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Apr 28, 2015 Green Lizard commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: The Photo Play.
As everyone's saying, he probably directed the pose, but even if the model did it spontaneously, the idea it would have rendered him helpless to do anything but break his word to his wife is stupid. "BUT MY WIFE WOULDN'T LIKE IT" is not the only way of telling someone no.

"Hmm -- try facing me instead/ not quite so low/put your knee on the stool" [otherwise directs her into a different pose]

"That's a little more extreme than I want to go for this shoot."
Apr 17, 2015 Green Lizard commented on I Sat In on My Son’s Sex-Ed Class, and I Was Shocked by What I Heard.
"The point is that you pursue a relationship with a woman who says "no" "

So it's merely promoting stalking? Well, that's fine, then.

And are you sure boys who have been taught to ignore a woman's "no" in one, pretty crucial, circumstance will never extrapolate that women say "no" when they don't mean it in others?
Apr 15, 2015 Green Lizard commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: She Wants a Gay FWB.
Endash @3, go to a bi meetup and you will meet a lot of bi people who are, basically, only out as bi to other bi people and whose monosexual friends believe they are gay. There's a lot of "Getting my parents used to the idea I was gay took forever, I don't want to shake everything up again now," and sadly, also a lot of "I've been part of the gay scene most of my adult life before I realised I was bi,, and I believe many of my friends would regard me as a kind of traitor and abandon me if they knew I'm interested in other genders too."
Jan 3, 2015 Green Lizard commented on Savage Love.
I wouldn't take to the streets about it, but I guess what's a bit bothersome about Poehler's comment is not so much the idea that blah, oh-well-why-not sex has a place in marriage, but the phrasing "you have to," and "sorry". The latter gives the idea of something unpleasant to be endured rather than a low-key mellow experience you enjoy but could have lived without, and "you have to" -- well, it's flat out SAYING you don't really get a choice. And she didn't imply husbands had any similar obligation to sex up wives when feeling it. I know that's not what she really meant, but I wouldn't blame someone who, say, had endured marital rape by means of pressure and denial of a right to say no, for getting upset.

I'm not always happy with the way Dan handles these issues but I thought his phrasing of this particular one was better. If she'd said "sometimes marital sex is more because you want to make your partner feel good than because you can't wait to rip their clothes off" I don't think anyone would have had a problem.
Dec 27, 2014 Green Lizard commented on Savage Love.
74, yes, this. Whenever I start feeling too sorry for short men, and guilty for my preference for tall ones, I wonder why they can't just date short women. What about a nice girl of 5'0 or 4'11? There are plenty of them.
Dec 10, 2014 Green Lizard commented on Marky Mark Wants His Felony Assault Conviction Wipey Wiped.
24, he served 45 days. For permanently disabling someone. What consideration due to youth and immaturity has he not already HAD? No one's saying execute him or lock him up (though that's exactly what would likely to have happened to a black kid who'd done the same.) He's free, rich and massively successful. He's served his (negligible) time and built an enviable life. Why the hell isn't that enough?
Nov 22, 2014 Green Lizard commented on SL Letter of the Day: Profile & Courage.
"It's a little manipulative but I don't think it rises to the level of dishonest assholery—not if the disclose comes soon after meeting and definitely before sex"

UGH. Yes, it DOES. We've been over this one! I would be walk-out-of-the-restaurant-immediately pissed off if anyone tried this on me. It's so... arrogant, so entitled, the idea that I shouldn't get to make an informed choice because I don't know my own mind -- I just THINK I'm looking for a potential partner, but Mr Married Guy is so great all of that will go right out of my pretty little head as soon as I've been tricked into spending time with him!

Larsadin, PLEASE put your status back on your profile if you're going to use it this way, or if you won't, please *only* go for women who are looking for short term fun! Arranging dates can be time consuming, stressful and expensive while of course most dates won't come to anything anyway, I really, really don't want my time wasted by someone who was absolutely never offering anything I was interested in and *knew* it.
Nov 11, 2014 Green Lizard commented on SL Letter of the Day: Pain Can't Be Avoided.
Oh, come the fuck on, 44 -- getting narcissism out of "My boyfriend said he would kill himself if I left him and I left him and he killed himself, and now FOR SOME PECULIAR REASON I find myself excessively scared of hurting people" is beyond unreasonable and even more unkind for the sake of being unkind than Dan's line was. I very much doubt her therapist hasn't already pointed out to her that she isn't to blame for her ex's suicide, but knowing it intellectually and feeling it enough to get over that fear.

Learning that hurting someone is sometimes inevitable and doesn't make you a terrible person is not easy for many of us, even those who didn't go through anything so traumatic.
Sep 27, 2014 Green Lizard commented on The Other Side of Lopsided Bisexuality.
10, Somehow, I believe it is also possible for a gay man to be very hurt by another gay man who is only interested in sex with them and not romance. Amazingly, I have even heard it is also possible for straight people to be hurt by other straight people who use them for sex and not romance!

EVERYONE should try to be emotionally responsible, and everyone looking for casual sex should avoid leading people on or hurting people unnecessarily. Bi people aren't any more prone to getting this wrong than anyone else.
Sep 8, 2014 Green Lizard commented on SL Letter of the Day: The Son-in-Law.
I don't think that's correct, 43. The majority of mid-to-late 30's women still conceive within a year, though the percentage of women who don't rises.

I also don't see the big deal about it taking 18 months as opposed to 12 months to get pregnant, even when that is the case. Unless you want a massive family, I guess. So you have to wait six months longer to get a baby, you'll have the baby for a lot longer than that. It's not getting pregnant *at all*, *ever*, that worries most women.