It's not very popular.

Jul 1, 2009 Richard commented on Savage Love.
I hate it when folks call open relationships "cheating." My husband and I played around a lot - but openly and above all, honestly. We never "cheated." We were open and honest and had a lot of fun until his unexpected death from poisoning.

During Monicagate, when the whole world was getting into the Clinton's marriage, I was yelling that it was none of our business. The only people concerned were Bill and Hilary - and it seems they worked it out. Their marriage is about more than 100% monogamy. My hat is off to them. (Go Hilary! Become President!)

As to Sanford, Craig, etc. - it is their hypocrisy that annoys me - not their sex acts. Whether they have sex with people who are not their wives is of interest only to their spouses as far as I am concerned. EXCEPT when they are giving speeches AND voting on laws that put down others - especially gay people (Craig). Then the hypocrisy must be addressed. And Sanford's Clinton-karma hypocrisy is fair game too. But their sex lives? That is between their spouses and them. I could care less.

Maria in Argentina sounds like a romantic lover from the emails. And I hate Larry Craig for giving away the T-room tap dance! LOL
Jun 20, 2009 Richard commented on Savage Love.
Hey Soon To Be Married, I absolutely hate it when folks "suggest" I donate to non-profits instead of giving them a gift - such implies a gift is expected. Gifts are not, actually. However, your thinking of Marriage Equality is so wonderful that I am going to make a donation in honor of your wedded bliss - whoever you are! Have a wonderful and long marriage full of love and joy!

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