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Aug 12 Deadhead Ned commented on RIP, Lauren Bacall.
@6 thanks for that.

her death is just as shocking & important as Robin's to me, anyway.
Aug 12 Deadhead Ned commented on Anna, This Is Lauren Bacall.
@3, you have no seemingly no respect for a GREAT person.

please keep silent in the future if you are moved to write anything.

also, please don't try to school @minardanna. she has more communication and writing skills than you could handle.

i'm telling you this out of love.
Aug 12 Deadhead Ned commented on RIP, Lauren Bacall.
Anna, thank you for this image (speaking only for myself, an older white guy).

& will people with comments such as Mudede or @2 please be silent out of respect to a GREAT person.

thanks again.
Jul 16 Deadhead Ned commented on Eventually Humans Will Have to Feed Climate-Fucked Polar Bears.
May I volunteer Mr. Mudede to be fed to the polar bears.
May 25 Deadhead Ned commented on Father of Shooting Victim Points Directly at the NRA.
@31, @36, etc.

do you two speak gibberish as well as you write it?

you're both quite fluent when posting here.

BTW, @31, try noticing the rate of gun violence in other places, as compared to here in the US.

& no matter how you parse our constitutional rights, at the top of the Declaration of Independence the first thing listed is our " unalienable Right (to) Life".
Mar 14 Deadhead Ned commented on Meeting the End of Life with LSD.
@10 This! (as i'm told the kids say.)

Feb 23 Deadhead Ned commented on Slog Bible Study: Luke 12:48.
@15, some of the "retreat-from-the-world" type of monks and nuns gave us cheese and beer and liqueurs, so not a complete waste of time so far ...
Jan 28 Deadhead Ned commented on Pete Seeger and the Income Label.
oh, regarding the above mess (though i think it best to just ignore the troll), here's Seeger's own words


now let's go back to remembering his whole, long and extremely productive life.

“My job,” he said in 2009, “is to show folks there’s a lot of good music in this world, and if used right it may help to save the planet.” - http://www.nytimes.com/2014/01/29/arts/m…

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