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Jun 26, 2013 Loneranger joined My Stranger Face
Jun 26, 2013 Loneranger commented on Is It Really So Awful to Imagine the Death of Conservative Supreme Court Justices?.
You are typical of the liberal silver spoon sect that believe the sun rises and sets on them and their ilk....that you somehow hold the plan of the universe in the palm of your hand and you have the ability to control that plan....you have your hand out for things you have not worked for and expect benefits that you do not deserve....the only thing up to this point that you have served in any capacity is to serve your fat face in the lunch line of your tiny microscopic existence and pretend you are smarter than anyone else and hold all the answers to the world's problems that you imagine are piled higher than the Empire State Building....it is turds like you that Marx and Lenin ended up walking on to raise themselves to power, fortunately Marx and Lenin will never gain a foothold in the United States, even with scum bags such as yourself......