Sep 22 Solk512 commented on Guest Editorial: Voting Yes On Prop 1 Is the Only Way to Get Light Rail Faster.
Folks like johnyaya, NeighborhoodWarrior and Newsmama who are completely unwilling to properly invest in their communities need to shut the fuck up, get the fuck out of town and let someone who actually gives a damn take their place.

You shitheels don't give a flying fuck about anyone but yourselves.
Sep 22 Solk512 commented on Sady Doyle's Trainwreck Deconstructs Our Obsession with Suffering Women.
I really have to object with Gwyneth Paltrow being put into the same category as the other women mentioned in this piece. One of the main reasons her newsletter is heavily criticized is because she's selling medical snake oil. I'm not going to pretend that in a society where misogyny is pervasive that it doesn't play any role, but just saying "don't read her newsletter" is fucking bullshit. She's actively causing harm to others and making a shit ton of money doing so.
Sep 20 Solk512 commented on The Morning News: #BlockTheBunker Activists Shut Down City Council Meeting, Demand No New Cops or Jails.
I'm not being regressive here, I honestly thought that community policing required more manpower. Is that not actually the case?
Sep 20 Solk512 commented on The Morning News: #BlockTheBunker Activists Shut Down City Council Meeting, Demand No New Cops or Jails.
No new hiring of cops? So they want to just be stuck with the shitty cops they're protesting against?

Also, doesn't proper community policing require more manpower to begin with?
Sep 16 Solk512 commented on Science News:GMOs Also Bring Good Things to Life, Neil Degrasse Tyson Is Coming to the 206.
@3 Additionally, you can use mutagenic chemicals or ionizing radiation to induce higher rates of mutations. What's really interesting is that these aren't ever considered GMOs, and folks who argue against GMOs never, ever mention these organisms.

In fact, what some companies do is design an organism quickly using GM techniques, then try to replicate the effort with the techniques mentioned above. It takes a whole lot longer and is a great deal more expensive, but with enough tries you'll get it eventually. Yet you'll get it without the GMO label. Even though you essentially have the same plant.

That's how batshit crazy the vast majority of complaints against GMOs are.
Sep 15 Solk512 commented on The Morning News: Chinese Real Estate Investors Freezing Vancouver and Heating Seattle, Boeing Grabs More Cash From Its Workers.

What you clueless fucksticks forget is that everyone taking a job anywhere has to consider the whole compensation package - in this case folks take a lower base wage in exchange for getting paid overtime. You guys in the software world receive a much higher base salary, something which you should have fucking realized. You should have also realized that working overtime generally isn't a choice.

Complaining that "salaried workers aren't supposed to be paid overtime" is like complaining that "hourly workers aren't supposed to be paid wages about the minimum" or "no one is supposed to be given paid vacation". It's done by the company to attract talent. Anyone who signed up for that deal has every right to be angry when it was taken away.

By your reasoning, you'd be thrilled to have your salary reduced with no warning. Enjoy your race to the bottom, shitheads.
Sep 13 Solk512 commented on Get Drunk with Light Rail Supporters Tonight: The ST3 Kickoff Starts at 6 p.m..
How about you lazy shits actually get out and vote for this instead of having to be entertained by some bullshit DJ?