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Jul 27 robotslave commented on New, Groundbreaking Study Reveals That Seattle Is the Most Hipster U.S. City of All.
The most "Hipster" thing about this is a an alt-weekly blogger-journalist taking a PR firm's press release and running it straight, with just the tiniest dollop of house-made, locally-sourced outrage on top.

But seriously guys, what is clickbait? Is there any definition for it at all?
Jul 26 robotslave commented on Sounders Coach Sigi Schmid Steps Down Following Poor Start to Season.
@3, @4, @5

I take it you're not familiar with Ansel Herz's, er, idiosyncratic approach to journalism?
Jul 26 robotslave commented on So is Russia Poking Through Our Emails on Donald Trump's Behalf or What?.

What I find weird is that people who seem to absolutely loathe the Democratic Party have invested so much time and emotional energy in picking its presidential nominee. Why isn't that the story?
Jul 26 robotslave commented on Why the Black Mainstream Has Embraced Black Lives Matter but Ignored the Destruction of Public Housing.
I notice that even the people protesting some of the plans funded by HOPE VI are in favor of demolishing old, dilapidated tenement-style public housing.

Charles, who has never lived in public housing himself, apparently wants to keep those tenements standing, and to preserve this poverty-warehousing type of public housing.

Why he would want that, we can only guess. Perhaps he believes tenements are more conducive to the production of lower-class leftist revolutionaries, long (oh so long) awaited by the middle-class leftist vanguardists?
Jul 26 robotslave commented on Sarah Silverman Has a Message for the #BernieOrBust Crowd.
Speaking to people who behave like children as if they were children... might be bad? But it doesn't sound like the worst idea I've heard this week.
Jul 26 robotslave commented on You Booed Michelle? Yeah, We're Not Friends.

Not sure which country you're living in, but here in the United States of America, there are still laws on the books under which police officers are charged and tried when they attack citizens without cause.

Those laws are imperfectly enforced, and they are certainly in need of amendment in many parts of the country. But pretending those laws don't exist at all (or that other laws exist which allow police officers to murder without consequence) does absolutely nothing at all, other than making you look like a complete asshole.
Jul 26 robotslave commented on The First Night of the DNC: Crying Bernie Fans and Michelle Obama is Queen.
Oh good, now the select special elite Bernout core corps are going full retard with the conspiracy theories.

I suppose these particular yahoos were well down that sewage-hole to begin with, but it still stinks when they try to fling their sacred offal up at the rest of us.
Jul 26 robotslave commented on Bernie Sanders: "Hillary Clinton must become the next president of the United States!".

Do you even read your own comments?

Go on, go back just six weeks and read through your own words, if you can stand it.

Or, if you really want to avoid surprising anyone: don't.
Jul 26 robotslave commented on Seattle Times Repeats the Myth that Skyrocketing Rents in Seattle Caused Supply and Demand.

In other words: recreational marijuana is now legal in Washington State.
Jul 25 robotslave commented on Seattle Times Repeats the Myth that Skyrocketing Rents in Seattle Caused Supply and Demand.
The thing I like most about this post is that Charles first tells us that the theory of market pricing, driven by supply and demand, is rubbish-- and then turns right around and uses that very theory to explain the rise of local housing prices (rising because "finance" is creating more demand for real estate).

What is this "finance," though? Is it an autonomous sentient being, roaming the land without any connection to the distribution of resources in society, arbitrarily meting out reward and punishment? Is it, in short, a living god? An ineffible force feared by bumpkins and other rural-minded people who choose to believe in it?

Or is it something a lot more ordinary than that?