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Aug 25 Deadhead Ned commented on A Feel Bad Story in Disguise: Two Florida Hospitals Won't Bill Orlando Pulse Shooting Victims.
@9 "idiot" ?
a gun is ONLY designed to kill or wound.
no car is designed to hit people.
simple logic.
Aug 25 Deadhead Ned commented on Gong Founder, Poet and "Space Whisperer" Gilly Smyth Has Died. We Won't See Her Like Again.
thanks David, for this short & sweet obit.
Gong is very special, and she was a VERY special person with gorgeous talent.
"and you are my egg..."
Jul 14 Deadhead Ned commented on The Morning News: State Makes Progress on Downtown Tunnel, Man Dies Paragliding, Ghostbusters Opens in Seattle.
@8 uhh, i don't think that 'Ghostbusters' (in any version) has anything to do with being someone "with taste". whatever the hell THAT is supposed to mean.

yes, i'm going to see it with my wife, and we look forward to an hour or so of fun, just as with the original.
May 3 Deadhead Ned commented on The Morning News: No NBA Arena Street Vacation, a Hate Crime at Starbucks, and a $500 Million Boeing Tax Break.
while LA relocates a tribe, the same is also happening right here, folks.… ://

QUINAULT tribal members can attest to the urgency of climate change from an up-close and personal perspective. We’re being forced to relocate part of our village of Taholah on the Washington coast. Ocean encroachment, increasingly severe storm surges and flooding are forcing more than 1,000 of our people to permanently move to higher ground
Jan 6 Deadhead Ned commented on Get Ready for the Right-Wing Backlash Over Washington's New Transgender Bathroom Policy.
why would the Republicans be checking people's genitals anyway ?

& who do they give the job to ?
Dec 25, 2015 Deadhead Ned commented on Jay Rodne, Republican State House Representative from Snoqualmie, Agrees With ISIS.

"Rodne said that because of the increased threats seen in such recent attacks as the shootings in San Bernardino, Calif., Americans shoulder the responsibility of reporting any suspicious activity to authorities.
He also said that law enforcement agencies across the nation have urged Americans with proper permits to carry firearms, noting that authorities can’t be everywhere all the time.
“Americans have become the first first responders,” he said."

i shudder in fear of these people.

the Republicans, gun nuts & other 'Muricans, not Muslims.
Dec 25, 2015 Deadhead Ned commented on Jay Rodne, Republican State House Representative from Snoqualmie, Agrees With ISIS.
@37 thank you for for bringing some conversation to this conversation.

@39 if you can't deal with the level of discourse, please go elsewhere instead of showing the childish level of your intellect.
Nov 27, 2015 Deadhead Ned commented on Live Coverage: Four Arrests Reported as Black Lives Matter Protests Move Through Downtown Seattle.
@27, 29, 37 huh ? WTF ?

@16, 21, 26, 30, 34 way to show your Ayn Rand fetish.

Catalina, Comte, venom: thanks !
Jun 28, 2015 Deadhead Ned commented on Sean Hannity's Logic: Ban Confederate Flags? Then Ban Rap Music! (WHAT?).
@17 many points of view (i.e. opinions) are not worthy of consideration because of being obviously false.

"the world is flat." "the ACA is a bad law." your comments.
Oct 28, 2014 Deadhead Ned commented on RIP, Jazz-Rock Bassist Jack Bruce.
thanks for the earful, Mr. Nipper ! he was an amazing guy, & I can't believe no one else has posted.

in addition to his bass playing, he had one of rock's great voices.

also, did anyone ever settle the controversy over Zappa's "Apostrophe"? as I recall, Frank claims that's Jack on the that track, tho Mr Bruce denied that he would ever have played with Frank Zappa. sure sounds like his fat bass work !