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Jun 18, 2009 OneButch commented on Civil Disobedience: A Proposal.
Why bother going to D.C.? Why bother dialoging with the bigot Obama and the powers that be at all? We don't need his leadership. We don't need a leader at all. The age of strong leaders is dead. Power to the people and all... Grassroots community action. Let's STOP FIGHTING for our rights...
When gays and lesbians die, unlike every heterosexual American, everything we have scrimped, saved and sweated for will NOT go to our spouse and kids. Unlike heterosexual spouses, same-sex spouses will be forced to pay taxes an our family's nest eggs unlike ANY heterosexual American-even those heteros who marry in Las Vegas on a drunken whim. Our spouses and our children will NOT receive our Social Security benefits like every other American. There are over 1300 federal laws -examples of the ways in which our families will be ROBBED of the same basic financial rights that any straight person receives, even those living on death row as mass murderers. THIS is what the fight for "gay marriage" is about, NOT the need for social approval from hetero bigots. It is about EQUAL REPRESENTATION UNDER THE CONSTITUTION. We go to work. We pay our taxes. We pay our bills like anyone else. We contribute to our local and national communities. And for this we get WHAT?! Not even the same government representation as a heterosexual mass murderer on death row. Enough is enough.

This anti-gay caste system is a form of government enforced indentured servitude. That's right. A form of slavery. It is an untenable form of government in modern times, and it will NO LONGER be tolerated. To hell with polls and the public opinions of bigots. To hell with waiting- for what??? Like the straights, our baby boomer generation is not getting any younger! We need equal rights and protections for our families NOW. The solution is simple, and legal, though it doesn't involve begging for scraps from bigots or the powers that be, or wasting our time educating and reaching out to reprobates.

1.) Gays and Lesbians must put their federal taxes (and state taxes too if one lives in a state without marriage equality) into massive, fiscally transparent "escrow" accounts, until our taxation status is equalized. The IRS is only doing their job- they don't care who you are as long as you pay what you owe, so this is no attack against them personally, but unfortunately for them they are caught in the middle of this, so...
2.) Gays and Lesbians must stop paying into a Social Security system which will never pay out benefits to us as Gays and Lesbians. Again, a massive "escrow" account.
3.) The interest on these accounts should go toward legal representation, NOT for attorneys to introduce cases to "fight for" our rights incrementally, on a case by case basis, but purely as defensive litigators. Let the fight COME TO US.
4.) All Gay and Lesbian political donations and support to go to a third party. A party that will truly represent the people- ALL the people, without being horribly compromised by a long history of political malfeasance. A TRUE "new hope".