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counter terrorism and online patrol officer contracted mercenary for DHS

Apr 10 Dirtclustit commented on Eighty-Six Sixty Nine!.
Something in the article does not add up, whatever number is missing isn't sitting in broad daylight (like the story from comment 7 that fails to recognize that it is only the identity of a paternal parent that can be called into question, that females don't have the luxury of being physically responsible for creating a new life without receiving unmistakable notification from the associated notification authorities of Life Creation)

Not sitting in broad daylight, but also sticking out as would a sore thumb it the bullshit portion of comment 36's words (asserting that the sex act in question has only been participated in one time)

Something doesn't add up, and I cannot say for sure what it is other than I don't personally know any lesbians who wear strap-on while 69ing, although my roommate has just informed me I am confusing feminism with the female homosexuality.

All I know for sure is it is awful hard to engage in sex acts that include more than two people when two of them can't handle the emotional trauma of feeling obligated to "do a good job" and balance that feeling with enjoying the job being done

It's not wrong to prefer not to 69, however if there is not a punchline at some later point, the authors would be well advised to come up with truthful examples as to why they don't like that particular sex act

or better yet, inform them that there are some things in life you do not need any reason for your preference (such as who you choose to love and the acts you engage in with them, the simple reason "because I felt like it" or "because I don't feel like it" or already overkill when it comes to justifying yourself)

nobody cares why the two authors do or don't like 69ing

The next installment had better explain how the nose breaking event might happen, because that is the only intriguing thought any reader -- in their right mind -- is left with
Mar 26 Dirtclustit commented on We Are Running Out of Drugs to Treat Gonorrhea.
You really gotta be careful where you get your info on communicable diseases caused by bacteria, esp when the journalist isn't familiar with scientific publications or reports from various County Health organizations and how they list statistics for various diseases. Even the CDC is guilty of sensationalist journalism in order to get scare people “straight” or just to get them to wake up and take their sexual health seriously.

Proper testing is the key to solving the problems that the CDC is supposedly “sounding the alarm” about. Neisseria gonorrhoeae won't become the problem it purportedly “could become” because it is a disease that is under surveillence, or in other words it is a reportable disease which means that laboratories are forced by law to report cases to County Health departments, as is chlamydia, and depending on the situation the recommended treatment for N. gonorrhoeae is NOT a quinolone antibiotic like cipro, the recommended regime calls for a cephalosporin.

It also depends where the infection is, urogenital and anorectal infections need to be treated different than pharyngeal infections like the throat. There are also drugs like Spectinomycin which is extremely effective against uncomplicated urogenital and anorectal infections but it is expensive and must be injected

Idiot doctors and ignorant or lying patients who fail to answer a doctors questions honestly or the fools who do not take finish or take prescriptions as directed are the major cause of resistant pathogens. And the only way to stop idiot patients is to make all bacterial infections reportable
Mar 5 Dirtclustit commented on New Poll Shows Highest Support for Gay Marriage Ever, Pope Comes Out for Civil Unions.
and unfortunately "civil unions" sounds like code for allowing insurance companies to continue to practice govt. sponsored bigotry towards the families of same sex couples

I don't think "no deal" should have anything to do with the mistakes in the past that church leadership has made on these issues, but any idiot would realize that full and completely restored rights to all families must come before any frivolous negotiations regarding semantics
Mar 5 Dirtclustit commented on Man Second Amendments 12-Year-Old Girl.
You are right Tam, I owe a little more of an explanation, the article that Dan linked to is so poorly written it could be mistaken for some sort of Urban Dictionary's definition of sex acts and despite the public's awareness of it, the media and journalists are very aware they are largely responsible for the opinion --- or at least the framed view --- of what is considered mainstream consensus

which in a broken democracy damn near equals control of the ballot casting majority

and until the broken democracy is fixed and the True Voice of the People can utter a word, I hold the press largely responsible for the state of the world

I find that these days, when an editor publishes anything but clear, concise truth, they fall on the side of abuse rather than exercise when it comes to arguably the most sacred of all amendments --- The First --- in the Bill of Rights

and so I have little to no tolerance for anything but the reporting of facts. Facts should not be politicized, as doing so leads to a confused public who often wrongly identifies an enemy when there is none

a confused public justifies the same or worse atrocities against humanity, immediately after a necessary revolution

Rest Assured I am not worried about becoming a casualty of an unnecessary war,
Mar 5 Dirtclustit commented on Man Second Amendments 12-Year-Old Girl.
how bout starting with respecting the first amendment by not abusing the rights that many hold dearly

when a loud mouth abuses the right to free speech it's just your typical American, an ignorant asshole

when a journalist abuses the right to free speech I realize how fucked up my country's become. And to think I once looked up to you as a voice of reason for equality

your tabloid reporting fucking sucks
Mar 2 Dirtclustit commented on SL Letter of the Day: Honestly Open And Unbearable or Dishonestly Open And Functional?.
just about everyone and their uncle seems to be able to share themselves with others, what separates the wheat from the chaff is whether or not they are able to share the ones they share their lives with

for those who are able to live openly and honestly on two way streets of equality, there is no such thing a "dishonestly open and functional" without adding miserable, empty, and foolish, which is just the long and less eloquent statement if the truth in your relationship is to describe "honestly open" with adjectives like "unbearable"

The only way to excuse dishonesty is to agree to it, and ignorance isn't bliss when you explicitly desire it, it's just another name for being irresponsible but reserving the right to bitch and condemn the responsible people when the inevitable inevitably happens.

Imagine if everyone in the world could only be effected by the dishonesty we agreed to

Imagine how powerless every anti-gay laborer would be if they were forced to admit that the only reason a man would write laws restricting another person's personal, private life, is because he secretly wanted to suck dick

The world would be blissfully pleasant, but it wouldn't be due to ignorance
Feb 26 Dirtclustit commented on Stand Perfectly Still While That Bigot Punches You In the Face....
the war against bigotry is the Good Fight, the war against the faithful is just another asshole trading one wrong for another

confusing the two, as in confusing the Good Fight with the wrong fight is what people have been doing ever since the Associated Press has been spinning their web of lies wherein the only purpose is to maintain control, force you to believe in and accept the lies which they call reality

I hate bigots

I have no problem with Atheists nor with the Faithful

and I don't view whether or not people believe in God is the problem, it's assholes that are the problem, and many assholes are regularly comment here and often share the staff opinion of the slog, a few of the assholes are even admins of this website

you can be butt hurt and pretend not to know what I am talking about, or you can be real, the problem with me isn't my grammar nor is it my not gentle way of telling people to fuck off
Feb 26 Dirtclustit commented on Stand Perfectly Still While That Bigot Punches You In the Face....
seems sort funny that there was no place holder as there typically is when a comment gets deleted, but I can certainly understand how if I were to be banned with only the comments that I advise to respect marriage and keep lawsuits out of the courts that are "wedding related" that it could be construed I am against gay marriage.

I am pro-gay marriage and I despise the Church Leaders who preach that being yourself is wrong, I just don't despise all people of faith, just the bigots.

And because the journalists know what I meant but the readers may not, I will say it again.

It was the successful lawsuits against businesses who provide wedding services that is the cause of these bullshit laws allowing for wrongful discrimination.

As it actually serves to strengthen the bigot's last leg of denial, the wobbley last leg that his bigotry stands on, as in the fear that I told Anonymous was completely irrational and just an excuse they are using due to their having a hard time accepting they are bigots

They feared that by making gay marriage completely legal --- which according to the Constitution is over 250 years overdue and it is a right being illegally withheld from Gay Citizens and their families --- they fear that they will be forced to preform ceremonies against their will in their churches

which I believed was an irrational fear, however the successful lawsuits against wedding related businesses gave that fear creedance, it made it real, and that is the reason for all these crazy laws being they are attempting to pass

It was my view that lawsuits against businesses that provide wedding services are poorly timed and will make the equal rights movement harder than it needs to be, as well as sabotaging the next people to finally have there guaranteed rights from over 250 years ago, finally become active.

My language is due to being pissed off at Dan with using gay marriage to damage the faithful

I liken Dan to that idiot Dawkins, and would prefer he likened to Bill Nye, a respectable scientist whose degree is NOT honorary, and who sticks to the truth, instead of Dawkins who is the mirror image of the faithful who deny the truth, as he makes shit up too, as he is the pot calling the kettle black.

I firmly believe that it is idiots like him that it would doing the world a personal favor if he stuck to just the facts

In my opinion, attempting to harm a person because of their faith is just as bad as bigots attempting to harm because they are LGBT.

I couldn't give a shit about whether or not they believe in God
Feb 26 Dirtclustit commented on Stand Perfectly Still While That Bigot Punches You In the Face....
Thanks Ophian, and thank the admin for deleting, the clarification
Feb 26 Dirtclustit commented on Stand Perfectly Still While That Bigot Punches You In the Face....
Grip anybody's houses lately, lousy meaningless lewis?

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