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May 13 Ignatius O. commented on In Seattle, 1.3 Single Dudes for Every Single Lady.
@35 I'm still not reconciled to Amazon as a name for a high-tech company, even though no other odd sounding tech nomenclature (Blackberry, Twitter) has long since been normalized to my ear.
Apr 29 Ignatius O. commented on The Cost of Fixing Bertha? Could Be One-and-a-Half Times What It Cost to Build Bertha. So: How Else Might We Spend That Money?.
@24, @32, @36 Did Demi Moore work as an ultra high end escort at some point? Or were you three just at a magic age in 1993?
Apr 29 Ignatius O. commented on Transit Advocates Have Filed Their Initiative to Save Seattle's Bus Service.
@13 A lot of those buses are paid for by sound transit from a different pot of money, whether or not the coaches are operated by metro drivers from metro depots.
Apr 29 Ignatius O. commented on Donald Sterling Is Banned from the NBA: Is That Enough of a Punishment?.
Shunning is the perfect punishment for a racist publicity hound. This guy runs ads in the LA Times every week touting himself (not his company). This kind of thing will drive him to a long overdue grave.
Apr 24 Ignatius O. commented on It's Time for Plan C: A Seattle-Only Transit Solution.
@91 I remember Dubya laying out this argument and cackling because he thought it was so clever. And I remember the sinking feeling realizing that the President of the United States couldn't work through the problems with a position that would embarrass a moderately clever high school student. So dorimonsonfan, congratulations, you are stupid in a way stupid people will think you are very clever.
Apr 24 Ignatius O. commented on Cliven Bundy Says Cliven Bundy Is Not Racist.
@7 Defining down racism drives me crazy as well. Its a piece of the 'Fox Effect' to legitimize crackpot and antediluvian ideas.
Apr 24 Ignatius O. commented on It's Time for Plan C: A Seattle-Only Transit Solution.
@89 Are you serious? Property taxes effect every commercial and residential property in the district where it is in force. Everyone pays some part of it, its just that it is more progressive than other possible revenues, such as a flat car tab, that hit the lower middle class much harder than the wealthy. You and @86 are either dense or trolling. (Probably the latter, Jason609us's account is only an hour old)
Apr 24 Ignatius O. commented on It's Time for Plan C: A Seattle-Only Transit Solution.
@86 Property taxes eventually get translated into rental contracts, although not perfectly, evenly, or in the short-term. So everyone gets hit by property taxes, albeit via a more progressive distribution of burden than that of a sales tax, or a flat car tab fee for that matter.
Apr 24 Ignatius O. commented on Police Beat: Drinking In Public Should Not Be a Crime.
@22 Someone's a fan of The Wire.

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