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Jun 17, 2009 Almost63inJersey commented on Civil Disobedience: A Proposal.
I think gay people around the country should make both the march and some ongoing civil disobedience event happen. The messages are different, one being a broadbased thing, the other being quite specific. (I presume the march won't be just one issue.) And they will draw different levels of attention from various constituencies. My partner and I have attended every march on Washington execept the last, which seemed too slick and mainstream (HRC) for our taste. It looked, also, too much like a rock concert on C-SPAN. And did anyone expect Bush to notice? Really ho-hum.

But now the times, and the occupant of the White House and the Congress majority, has changed. Even if the march's main message is "when are you going to keep your promises?" then it will have the secondary message of "we're here today and we're not going away." The military may be dragging its feet on doing its study that will support the president's views, which are held by the majority of Americans, but if "Don't Ask Don't Tell" is still in force that's another reason to march on Washington.

A million people will come away with personal stories and memories of the big day. Let's not lose sight of that, either.

And as for not doing something because poor families somewhere have other things on their minds, and someone might think we look like "spoiled children," that big of lame whine is totally beside the point. The three grassroots marches we attended -- which drew bigger turnouts each time over the years -- we're attended by people who wanted to make several political points, change the world, etc., and do it in a VISIBLE way. It was about more than writing checks in the privacy of donors' homes, or joining a group on Facebook.

I'll see you in the nation's capital in October.