Jul 13 Azzam commented on How Washington State Screwed Over Its Medical Marijuana Dispensaries.
true or not, most folks perception is that the medical law and era were just a charade we used as a stepping stone to legal recreational, and it's disingenuous to keep it going now that we have legal weed. While there are probably some folks who use it medically and are now inconvenienced, the reality was that millions of college students did not in fact have glaucoma and back pain.
Jul 8 Azzam commented on Looks Like There Was Only One Shooter In Dallas.
It would have taken only one armed toddler to take him down. where was the toddler army?
Jul 7 Azzam commented on Dallas: 11 Police Officers Shot, Four Dead, Three In Critical Condition.
if only the armed toddlers had been there to open fire on the snipers and save the cops!
Jul 3 Azzam commented on Returning Column!.
for people who like to support one of the few ways that cash moves from the hands of white people into the pockets of Native Americans in Washington
Jun 28 Azzam commented on You Can't Always Get the Populism You Want.
ahhhhaaaha you fell for it Ross, could you not tell that #1 was being snarcastic?
Jun 21 Azzam commented on On That Bettie Page Mural.
My only objection is that the original art was so poorly executed. Hire a real muralist #ferchrisesakes if you are going to be a local landmark, try not to be an eyesore.
Jun 17 Azzam commented on Block Party at The Station Just Politely Told the Mayor to Piss Off.
O.K. Riz, i read it again, and thought about your comments. You are right. I read it the first time as he was not welcome. I still would have just welcomed him with open arms. And then made this statement on the PA once he was there.
May 31 Azzam commented on At Spice King, Breads Rule—Baked, Fried, Griddled, or Stuffed.
I thought it was an informative review, the restaurant sounds great, the writing was enticing.