Feb 5, 2010 CP commented on Evangelicals Embrace Extreme Fighting to Attract Young Men.
Uh, halloo? Violence? A little bit of wrasslin' and fisticuffs? Big whoop.

This is the South.


How do you think they feel about WAR?

They've got a boner for war. Every one that comes down the pike.

(Except Clinton in Bosnia, and whatever Obama cooks up next to prove he's tough and not a liberal, if it doesn't involve what they perceive as A-rabs.)

Dec 23, 2009 CP commented on On (500) Days of Summer.
Say what I like about Zooey Deschanel?! Okay, then! Whuh! Knowhurrimean, mate? WHUH!!
Dec 21, 2009 CP commented on The Nazi War on Christmas.
@14 ...or so the Unitarians would have you believe...
Dec 21, 2009 CP commented on A Drifting Cargo Ship in the North Pacific.
When you're adrift in a storm, a distant semiotician is of no use.
Dec 21, 2009 CP commented on A Truck Carrying Fertilizer Kills an Amazing Amount of People.
What's worse? Getting run over by a truck full of petrochem fertilizer, or organic fertilizer?

Fish-based fertilizer from unsustainable fisheries practices is a form of violence!
Dec 19, 2009 CP commented on Jews and Unitarians Conspire to Ruin Garrison Keillor's Christmas.
@40, it's not fair to pick on Charles all that much. He banged his head as youth, diving into the family swimming pool.
Dec 19, 2009 CP commented on Be Thankful You're Not in Laredo.
@24, emma's bee, would you mind giving US a lesson in multiple doors? Huh?

@27, yes, that's the more precise description of the American literacy tragedy: a great many can, but prefer not to. Also, more than you realize, we're surrounded by many who can, but not very well, and it's a struggle, so they prefer not to.
Dec 18, 2009 CP commented on The End of Saab.
And if you buy the right bland Subaru old and used, and put the cheapest tires you can find on it, and never replace the shocks no matter how many miles they have on them, then you can bitch about all of the Saabs and Audis always passing you, as you drone and bounce along at what seems like a normal speed... to you.
Dec 18, 2009 CP commented on The End of Saab.
@12, your Saab 9-2X was a Subaru. Subaru, Subaru, Subaru! Mere badge job. A few things changed. However, they based it on a very nice Subaru. Which cost many thousands less and had the same HP and awd and...

Oh, and BTW, GM owned a big chunk of Subaru back then, too. That's how a Saab/Subaru badge job was something they could make happen. (They also put a Saab badge on a Chevy/GMC truckish SUV, and that ... uh...) GM sold their share of Subaru off a few years ago, before the current crisis.

GM's dream for owning Saab was to get some of the brainiacs at Saab to do some of their homework for them (turbocharging, fuel injection, etc), and also to see if, with a more serious marketing arm/dealer network, Saab could do better in the U.S. I know it worked in my particular (very conventional, anti-weirdo, no-previous-dealer) county, but in general, meh, no.

Saab was only building about 100,000 cars. Per year. For the world. Too puny to live in this modern era of consolidation.

Professors moved to Subarus when both Saab and Volvo moved upmarket. There will always be a brand that certain folks need to buy because, in their circles, it is uncool to like cars. Many Subarus are actually fast and fun anymore, but if you try, you can avoid the fast and fun ones and still find a bland one.
Dec 16, 2009 CP commented on The Sexbots Are Coming! The Sexbots Are Coming!.
Oh, and one more thing:

a sexbot would let you suck her toes.