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Feb 23, 2010 HockeyFanNick commented on Times are Tough, and Cockatoos Are Really Great.
Well of course it happened in Louisiana
Dec 30, 2009 HockeyFanNick commented on We Regret These Errors.
Thought this was gonna be an article about The Velvet Underground.
Nov 4, 2009 HockeyFanNick commented on Joe Mallahan Stalls for Time....
and I'd like to thank my barber, the baristas at my favorite coffee shop, Jimmy who works at specialty's bakery for that great sandwich, and uh let's see... elmo, count dracula, dora the explora, & wall-e Thank You everybody Vote for Me!

Oct 18, 2009 HockeyFanNick updated his or her location.
Oct 17, 2009 HockeyFanNick commented on The Case for Mike McGinn: Part 2.
I'm really worried that he's not going to win.
Oct 17, 2009 HockeyFanNick commented on Aggressive Panhandling.
I have no problem w/ pan-handlers. You have to understand that when it comes to getting a job, the odds are against them. They have to dress to impress, have a phone for the employer to call them back at, & they are competing against clean-cut people w/ solid resumes. Law enforcement's view of "aggressive" is going to be ridiculous; They're going to make stupid arrests because the filthy rich old lady said "That man yelled at me to give him money" when in reality it was nothing more than a "can you spare some change?" This will give wealthy citizens even more of an upper-hand on "cleaning up the trash" as I have heard them say & will continue the cycle of the poor getting poorer.
You want bums off the street? Give them a job when they come into your establishment. When they come in to the restaurant you work for asking if you have any left-over food, hand them a job application & maybe see about getting them a sandwich or something if they fill the app out. Soup kitchens are nice, but jobs pay the rent.
Oct 17, 2009 HockeyFanNick commented on 2009 Endorsements.
I filled out my ballot over a bowl of Cheerios... What a country!
Sep 23, 2009 HockeyFanNick commented on Fucking in the Streets.
Wait a minute, I'm confused....
is this the same band?…
Sep 23, 2009 HockeyFanNick commented on Fucking in the Streets.
Dude sounds like Damon Albarn of Blur & Gorillaz.
I'm really in to this band & wanted to thank you because I may not have found out about them without you! After Dinner Mints is mucho rad, thanks again.
Sep 16, 2009 HockeyFanNick commented on How to Be a Person Who People Want to Sleep With.
"You just walk down there and keep walking until the land ends and you are wet. It is amazing."

Hahahahahaha... haha.