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Jan 16 robotslave commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Lifelong Straight Guy Wants To Recreate Magical Gay Sex He Once Had With Smooth Guy Whose Queeny Ways Appealed to Him.
How about "just pay for it?"

Since the desires seem completely physical, why not go to professionals?
Jan 10 robotslave commented on Intel Chiefs to President-Elect: Um, Dude, the Russians Have a Compromising Video of You Being Pissed On And/Or Near By Russian Sex Workers.
Hey, good job with the kink-shaming there, Dan.

You should probably try to learn a thing or two from the guy who wrote this:

"...after a few beers, piss is just so much hot water. I'm not saying you should've gone there for your ex, if pissing on him was something you absolutely, positively couldn't bring yourself to do. All I'm saying is that most people who give piss a chance quickly realize that golden showers aren't nearly as gross and disgusting—or even golden—as they were led to believe by people who lump piss in with shit when discussing and/or freaking out about other people's kinks."

or the guy who wrote this:

"...clients can and should be out there speaking up in defense of sex workers and themselves. Sex workers are speaking up and fighting back—on Twitter and other social-media platforms, sometimes anonymously, but increasingly under their own names—and they're staring down the stigma, the shame, and the law on their own. It's time for their clients to join them in the fight."

And before you trot out your "but it's totally OK to sex-shame hypocritcal rightwingers" whinge, you should ask yourself "does Trump look or sound anything remotely like a guy with Christian fundamentalist views on sexuality?"
Jan 3 robotslave commented on Lindy West Quits Twitter: "It Is Unusable for Anyone But Trolls, Robots and Dictators".
Well gosh, Thomas Friedman couldn't possibly be wrong about anything, could he?

More seriously, why do you need to have Lindy on Tweeter, specifically? Is it just too inconvenient for you to check the web-sites that pay her to write, when you want to read her writing?
Jan 1 robotslave commented on Huskies Lose To Alabama With Dignity, But We All Lose Anyway.

Under the Good Olde Days System, the Rose Bowl would have been played between Washington, the Pac 12 champion, and this year's Big Ten (cough) champion: Penn State (Not Ohio, nor Michigan).

Alabama, a member of the SEC, not the Big Ten, would never get a chance to play in the Rose Bowl; they'd instead have an impressive collection of Sugar Bowl wins.

Nov 28, 2016 robotslave commented on The Morning News: Seattle Mexican Consul to Help WA Latinxs Prepare for Trump Presidency, An Interfaith Meeting at UW.
Using the word "Latin" or its contrived variants is problematic when you're referring to a group of people which includes many whose first language was not Latinate (Mayan derivatives live on; just ask the Zapatistas).

When talking about the descendants of the original inhabitants of Central and South America, the more accurate term would be "Native Americans," but it seems that's taken already.
Nov 2, 2016 robotslave commented on Nate Silver Is Here To Ruin Your Morning.

Thanks, I hadn't seen that.

So it looks like Nate's outlier prediction is about equally due to 1) when determining uncertainty, assigning a much greater weight to the proportion of undecided voters, and 2) when calibrating the model, refusing to throw out pre-2000 polling data that is known to be bad.

Good to know!
Nov 2, 2016 robotslave commented on The Agony and Ecstasy of Big Star's Complete Third, the Ultimate Broken Masterpiece.
This is why The Stranger doesn't have a music section anymore.

The audience for music journalism is young, and always has been. You're not going to reach them with reviews of records released 40 years ago, written by men released 50 years ago.

The audience for The Stranger, however, is aging just as fast as its senior staff-- and while that's a demographic that does absolutely love to be reminded that it was once young, it's not a demo that can stay awake while you express your enthusiasm for a new musical troupe.

Ergo, this bit of pandering to the audience that will cherish recognizing the once-obscure music playing at a discrete volume while they eat their 45-dollar steaks in the city's best new restaurants.
Nov 2, 2016 robotslave commented on Nate Silver Is Here To Ruin Your Morning.
@7, @9

You seem to have missed the point.

All three of the sources I cited are poll aggregators. It is "the math talking" for all of them, and has been all along. The differences between the probabilities they each produce come from their methodologies-- the particular math that each one uses to make predictions based on the same third-party poll results they all start with.

Nate's methodology is producing an outlier result when you do a meta aggregation-- an aggregate of aggregators. And Nate has given us no justification for that outlier result-- or conversely, no reason to doubt the methodology of his competitors.
Nov 2, 2016 robotslave commented on The Morning News: State Senator Andy Hill Dies, AG Finds Flaws in Washington Gun Laws.

Oh no, a reading comprehension insult!

Man, that is a real stinger. I can never come up with a good reply when internet commenters bring out the big guns like that.

Look, you're right, I can't understand all these difficult words and sentences and things, so since you're so good at it, why don't you read through the court filing and tell us which paragraphs cover Whitlatch's firing and/or potential re-hiring?
Nov 2, 2016 robotslave commented on The Morning News: State Senator Andy Hill Dies, AG Finds Flaws in Washington Gun Laws.

Sean's op-ed does nothing but exacerbate the problem he describes.

It's yet another instance of a writer at The Stranger completely failing to realize that he is very much part of "The Media" and assume the responsibility that goes along with the privilege.

Sean's refusal to let the little people attach their dirty little thoughts and criticisms to his pure and truly heartfelt proclamations is part of the problem, of course, but I doubt he'll ever let himself look at it that way.