Nov 12, 2009 bhoff commented on Irshad Manji on Hardball.
Who determines who is intolerant? If I support gun control am I being intolerant against people who own guns? How do you not tolerate intolerance? Laws? Restrictions of Speech?
Nov 10, 2009 bhoff commented on The Seattle Times Wants To Change Our Election Rules... Gee, I Wonder Why?.
. @15, I still do not think that proves beyond a doubt that later voters are progressive or young. My comment was more in reference to general voting patters. The men running in the mayoral election were both Democrats and the election was taking place in Seattle so I feel like it might not show a norm. I think that a broader study would be needed to prove it.

Also, you point to the polls. But were these the same polls that showed McGinn behind before the election. To be truthful I no longer live in Seattle, but I did follow the election through Slog, which showed McGinn two points behind just before the election and all prior polls showed McGinn farther behind. I understand that in that last poll it was labeled a statistical dead heat and that one could argue that the poll correctly showed the outcome, but I could also see arguing that they did not properly voters feelings and therefore demographics.

I am not saying that there is not a correlation, I just felt like Dan Savage made the statement without backing it up. I find that people who are passionate about something, usually calling themselves either liberal or conservative typically act, and make sure to vote. I would venture to say that it might be normal for independents to vote late and that in the case of the Seattle election, independents broke toward McGinn.

Nov 10, 2009 bhoff commented on The Seattle Times Wants To Change Our Election Rules... Gee, I Wonder Why?.
I would like to see some proof that later voters are younger and progressive. I not sure if I really believe this. Also, if you changed the mail in date, it would just move up the election. I do not see how that would have a big impact as people who vote late as they could still vote just before the deadline for the mail in. It seems as you are just looking for reasons to hate the papers.
Oct 6, 2009 bhoff commented on Today in Christopedia.
I do not know why slog is so obsessed with this bogus website and some how saying this is an example of Christianity. Just look up the word "god" and you will see that it is a joke or else has been taken over by trolls. This is like someone getting upset with the Onion Newspaper.
Sep 10, 2009 bhoff commented on My Monkey-Masked Hero.
Last year, students at Montgomery High School in southern Maryland reprinted copies of vehicle license plates belonging to people they didn’t like, attached them to their own cars and drove past the nearby speed cameras at high rates of speed. This resulted in $40 fines to innocent victims of their choice.

Sep 10, 2009 bhoff commented on My Monkey-Masked Hero.
Living in the DC area, they have cameras all over. They really do not work. Most people slow down to 5 under the limit in front of the cameras, then speed up to 15 over once clear. Usually only catch people who do not know the road they are on and therefore don't know the speed limit or that there are cameras. It is mostly a tax. I don't think the guy is that bad either. If the police were actually there, they could make him take off his mask, but because they just want the cameras to do it, they have to deal with mask. Hey, and maybe a relative or friend took the car for a ride.
Jun 16, 2009 bhoff commented on Hutchison's Kickoff.
I thought she was from KIRO.