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Jun 17, 2009 Renton2000 commented on Civil Disobedience: A Proposal.
YES! Thank you, Dan! Finally, someone who says publicly what I've been telling friends for weeks - civil disobedience is the best option available. I think the march will be waste of time - as a "veteran" of the Millennium March, I know of what I speak. But I think you're going small-scale on this, Dan. We need couples to go to their local government offices that issue marriage licenses, make the request, and then when denied they conduct a sit-in until arrested. This should be done every day. I'm serious. I look at the women's suffrage movement and the 60's civil rights movement as the best examples of consistent, continual civil disobeience. I'm a civil litigation attorney, but I've attended enough bail hearings in my time, so I would gladly help out on the legal end of matters. Count me in, Dan! It's time for the movement to become a force for real change, not the chump change offered by Obama & Co.