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Jul 16, 2011 el polacko commented on An Apology.
dan, you sex advice can be insightful and humorous... and thanks for the 'it gets better' campaign, of course... but politics is not really your forte. i was disappointed to hear your rote, lefty talking points (even if that's what maher's audience eats up). that dem=good/repub=bad stuff is simple-minded and tired...and, apology or no, wishing death on people who simply disagree with you is about as low as a person can go. i thought you were a better, more thoughtful person than this.
Oct 6, 2010 el polacko commented on SL Letter of the Day: Almost Sorry.
how often do we hear the complaint about how 'moderate muslims' do not speak out against attrocities committed by their fellow muslims?
yet, on this comment board alone, we have many christians asserting that they are gay-lovin' non-haters...so why do we never hear them calling out their brothers-in-christ?? it's not just southern baptists who rail against gay people in the name of their god..the catholics and mormons and methodists and presbyterians, et al, readily join the chorus of condemnation of gay people and contribute mightily to efforts to deny gay citizens their civil rights. until you 'moderate christians' clean up your own houses of worship, i don't want to hear how different you are from all the other believers in your magic sky friend. the blood of the gay souls that we've lost is on your hands as much as it's on the claws of the phelps clan.
Jun 18, 2009 el polacko commented on Obama: Some Federal Employees Are More Equal Than Others.
if i hear this 'there are more important issues' one more time my head will explode. what is 'more important' than the equality under the law guaranteed by our constitution ? there will ALWAYS be more important issues to people who don't care about your rights. the struggle for gay equality has gone on for decades. it didn't start with barack and it will not end with barack. if he thinks he can use us for money and votes and then stab us in the back in the courts, or placate us with this sham memorandum, he is mistaken.