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Figuring it out as I go. Generally like people, but also need my alone time.

Mar 21 Still Thinking commented on Savage Love.
Two guys, third, sisters as surrogates = No.
Mar 20 Still Thinking commented on Protesters In Nashville Chant "Bless Your Heart" at Asshole Trump Supporter.
Knat @21 - you've got me worried - your eyes are starting to bug out.
Mar 20 Still Thinking commented on Make Sure Your MAGA-Hat Wearing Relatives Watch This.
Just wait until the Senate breaks up the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals and we have a conservative 9th Supreme Court Justice. It can, and will, get worse.
Mar 17 Still Thinking commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: You Heard It Here First, Cousin.
CraZ cakes. Both of them, but a bit more on the LW's side.
Mar 13 Still Thinking commented on Purim Is Still Important More Than 2,000 Years After Esther.
#2 Eltana - one of the many excellent points of the story is that Haman was hoist by his own petard, so to speak, and hanged on the very gallows he had constructed for Mordechai's prospective hanging.
Mar 2 Still Thinking commented on Bertha Stopped Because the Machine "May Be Several Inches Off" Tunnel Alignment, State Says.
Doug - ha ha - thank you.
Ph'nglui - can they get reception down there?
Mar 2 Still Thinking commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Straight Uncle Offers Trans Nephew A Summer in the City (But Mom Says No).
If you are the parent of a child who is at risk, for any of a large variety of reasons, it is not unreasonable to be cautious about who you allow/encourage them to spend time with, and where. I say this as the parent of an at-risk child. Of course, you have to balance protection with opportunities to make mistakes and learn. Even with a "typical" child, this is not easy to do, so don't trash a parent for struggling with it.
I am not the parent of a teen - yet - but I have taught thousands of them. I have known 16-year-olds I would trust, say, to take care of my home while I was away for a week, and I have known 16-year-olds I would scarcely trust to get me a soda from the machine down the hall. The balance I mention above is particularly difficult with teens.
I think inviting the family for a weekend or a week during the summer would be the best move. That way everyone is involved in the same experience, Mom is reassured that her brother is not trying to pull a fast one on her, nephew is exposed to some new pathways, and cousins get to spend precious time together - important even if there is an age gap.
Mar 2 Still Thinking commented on Savage Love.
I guess breaking up is (no longer so) hard to do, now that we have texting.
Feb 28 Still Thinking commented on Reader E-Mailbag: Pussy Hats vs Asshats, How to Save Obamacare, Nihilism in the White House.
Thank you, Rebecca, for an eloquent message. Run for office?