their most foundational, personal, private rights in a responsible fashion -- which means respecting the freedom for others to choose for themselves how to practice their own sexuality and spirituality even when it doesn't align with you, the trampling of LGBTQ and Poly peoples rights would not have taken over 250 years -- and counting -- would not have been able to continue on for so long.

We all need to speak out against people who are slow learners about what is not OK to afflict other people, such as ridiculing their practices of sexuality and spirituality.

within the last century, people could hide the fact that ignorance is chosen when it came to women's rights, Today people can no longer deny the truth, only hateful bigots believe it's ok to trample anothers rights based on gender

50 years ago they could fool us into believing racial bigotry was not a chosen ignorance. Today even they cannot deny the truth

Today, the world is waking up and tomorrow nobody can deny that trampling LGBTQ rights is a chosen ignorance, it takes willfully denying the Truth to unenumerated rights Declared

Soon, no truth will be able to be denied, and even ignorant, bitter, hateful stranger staff and all other media can no longer feign innocence when they wrongfully attack a person's spirituality or sexuality or one because of the other.

One day they will grow up, and see that it's not GOD of those who believe in GOD who deny the truth, although men do an awful lot of evil acts, trampling of rights, and other attrocities all while hiding it under some false justification, but one day soon, the truth will no longer be able to be denied.

It wasn't GOD or the faithful who were responsible for withholding women's rights, it was men cowardly hiding behind religion, it wasn't the church who tried to keep non-caucasians second class citizens, it wasn't the church who did and continues to do the same to all who are wrongfully oppressed and afflicted,

It's just idiot men who are too stupid to recognize the point which Truth can no longer be denied, and they continue to try to fool The People.

The more people like you Emily, who speak up, regardless if you are a woman, non-caucasin, LGBTQ, Poly, but speaking up simply because it is your duty, because it is the responsible thing to do as a human being living in heaven, The sooner people who refuse to accept the Truth will no longer have any power over OUR LIVES, and the world will find itself only among other people who understand how to exercise there rights responsibly, and respect others whom they choose not to share their life with.

When there is at least respect where there is not love, nobody among the living will be able to deny where they currently reside, people will recognize where they are and who they are, and some will know this world as Heaven
Jul 14, 2015 Dirtclustit commented on Washington Just Announced the First Measles Death in the United States in 12 Years. What's Wrong with Us?.
Tempo, if you think methylmercury bio-accumulates and ethylmercury does not, that your body is able to deal with ethylmercury any better or allows it to passes through any better -- at all -- than methylmercury, then you have no business even participating in discussions about the harm of either.

You should visit your local university and speak with a biochemist, ask them about the difference between being exposed to ethylmercury and methylmercury. Yes they are different molecules and that one Carbon-hydrogen chain can make a huge difference, but in terms of mercury toxicity to humans and wildlife, that one carbon chain means absolutely nothing.

All I am saying is that bullshitting the public is a dumb idea, it leads to situations which we are now experiencing, people saying fuck you and your vaccines, whereas an honest track record is THE ONLY THING that will dispell unnecessary concern about vaccination safety

And to those is does not, you won't be able to sway anyway, People deserve to know the Truth, and are actually fairly wise to take a "fuck you" stance when they are not allowed access to truthful information
Jul 13, 2015 Dirtclustit commented on Washington Just Announced the First Measles Death in the United States in 12 Years. What's Wrong with Us?.
Oh no! It seems I have irritated some piss poor rumor mongers in “the industry” as there is a drastic difference in results yielded from search engines when you go looking for measles statistics, there is also a rash – no pun intended – of stories being published in the media by these whore mongers attempting to use words to paint a different picture other than reality.

The media really should stay out of publishing anything health care related, until they learn to report the unvarnished truth. Whatever politician thought it was a bright idea to hire media to publish information about vaccines for the CDC is far from the sharpest knife in the drawer

Case in point, though unrelated particularly to Measles, search the web for information about the suspected thimerosal which contains Mercury, instead of addressing The People's concerns, some idiot looked to the media to write an explanation in order to calm peoples nerves. The best way to do that, is to make the vaccines safe, not bullshit people to put their mind at ease. Bullshit published claims there is a big difference between methylmercury and ethylmercury, and then makes vague claims about the safety of one over the other.

Bullshit, the EPA's recommended levels of acceptable exposure is to Mercury, and not one form of Mercury but all compounds with Mercury, and especially not two nearly identical molecules containing mercury.

The methyl and ethyl is simple molecular nomenclature, which is counting the number Carbon-hyrdogen chained atoms linked to the molecule. Meth=1 , Eth=2, But(pronounced “butte”)=3, Prop(pronounced “prope”)=4

the difference is one CH2 chain link, methylmercury is C-H2-Hg whereas ethylmercury is C2-H5-Hg

both forms bio-accumulate and neither are good for the body to ingest or acquire, compound such as lead and mercury, and other “heavy metals” do harm people, just because the EPA lists a level that is deemed acceptable to expose humans to, the complete avoidance of any exposure to heavy metals is what you should try to do

The Media doesn't care about the facts they are writing about, they only care about how those facts can be stated, in order to control your point of view

so while you are out there media newspapers, magazines, blogs, and for fucks sake even CDC publications, just remember that the whole measles shit storm, is little more than backlash towards the religious right for fucking over same sex couples and illegally withholding your rights Declared centuries ago by the Founding Fathers. The Media is too stupid to understand that it's not a “religious” objection, and it doesn't mean shit nor does it set any precedence towards the wedding industry to discriminate against LGBTQ and Poly people.

It's not wrong to rail against those who fucked you over for so many years, I am not criticizing any backlash, just quit spreading misinformation as the facts and belittling people about Science, when you yourself don't know jack shit.

None of the measles articles get the facts, none of the measles articles care to ask what tests were run to comnfirm the cases of where people allegedly contracted “measles”. Because knowing the media, they are likely calling any suspected cases confirmed, and again, there are a lot of bullshit “confirmations” as the tests for diagnosing acute measles is extremely lacking, nowhere near as accurate as other medical tests, and so flawed that if measles were a disease treatable with drugs, there is no way that todays tests would be viewed as acceptable reasons to begin drug treatment, because the tests aren't reliable nor accurate

any media agency who bows down to the Associated Press and the attempts to own your reality, needs to go fuck themselves