Nov 7, 2012 zzyzx commented on Little Drama in Today's Ballot Drop, as King County Heads Toward Record Turnout.
Actually looks like R-74 has about another 10k in the lead vs where it was last night.

But yeah, I was worried that it supporters called it too soon but after today's drops I'm getting ready to call it myself.
Nov 7, 2012 zzyzx commented on Seattle Cops on Pot: "People Can Expect No Enforcement for Possession".
10: yeah I guess it does. Too bad. There still are vaporizers though.
Nov 7, 2012 zzyzx commented on Seattle Cops on Pot: "People Can Expect No Enforcement for Possession".
Yes, the feds can detain you. That is true. The question is if the FBI is going to go after someone for having an eight.
Nov 7, 2012 zzyzx commented on Seattle Cops on Pot: "People Can Expect No Enforcement for Possession".
Free Lunch: I've been wondering that myself. If it's in your property it's not public intoxication and if they BYOP you're not selling. Only thing I can think of is running afoul of the no smoking indoor laws but I imagine those specify cigarettes.
Nov 7, 2012 zzyzx commented on We Couldn't Have Done It Without Them.
No thanks needed. Just common courtesy and respect for others.

But you're welcome. I've been giddy about this all day.
Nov 21, 2009 zzyzx commented on Late Returns.
"But in Boston's defense, that project undid a snarl of highways to open up a most unique city's divided heart, on arguably the most vital road corridor in the world, I-95"

Interesting point except that I-95 loops around Boston. The road in question is I-93 which connects Boston to Canada and is mainly vital to Bostonians who want to go to Vermont. Fact checking is your friend.
Nov 5, 2009 zzyzx commented on Mallahan Campaign: Recount Looks Inevitable.
Will, your work here is ultimately what caused me to vote for Mallahan as I couldn't decide between the two. I wonder how many other votes you lost.
Oct 26, 2009 zzyzx commented on Constantine Pulling Ahead of Hutchison.
The cell phone thing didn't make a difference in 2008. Don't get excited over leaks of internal polling because we have no idea if that is really what the poll said and, for that matter, if this is one of 7 polls this week...
Oct 22, 2009 zzyzx commented on Well, That Was Close..
14 - the crosswalk light doesn't change at all though and the other cars are slowing down even before the pedestrian is visible.
Oct 2, 2009 zzyzx commented on The Polanski Petition.
"The difficult, dark and ambiguous situation Sean Nelson described so beautifully, with Polanski roaming around outside U.S. borders continuing to film and continuing to fuck, living both with the harm he'd been done and the harm he'd done others including that poor girl, seemed infinitely preferable to setting off another one of our justified-outrage binges."

Yeah, never mind that he drugged and raped someone. I'm too busy waxing poetic about him having no punishment for his actions to worry about what that can mean for future victims of this crime.

And for those who say that the victim has forgiven him so we should, well that incentives harassing a victim until they're willing to make public statements that charges should be dropped.