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Jul 25, 2012 FuManShoes commented on Build a New Sonics Arena.
What critics of the arena fail to acknowledge is that we'd be a broke city with or without this deal. Every city is broke right now. There is no pile of cash we're sitting on to feed the homeless or support the arts or do any of the other altruistic things you want instead of a sports team. What we have is some debt capacity that you curmodgeons pray will finance more "necessary" things or we can use right now to bring to Seattle what pretty much every other broke-ass city has and cherishes that much more amid broke-ass times: a team stoking civic pride. So quit bellyaching, drop the Occupy BS for a moment and get behind the best deal we'll ever see on something that actually bring enjoyment to regular people. Who knows, you might even like the product they put out there.
Dec 1, 2010 FuManShoes commented on Up & Coming.
@Dave Segal - Glad you recommend the Kylesa/Lesbian/Book of Black Earth show. It should be a riot in a place as small as the Funhouse. But you don't even mention the headliner Kylesa. Perhaps they speak for themselves. Still, it seems a bit odd your blurb has nary a mention of the band which I guarantee you will top many a metal 'zine's album of the year list. Fair warning.
Apr 16, 2010 FuManShoes commented on Soundgarden Is Giving Away Tickets Via Twitter.
BS is right. This morning has sucked as I waited in line at the SHowbox, then get a belated email from the "fan club" with a password for a show that long ago sold out. My hatred for music marketing is coming into focus and I will go full on Kevin's mom.
Apr 9, 2010 FuManShoes commented on Local Boy Makes Nerd.
I took the pic. It was indeed at the Unicorn (home of corndog porn). Thanks, Matt for providing such fodder. I am supremely jealous of the "Holy Trinity" of Apple products, especially when joined in this manner to form iVoltron.
Dec 29, 2009 FuManShoes commented on 107.7 The End Responds: "Anonymity at its worst.".
@19 - Nah. That wouldn't explain the prolonged conversation between the hacker (intern) and followers/others who'd caught wind of the tweet. A stray tweet would be one thing, but the slog post below shows the many interactions this person had while being keenly aware they were wearing an End hat. Which begs the question: why would a real hacker be so ... boring?
Dec 29, 2009 FuManShoes commented on 107.7 The End Responds: "Anonymity at its worst.".
@Chris Jury -- No, this is what happens when a company of any size and ownership structure embraces (or grudgingly adopts) a social media platform predicated on immediacy and turns the lights out for weeks at a time. I'm sure plenty of small-time mom and pop operations are guilty of the same thing. The End's operational practices during the holidays seem woefully out of sync with the distribution and promotional platforms they employ. I accept that they likely got burned by a current or past staffer and don't endorse the Tweet, and I think they are trying to defuse it all by blaming a "hacker," but I also don't think media consolidation is to blame -- for this.
Dec 29, 2009 FuManShoes commented on 107.7 The End Responds: "Anonymity at its worst.".
What gets me is The End would have us believe a "hacker" gained access to their Twitter account and used the keys to the corporate castle to do nothing more than engage in a dumb and oddly civil conversation on the merits of racial/ethnic/religious profiling. Does that sound believable? If it was a hacker, what a loser! Grow a set and do some real damage!
Aug 7, 2009 FuManShoes commented on Up & Coming.
Sunn O)) was a joke. Lesson learned. Not only did they play a set that put my ass to sleep, but they ran the eminently more talented Pelican off the stage so they could prep the lameness, er, darkness.
Jun 14, 2009 FuManShoes commented on Do-Over on the 28th Floor.
@dj007 and darbar: This is not the workers' "home." It's a public facility and thus a candidate for public art, i.e. a public gallery. This story upsets me on so many levels. It's frustrating that people are so intolerant of art, imagination and challenging ideas. It's infuriating that these workers and apparently their supporters here believe the daily frustrations of an office worker should inform a commissioned artist or dictate what kind of art is displayed in the PUBLIC entrance to their office (this piece was not in employees' cubicles and the intended audience is anyone who enters that office, not just staff ...). It's frustrating that the city caved into these people. It's frustrating that this artist must no compromise his vision to appease what sounds like a tiny set of angry people so he can put food on his table. It's frustrating that this will probably set some precedent and soon we'll have angry employees in other offices demanding their art be taken down or changed. For god's sake, folks, get a grip and realize art is not always made to please the eye or sooth the soul, but also to challenge the mind and make one .... think.