Jun 19, 2009 nephyo commented on Civil Disobedience: A Proposal.
Something like this is a really good idea. it should start exactly as you said. Well planned and organized.

But then it should spread too from first the white house, to couples showing up at congress, at the supreme court, at the houses of the legislatures in states across the country, to police stations, to military bases, to anywhere where people aren't doing what's necessary to protect the rights of gays.

As these faces appear on television, again and again and again, public support would build up like a tidal wave. The call to have these peoples be pardoned with their records expunged would start to grow. All this could and SHOULD lead up to a March. A march that will get so much more public support than you'd get if you march now. A march that includes millions of people supportive of gay rights and the people who have been arrested.

Hopefully it wouldn't even have to get that far. But if it does,it could work very well.