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May 21, 2011 denelian commented on Translating Ben Stein.
does anyone else miss those halcyon days when Ben Stein was nothing but a cool geeky game-show host who was a hero to geeks and nerds everywhere because he was SMART?

what the HELL happened to his BRAIN?! i don't even understand it - it's like he's a totally different person.

and he's ignoring FACTS - like the fact that the NYPD had *evidence* that the crime was committed, and "reasonable suspicion" that this asshole was the one who committed it - without BOTH of those [and it takes MORE than just a woman saying "that person raped me" - have you ever TRIED to report a rape? it's REALLY REALLY REALLY hard to be taken seriously unless there is VISIBLE physical evidence that it happened...] there would have been no arrest.

this doesn't automatically mean he's guilty - it just means that he MIGHT be, the current evidence suggests it, so we're going to see. the presumption of innocence is still there, and it will STILL be the job of the DA to PROVE, beyond a reasonable doubt, that he was indeed the perpetrator of the crime.

and i have seen NOTHING that makes me think that things are "fishy" - everything, so far as the case has gone thus far, is "clean"/

sigh. i miss the cool Ben Stein who was funny and didn't talk about religion or politics...

PS: i'm here from "Alas, a Blog", just so you know :)

Jun 16, 2009 denelian commented on Civil Disobedience: A Proposal.
i never comment here
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Dan, please don't overlook the additional ammunition if STRAIGHT COUPLES also go and get arrested for wanting to talk to Obama about repealing DOMA and supporting gay marriage this way.

i volunteer - my boyfriend and i would be *great* - he is black, and while *I* am cherokee, everyone thinks that i am white. so we evoke, vividly, Loving vs. Virginia
PLUS i am pretty badly disabled - my hip is just *messed up*, i need more surgeries on it, i HAVE to walk with a cane - that gets press. and i'm not allowed to work, and boyfriend is the manager and so can schedule vacation time (of which is has a bit) and his immediate boss is gay and would be *thrilled* if BF took vacation time for this...