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Sep 11, 2009 Parker Todd commented on We Have Standards?.
And I know you aren't at all interested in fair reporting, so it is only those of us who wish for that on a broad level who get incensed. But even at the bottom of the barrel of the profession, where you reside, it would still be nice to acknowledge the basics.

Or go ahead having the word "Newspaper" in your masthead while hiding behind yellow journalism everywhere else. whatever.
Sep 11, 2009 Parker Todd commented on We Have Standards?.
"I didn’t hear back—Carr’s office rarely returns our calls, and blogs move quickly—so I went ahead and posted it."

That sentence is pretty pitiful on a number of levels.

1) that you feel your ATTEMPT to report the other side of a story (the most BASIC aspect of fair reporting), is good enough to go ahead with a story that is completely one sided. Hey don't you give out Incredulous Hack awards to people who do the same thing (one sided "reporting") with no quotes or interviews from opposing parties when unfavorable press goes against your cause? Like the marijuana busts that you and Dan rail against? OH RITE... that must be different.

2) that this blogging bullshit is all the licence you need to post the story. You needed to be fast? You needed to get the story posted? Why? At what cost must fair reporting take to win the internet race?

You probably can't and won't answer any of these questions.

The art of informing weeps.

It's sad and big time amateur. But pretty typical for a guy who never stepped foot into a journalism class nor onto a college campus for that matter.

Your clenched fists do not and should not entitle you to the bully pulpit.
Aug 29, 2009 Parker Todd commented on Critical Mass Is Tonight.
"When I drive, I hate pedestrians. When I walk, I hate drivers. No matter what the fuck I’m doing, I always hate cyclists." - Anonymous
Aug 28, 2009 Parker Todd commented on Who Causes Cyclists' Deaths?.
If you were serious about this Dan, your paper would stop receiving advertising dollars from automobile companies.

But you're not, and you wont.

Aug 24, 2009 Parker Todd commented on Last Days.
Aug 20, 2009 Parker Todd commented on They Kicked Me Out.
Wellps, we commented on this about a month and a half ago, and it went exactly like this:

Dom, please don't ever show your face again at Burner events

At the time, a whole shit-ton of optimistics and burners jumped all down my throat for a realistic and factual perspective that Dominic Holden now held the duplicity of being a member of everything and an employee of nothing...thus rendering a healthy and critical curiosity of how this change role would play out.

I leave it at that.

A good read:…
Aug 19, 2009 Parker Todd commented on Take Note: The American Chemistry Council and 7-Eleven Are Members of the Small Business Community.
blah. mistakes made. I'm also not a paid contributor like you are......
Aug 19, 2009 Parker Todd commented on Take Note: The American Chemistry Council and 7-Eleven Are Members of the Small Business Community.
Foir this guy Dominic guy, words + printed text = reality and powerful swayful marching orders are!!

I mean, the last time he was writing for a living it was writing down your dinner order. This all must be very exciting for his irrational idealism.

So don't get too up in arms, fellow citizens. Just acknowledge Holden's angle for what it is: a desperate play at advocacy journalism.

Hey dude, your angle failed? What's your NEXT ANTI-SOMETHING campaign gonna be???
Aug 8, 2009 Parker Todd commented on The Morning News.
The rise in violence actually makes perfect sense, Guy@2

People despise what they fear most for/in themselves. As people get closer to becoming what they fear, they project and lash out against what that may be. In this case, it's beating the shit out of homeless people (sorta trying to beat it out of themselves). Think of a closet case constantly hating on gay people.

It's twisted, and you're right anyway: people don't make sense.
Aug 5, 2009 Parker Todd commented on True Forced Loneliness.
The following linguistic slight sums up the entire conflict between self-pity and self-empowerment.

"People can get seriously depressed or worse when **they are deprived** of social interaction."

It should really be ""People can get seriously depressed or worse when they **deprive themselves** of social interaction."


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