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You might want to do research before you decide to promote a boycott - Stoli is NOT made in Russia - the US brand name is owned by Pepsi and it is made in Latvia - a FORMER Soviet country. Sheep - I hear the baaa's in the background.
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Interesting POV. I am 50 years old, (real years, not gay years) I came of age in the bar and anonymous sex scene, before the internet. The behavior you say is a result of the apps is really not that uncommon. In the bar scene, back in the day, it was quite common to excuse yourself to "walk around" or "go to the restroom" when you got bored with someone, you just never came back to that person unless it got late and you got desperate It is also very common to give cues, eye contact, even say hello and someone not responding or just giving short answers that basically give the non-verbal response, "I'm not interested in you, go away" I've also seen people ask to see a dick and it was pulled out. In anonymous sex encounters in restrooms, sex clubs or adult bookstores, it was quite easy to ignore the ones you didn't want to and only focus on or chase the ones you wanted, very easy to ask to see cock, force yourself or push yourself into an encounter that was happening, you took the risk of being included or having one of the guys shake his head at you which basically told you to "go away".

Now maybe you never had that happen to you, or you never went to bars where that happened, but quite honestly, people are people and their behavior has not changed as they use the apps the same way. (In no way am I saying you are special or shielded from that behavior, we just came of age in different eras and you might not have the same experience as someone a bit older would have.)

I would not say the apps replace porn, because there is so much "free" porn that is available, but it has opened up that whole anonymous cruising world to a new group of people that never went out or see bars as something different now. I don't think the behavior of people is different in the apps versus the bars and bookstores of another era - It makes it easier, yes, because you don't have the face to face encounter you would have in a bar or sex club and there are soooo many more people that have access to the apps versus those that would risk going to a dark club anonymously. In that respect, I do agree with you that the apps do become a crutch and people forget that around them there are real people they can interact with. The apps become that safe zone where they can be their avatar and not have to put themselves out there on display to be rejected or ignored in person. It's not porn they replace, but personal interaction and teaching people how to actually have a real conversation and get to know someone. In all the bars, even with the rude people that would behave that way, there were still a few people here and there that wanted to talk to you and saw you as more than a piece of meat. I would say that the same thing is true of the apps, I have talked to many people that are after one thing, but I have also talked to a few here and there where we have a real conversation about something other than a dick pic.

I don't think the apps have caused changes in the way people interact, but they have made it easier to be impersonal and brought that mindset to a whole new generation of people that never would have known that existed.