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Apr 14 shotsix commented on Bill Maher: Extremists Don't Hijack Religions. Moderates Do..
@48 Maybe if they weren't executing gays in the name of god I could believe you. It pains me to defend Israel, but a gay atheist could live a safe, happy and healthy existence within most of Israel (I'm sure there is some anti-gay sentiment present in the Israeli "heartland"), whereas expressing either of those characteristics could lead to imprisonment, torture, and/or execution in the majority of the Muslin world.

Other than Turkey, is there a supermajority Muslin country where shouting "I'm gay and god is not real" while kissing your boyfriend in the proverbial town square wouldn't automatically get you in deep shit by the local government? Those fucked up kill-the-gays Christian countries in Africa are equally as bad, by the way.

There are millions of gays living miserable and perilous existences under Islam and Christianity, but Islam definitely wins the "best of" category for making it hell on earth for the LGBT community, and it's not xenophobic to point that out. The only thing that keeps our domestic, mostly Christian haters from taking away that trophy is by constant vigilance, and the type of honest and hard hitting editorializing (like against the current rash of anti-gay religious "freedom" laws) that many of you would call intolerant when applied to Islam. Tolerance is not quietly watching gays being executed and tortured because some (supposedly) culturally respected deity says so.
Apr 9 shotsix commented on SLOG POLL: What Should Kshama Sawant Ask the Greenpeace Attractivists on Skype Tomorrow?.
That guy looks like a hot extra from the Hoth scene on the Empire Strikes Back.
Apr 2 shotsix commented on Seattle Restaurant Owner Behaving Badly.
@23 I don't think anyone here is saying that a restaurant shouldn't be able to raise prices to cover increased operating costs (or for whatever reason, really), it's just the ridiculously tone-deaf way the issue is being politicized on the receipt. If prices were increased by 2% without the stupid receipt antics, I doubt that anyone would even notice.
Apr 2 shotsix commented on Seattle Restaurant Owner Behaving Badly.
First off, what's up with being so sheepish with the name of the restaurant? I find that as maddening as the itemized "I am a douchebag" surcharge. It's a political statement, and a really Koch-ish one at that. If a supplier started charging 2% more for veggies, would you also itemize that? Nobody who goes out to a restaurant in Seattle is going to notice 2%, at least at the sort of place I'm assuming this KOMO reporter was eating.
Mar 27 shotsix commented on An Extremely Attractive Group of Greenpeace Activists Is Stalking Shell Rigs Across the Pacific Ocean.
Those people are as good looking as the actors of the Fox drama about Greenpeace activists would be. That photo might even be the promo for the new series.
Mar 24 shotsix commented on The Morning News: The Seattle Times Editorial Board Backs Shell, Fremont Restaurant Owner Reacts to Black Brunch.
Isn't this brunch thing (Seattle version) just a classic example of preaching to the choir? I would imagine 99% of patrons in a hip, inner Seattle neighborhood eatery are about as socially progressive as you can get…and the other 1% certainly aren't going have their minds changed in such a fashion. In a setting like this, it's not even that confrontational, if that's the point.

It's all reminiscent of the angry person at an airport boarding gate who is yelling at the employee behind the podium. Even if the passenger is in the right, who are most people going to empathize with?

It should be about strategically winning hearts and minds in the style of the gay marriage debate (where brash "brunch" like tactics were used on the actual haters to create forced errors while the uncommitted, never-really-thought-about-it-too-much crowd had their heartstrings pulled).
Mar 23 shotsix commented on Leaked Audio: Port Commissioner Bill Bryant Mocks Seattleites and Reveals More About Arctic Drilling Rig Deal.
This guy obviously has very poor judgment. Beyond the asinine arctic drilling rig deal, I can't imagine mocking the segment of the population you have to make vote for you to win anything in King County (and by extension, WA state)…I mean he's got the conservative vote locked up no matter what, so a better strategy (even if insincere) would be to ridicule republicans to a mainstream Seattle audience. At least that might flip a few votes. I hope people don't forget about this whole fiasco when Mr. Bill is up for reelection.
Mar 19 shotsix commented on Mayor Ed Murray Wants to Ban Smoking in Parks, and the City Says There's Nothing Unfair About That.
@9 Ugh, you're most likely correct. The bus shelter smokers are the lowest form of human. It's a very sociopathic behavior.
Mar 19 shotsix commented on Mayor Ed Murray Wants to Ban Smoking in Parks, and the City Says There's Nothing Unfair About That.
It's odd to see a situation where the tobacco industry and (apparently) the Stranger are in solidarity. I don't think that those corporations could have devised a better way to stop smoking bans - by linking it to social justice. Seriously though, it does suck to have a bunch of people smoking in your general vicinity at a crowed place like Madison Beach…and trust me, those smokers are just privileged hipsters.

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