Yeah, it's a copy of that.

Mar 13 Hutch commented on Leaked E-mail: Republican Senator Andy Hill Is Considering a Run for Governor.
Hill does a good job playing the "reasonable Republican" card - he supports gay marriage and has (thus far) been able to sidestep attempts to pin down his views on abortion. Not saying anything offensive about social issues and feeding suburban voters "no more taxes" red meat is exactly the recipe for a Republican to get elected in Washington State. Inslee appears to be in a good spot right now, but Hill would be a formidable challenger. He's like McKenna if McKenna could actually come across like a human being.
Mar 6 Hutch commented on The Morning News: Seattle Times Editorial Board Decries Protesters' "Hooliganism".
@3 - I eagerly await a link to an editorial encouraging people to disrupt Zoo meetings. I think I recall editorials opining about how the Open Public Meetings Act should apply to the Zoo, but not that.
Mar 6 Hutch commented on The Morning News: Seattle Times Editorial Board Decries Protesters' "Hooliganism".
The ST Ed Board could tone down the histronics a bit, but fundamentally they're not wrong - shouting people down during public meetings is counter-productive.
Mar 5 Hutch commented on Why We Should Be Giving Port Commissioner Bill Bryant Hell.
Form letters are either ignored or sent to junk mail folders. Don't use them.
Mar 5 Hutch commented on Why You Should Give a Fuck About the Port of Seattle's Decision to Help Destroy the Planet.
And thank you for your efforts, Sydney - it's a travesty how little attention gets paid to the Port (and port districts everywhere.)
Mar 5 Hutch commented on Why You Should Give a Fuck About the Port of Seattle's Decision to Help Destroy the Planet.
@3, 9, 10 - I'm a pretty somber fellow, but I have a hard time comprehending how myopic, cynical and misanthropic you have to be to subscribe to the "someone's going to consume that oil and fry the planet, it may as well be us" worldview. I sincerely hope none of you have children.
Mar 4 Hutch commented on Bought and Paid For—Is ACT's Seven Ways to Get There the New Model for Arts Patronage?.
I don't really fault ACT for taking the opportunity - anything that gets butts in seats and financially supports regional theaters that can then subsidize bold new work isn't a bad thing. And kudos to Clark for taking interest in local arts - if only Amazon executives and the rest of the New Money flooding this city showed the same sort of philanthropy (even the self-aggrandizing kind), it'd be a good thing for the local arts scene.

But as far as this being a "new model" - the local theater community is really adept at naval-gazing about why their audiences consist entirely of old white people and what they need to do to get young people and minority communities to care about theater. Here's a hint: stop wasting your time on plays that center on rich white people's internal turmoil. If that interested me, I'd stay home and watch Birdman for free.
Feb 27 Hutch commented on The Mariners Are Good, but What Would It Take for Them to Be Great? Part Two.
Nothing is impossible, but I wouldn't put much money on seeing Hultzen in the majors this year, much less doing meaningful pitching. He's pitched 35 innings in the last 24+ months. I'd bet they cap his innings at 100-125 or so, focus on building arm strength in Tacoma and then let him aim for a rotation spot in 2016. Barring catastrophic injury to the rotation, I doubt they'd push him much harder.

AJax won't be as bad as he was down the stretch, but his inconsistency, coupled with Seth Smith coming off a textbook career year in 2014, Ruggiano's injury history, Cruz's Ibanezian defense and age, Ackley's Jekyll and Hyde act and Week's recent track record = the makings of a dumpster fire. The floor is oh-so-low - I wish the front office would have pushed their chips in for a more sure-thing solution out there.
Feb 26 Hutch commented on A Last-Ditch Effort to Preserve the Heart of the Central District.
@13- The article makes it sound like there's some special higher tax rate on that corner, which isn't true. Both have the same $9.27 levy rate. The difference is that Bangasser's property - being located at the intersection of two major arterials that are a stone's throw from one of the hottest real estate markets in the nation - is worth much more than the 23rd/Jackson area. Properties are assessed based on the "highest and best use" of their zoning rather than their actual use, so I'd imagine Bangasser is paying the sort of tax bill you'd expect a large mixed-use development to pay, while presumably only collecting the sort of rental revenues you'd get from run down, single-story retail buildings. It won't really matter much in the end given what he'll make when the property sells.

I know Bangasser has gotten a bit of a bad rap as some sort of slum lord over the years, and he probably could have done a bit more as far as lighting/security/etc. to at least attempt to cut down on the street disorder that collects there late at night. But on the other hand I feel for him, as he's in a little bit of a rock and hard place - he seems genuinely interested in making sure that local residents have a say in what happens to that street corner, but entering into the sort of binding agreements that people are suggesting could really hamstring future development and make it difficult to transfer the property to the next owner. I'm sure he could have sold to the highest bidder a long time ago and be drinking mai tais on a beach somewhere, but he's at least been attempting to keep a dialogue open with the community.
Feb 26 Hutch commented on Think the City Should Allow More Homeless Encampments? Go Tell 'Em Tonight!.
While the status quo is untenable and should make any resident of this city ashamed, I fear that without some sort of more substantial plan for increasing the pool of transitional and low-income housing, this will simply amount to sweeping these people under the rug - out of sight, out of mind for the downtown business interests - and nothing will be done.

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