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12:37 PM robotslave commented on The Independent: Is Seattle Ready for Nikkita Oliver?.
Speaking to KUOW late last year, Oliver called for a model that would eventually lead to the elimination of police entirely. “We don’t need a separate institution to keep the peace or enforce the laws,” she said. “What we need is a cultural shift that actually acknowledges the human rights dignity and sovereignty of all people and we’d see a decrease in crime.”

-- crosscut

Is The Stranger willing to ask Oliver some difficult but very obvious questions about this, or do we just leave that to The Seattle Times?
2:04 AM robotslave commented on Light Rail, I Love You But Your Signage Fucking Blows.
You know what else is fun? Trying to find the nearest way into a station when you don't already know where all the entrances are.
1:33 AM robotslave commented on Community Groups, Local Developers Band Together to Rebuild Heart of the Central District.

80% of median household income in Seattle is $72k. 40% is 36k.

80% of median non-family income in Seattle is $44k. 40% is $22k.

80% of median per capita income in Seattle is $40k. 40% is $20k.

An individual earning Seattle's current minimum wage of $12, working full time with two weeks vacation, has an income of $24k

Personally, I'm in favor of plain old public housing, and I'm dubious of any scheme that mandates some percentage of new units be "affordable" by one definition or the other.

But with that said, it doesn't look to me like anyone in the city is trying to hand affordable housing over to the hated Young Technology Professionals.
12:21 AM yesterday robotslave commented on Doing Something Real About Gentrification and Displacement.

Unfortunately, you'll be long dead before you're able to appreciate anyone else's loess in that game.
12:16 AM yesterday robotslave commented on Doing Something Real About Gentrification and Displacement.

And decades before the '08 housing crisis, most large US cities had long since done away with default-after-initial-lease month-to-month rentals.

I think the thing that most Seattle residents (really, really) don't get is that this is still a small city, despite the growth rate of recent years. It's smaller today than Columbus, OH was ten years ago. It's smaller than El Paso, TX. We're still smaller today than Charlotte NC, or Indianapolis IN, or Fort Worth, TX.

But the local Gen-X establishment booster papers all seem to think we ought to have the same density and services and legal climate as NYC, or at least pretend to think so while it suits the interests of their rapidly appreciating private investments.

We ain't all that, though, no matter how appealing the thought of owning a 5000 sq ft lot with a SFH on it in Greenwich Village might sound to your family financial advisor.
May 22 robotslave commented on Doing Something Real About Gentrification and Displacement.

But what is Dan Savage doing?

Is he moving his family into high-density multi-unit housing?


Why not?
May 22 robotslave commented on Doing Something Real About Gentrification and Displacement.

When you are willing to ignore a person's behavior in preference to their cheap, printed words, then you've lost even more than the people you're feeling so superior to.
May 22 robotslave commented on Doing Something Real About Gentrification and Displacement.
@8, @10, @14, et al:

I'm sure Dan Savage would be super pumped if he were allowed to build 2-3 units of servants quarters in the back yard, and rent them out (at market rates, of course) to nice well-groomed young men working on Capitol Hill in the food service industry.

But until he walks the walk (by moving his family into a large, ecologically sound, truly high-density multiunit building) I'm going to to have to take a pass on listening to him peevishly demanding better transportation services for himself and his own family while cowering behind a conception of urbanism that he and his immediate family are quite obviously not ready or willing to practice.
May 22 robotslave commented on State Senator Introduces Bill to Ban Masks and Hoods in Public.
There just isn't any way to write a law that does this constitutionally.

What you can write is a law that adds an extra charge/penalty for using a mask to conceal your identity while committing a crime.
May 22 robotslave commented on The Morning News: Faster (But Not Fast Enough) Trains For Amtrak Cascades, Owning an Air Conditioner Is UnSeattle.
These new rental units are disproportionately located in high-rise buildings.

It is common for hick-type peoples, people who were not raised in cities, to assume that any room anywhere can be cooled off simply by opening a window.

What these hick peoples do not realize is that in big modern cities, the big modern buildings do not have windows that can open, because acceptable ventilation* is a difficult and expensive problem in these big modern buildings (and those revolving doors aren't installed just to provide amusement for hick-type walkers and gawkers).

With the need for sealed windows comes the need for temperature control, it is as simple as that.


* e.g. no howling winds in corridors, no stagnant, suffocating pockets, no internal doors nearly sealed shut by air pressure, no sudden extra forces in elevator shafts, etc