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Oct 19, 2009 commented on Supreme Court Justice Kennedy Blocks Release of R-71 Signers.
@ 25

We are dealing with a petition and a process that will take away people's rights. Not in the abstract as this presents itself but real people, real couples, real families will be hurt. People can claim all excuses and even feel its their right to do this, taking a religious angle or process angle or personal angle, but whatever the excuse, rights will be denied and the discussion, the debate as well as the vote (if its negative) dehumanizes LGBT children and adults.

You and others use words like harass, intimidate, cause fear, when I can tell you from my experience of having done this in 3 other states that this is about social and moral responsibility and examining how we (or the majority) treat our fellow human beings, our fellow Americans. When we are young and our parents and our teachers and our clergy tell us things like we shouldn't lie, or steal or bully or talk badly about others, there are social reasons why. We may be held out or called out as ones who have done this. We may be brought into a public forum among our peers even in just simple ways. We are asked to examine ourselves and at times we are told its wrong, other times we are asked to think about what we have done and are asked the think if that is how we would like to be treated. Some may call this the Golden Rule, I call it social responsibility. It brings the human element into our actions. But at no time would I ever say that these sort of enlightening experiences or teachable moments in one's life are "intimidation, threats or fear."

That is what my intent with KnowThyNeighbor is...
Oct 19, 2009 commented on Supreme Court Justice Kennedy Blocks Release of R-71 Signers.
@ Dan Savage...

"Stupid?" by announcing before hand of our intentions? Hardly, Mr. Savage, it shows KnowThyNeighbor's and WhoSigned's integrity. KTN has posted close to 1 million names in 3 states. Only in Washington where the "gay leadership," though fully warned and prepped for how to handle the messaging, fed our tactic to the wolves, did it cause this much of a problem. In Florida, arguably the anti-gay tele-evangelist capital, and demographic of easily perceived to be "threatened" demographic, KTN had no such problems because the Equality Group there (aka Nadine Smith) distanced itself and yet looked to our strategy in her few press ops as positive. And Florida was announced before the campaign. Massachusetts was also announced before the campaign and we used the known fraud and bait and switch element in messaging. Your '"leader" at ERW, a known opponent of name posting" who hailed from Massachusetts blew it. And the campaign continues to blow it as all of this including the recent Supreme Court reaction is an incredible press opportunity to react and push what is happening to LGBT into the forefront.

Stupid because we announced ourselves in advance? I am not a name collector. I want the conversation to happen. I want it to happen at the earliest opportunity in a campaign in which our rights are being taken away. This concept of Ref 71 being a "virtual decline to sign campaign" was asinine. The lead strategists responsible for same sex marriage here in Massachusetts who worked with your "leader" during our campaign in 2005 tell me on a daily basis how f'ed up Washington's campaign is.

And I can tell you this. If we had held off and not announced our intentions until after the names were verified, I am 99% sure that the anti-gays would have tried to stop the name posting while we were doing our data-entry work. Sure, if we just provided the searchable database and published it, you can argue that it would have been picked up and saved somewhere, but the Bopps of their movement would have placed a TRO or lawsuit against us and probably not the Sec of State. One way or the other, they would have gotten to close to the point we are now. And quite frankly, it is good that we are getting the Constitutionality squared away as soon as possible.
Oct 6, 2009 commented on Microsoft Donates $100,000 to Approve R-71.
@ 24...GOOD if the anti-gays get pissed. I can tell you this...our battles for Equality are not won by complacency or backroom deals or being sneaky and silent. Look at Massachusetts for an example of everyone, every strategy, every tactic being used to have fought and won.

There is far too much "cloak and dagger" with LGBT "leadership" lately, even in Washington State. We are on the right side of democracy and the right side of the "moral argument" here if you dare to call our fight for Equality such (and I do). I am not afraid to speak out for my Rights as an American and I have no problems calling out who our friends are. If you think you are Equal, act like it. There is NO Shame in that!
Oct 5, 2009 commented on Microsoft Donates $100,000 to Approve R-71.
And if I may add, "SHOUT this from the roof tops Washington State!!!!!"
Oct 5, 2009 commented on Microsoft Donates $100,000 to Approve R-71.
You know, an outside contributor may be ready to dump money with the anti-gays in Washington, but Microsoft's contribution is a BIG WIN for LGBT people and for our families. A story of this magnitude is worth more than the money itself or any matched or surpassed contribution by the other side. Thank you Microsoft, you understand what is important to our society and our country.
Oct 5, 2009 commented on Microsoft Donates $100,000 to Approve R-71.
Dominic, your link to the State's Public Disclosure is failing. Please check it out
Sep 3, 2009 commented on "Why Do You Hate Me?".
Dominic, thank you, thank you, thank you for this article and showing us the importance of the dialogue. Hopefully, will be able to be allowed access to the names of signers of Ref 71 today and in a few weeks will have databased and provided the public with a fully searchable database of names. Our tactic is longterm and I look forward to knowing that we will have helped the conversation that you showed can be had but on a personal level with signers that LGBT and allies know. This personal connection will produce activists in our community and with our friends in important ways. Thank you again
Aug 26, 2009 commented on R-71 Signers Didn't Have to Be Registered Voters When They Signed the Petition.
I find it interesting that Josh Friedes is now getting involved in trying to point out or correct problems with the initiative petition process in Washington State. I was personally warned by Friedes not to make too much of a deal out of the intrinsic deceptive nature of the petition itself and how wording can be used on the petitions (as in the case of Ref 71) to mislead and confuse voters into signing. Friedes' reasoning? To quote, "because progressives use this referendum process in Washington too..." That together with the Sec of State's office telling me that names of signers of Ref 71 should not be published by and because it would hurt "the integrity of the process." Oh really!!! Holden's latest blog post together with the rest of The Stranger's giving some of the only "sane" take on this process further affirms the need for complete transparency brought to the people and to the LGBT community on Ref 71. It is an honor that after Sept 3rd, we will be posting the names in searchable form and we WILL be able to get to the bottom of so much of this process.
Aug 23, 2009 commented on Bigots Accuse Election Workers of Pro-Gay Bias Counting R-71 Petitions.
@ K, Don't worry about everyone seeing the names. We will most definitely be processing and posting the names and petitions online for all to see in September. Look to and for the results
Jun 13, 2009 commented on Signing Referendum 71 Will Cure Cancer, Bring About World Peace, Lower Taxes, and Give Every Girl a Pony.
"We are all for truth in advertising and voters getting clear and accurate information," says Ammons. "But we simply don’t have police power of what campaigns say about their ballot measure"

Shame on you Ammons and all in the Secretary of State's office. This is a rotten way for the voters to be involved in the initiative process. You could suggest to the legislature that your petition process be reformed. But if what Josh Friedes says is common thought in your state, that Progressives get to partake in this sort of voter deception, then it is perfectly clear to me what is going on here. Of all the states that I have observed the process, Washington is byfar one of the worst, and the compliance albeit passive on the part of the SOS's office is disgusting.