Yeah, it's a copy of that.

12:35 PM yesterday brocaine commented on The Real Brazilian Tragedy.
Terra Preta soil like that in the Amazon basin can be manmade, and it is thought that the basin itself was manmade:…

It's never too late.
Mar 31 brocaine commented on Putin Wants Ukraine, the Baltic States, and... Finland?.
@11: OH MY GOD you know who Simo Häyhä is - I only know because I share a birthday with him. Such a fucking badass.
Mar 3 brocaine commented on Black and White and Read All Over.
If a small survey of the few children of Academy voters I know (of) is correct, most voters do not care about their ballots and let their children do it for them. Case in point: how else would Triple Six Mafia win an oscar?
Feb 5 brocaine commented on Slog Poll: Opening Up MoMA's Sculpture Garden in the Heart of New York.
As a family member of the only non-oligarch founder of moma, I think the garden should remain gated and secluded (no skateboarders near aunt Mary's Modigliani, please) but the admission should be free or damn near it.
Jan 29 brocaine commented on Is Everyone Sick All the Time This Winter, Or Is It Just Me?.
Juniper pollen started up with a vengeance around Christmas. Knocked me on my ass, coughed for weeks, nose was a faucet, makes you feel like puking, gives you vertigo. So all who have been suffering for more than a few weeks might try a very strong antihistamine just to see if it helps.
Dec 12, 2013 brocaine commented on "There Is an Area of Town for Degenerates and an Area of Town for the Working Class".
@48: just like here, Bellevue is happy to host all the section 8 housing & social programs that were once in downtown Seattle.
Nov 28, 2013 brocaine commented on Hear The New Black Flag LP: What The....
@2: and Reyes actually said the cover art was good after the fact, so either he's really good at passive-aggressive stabs or they have a gun to his head.
Oct 29, 2013 brocaine commented on Lou and Behold: What Are the Best Velvet Underground/Reed Covers?.
The Runaways cover of 'Rock and Roll' has life-changing abilities.
Oct 21, 2013 brocaine commented on The Mystery of the Donated Dope.
@2: my mother used to burn this type of evidence in Spokane as an employee of the police dept., where I think the weight is noted for the case before disposal. Red eyes and heightened mellow-ness usually accompanied burn days, and she never, ever missed it.
Jul 30, 2013 brocaine commented on Spike Lee Provides An Excellent List of the Best Films Ever Made.
@42: agreed. Love that fucking movie.

However, Billy Wilder is at his (writing) best in 'One, Two, Three', and 'Ghost Dog' is also an infinitely better movie than 'Strangers in Paradise', but whatever.

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