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May 12 Subdued Excitement commented on Police Beat: The Caucasian from Black Diamond.
The real main landmark (and only reason to ever go to the town) is the Black Diamond Bakery.
Apr 23 Subdued Excitement commented on It's Time for Plan C: A Seattle-Only Transit Solution.
Let's do this, and maybe also implement some kind of congestion charge for vehicles registered outside the city, a la New York's proposal:…
Apr 9 Subdued Excitement commented on The Actual Economics of Cities Raising the Minimum Wage For Every Employee, Tipped and Untipped (Spoiler Alert: Things Turn Out Fine).
I don't think it will impact tipping. Tips will go up, if anything, as food priced go up a little and halfway-decent people tip 15-20% on their bill.
Mar 19 Subdued Excitement commented on 15 Now Was Starting to Sound Like Occupy.
I'm a little disappointed in a $11/hr start to her phase-in for small businesses and nonprofits. Why not $12 or $13, in light of research that says up to $13 has no negative impact on employment?…

I'm afraid the Council will whittle it down to $10 by 2015, which is really only about $0.50 more than what the state minimum would be by then.
Mar 11 Subdued Excitement commented on Tom Douglas Talks About How a $15 Minimum Wage Would Affect His Restaurants.
@22, "The bottom line is that unless your have 4 arms and can do the job of two people, the value of dish-washing isn't $15/hour."

Yeah who do those hot-shot dishwashers think they are, anyway? How dare the person with the most miserable job in the restaurant think they deserve a living wage!
Mar 5 Subdued Excitement commented on Does Anybody Know This Guy?.
I've seen him on the Bainbridge ferry from time to time. He said he's had the Maine Coon cat on his shoulder every day since it was a little kitten, so it's very well trained. My theory: the dead raccoon on his head scares the live cat into compliance.
Mar 1 Subdued Excitement commented on Tallulah's Best-of-the-'70s Chic.
So I guess paid sick leave, which she was against, didn't put her out of business after all.
Feb 27 Subdued Excitement commented on Council to Vote Today on Taxi and "Ride Share" Regulations; Will Lyft and Uber Lobbying Pay Off?.
Should we be outraged that marijuana dispensaries operate(d) outside the rule of law? There wasn't much outrage from you then. TNCs meet a need and the city failed to legitimize them in an expedient manner.
Feb 27 Subdued Excitement commented on Council to Vote Today on Taxi and "Ride Share" Regulations; Will Lyft and Uber Lobbying Pay Off?.
"Bullied their way into the market" by offering excellent service at reasonable prices.
Feb 26 Subdued Excitement commented on Not Everybody Has a Smartphone and a Credit Card!.
@17, Yes, the city is indeed restricting options. Only 300 TNC vehicles when there are currently hundreds more?

We don't need some "experiment" or pilot program. We need to legitimize the TNCs, and we need it now. You fail to realize that the TNCs are already the status quo for thousands of people and we don't want the city taking away or limiting something we currently enjoy.

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