It's not very popular.

Feb 9 pdp commented on MSNBC Reports on First Same-Sex Marriages in Ala-Fucking-Bama.
"Only wealthy older gay white couples care about marriage equality."

Yup, that's what I thought when I saw a similar picture on the NYT web site. Man, those were the dumbest arguments against gay marriage coming from the gay/queer leftists.
Nov 3, 2014 pdp commented on Lunchtime!.
Love this: "The counter service, for example, was almost impossibly friendly; I didn't once question whether my cashier loathed me for simply existing."

So, so true. I just spent four days in Portland and was just blown away by the warmth and openness of the people. Then I came back, figured I'd try someplace new and went to London Plane, where we were treated like insignificant specks beneath the staff's contempt.
Oct 14, 2014 pdp commented on The First-Ever Orcas Island Film Festival Was Awesome.
The film festival sounds great, but Orcas: meh. We stayed at Doe Bay, which was wildly overpriced for an uninsulated, tiny cabin crammed up against two other cabins. The food was similarly expensive and poor quality. If you're going to get on a spendy, utterly fabulous seaplane, go to Salt Spring Island or Stehekin.
Mar 31, 2014 pdp commented on That About Sums It Up.
Ummmm . . . What?
Mar 26, 2014 pdp commented on How a $15 Minimum Wage Would Make Everyone Richer.
Mar 21, 2014 pdp commented on What Are You Doing This Weekend?.
Frizzelle, enjoy The Great Beauty. It's astonishing.
Dec 23, 2013 pdp commented on "And she looks at Albert, feeling gratitude and possibly love.".
I loved it too. As for the year-end bounty, I have seen only American Hustle, and I didn't get why the critics were so crazy for it. Total meh.
Jul 8, 2013 pdp commented on Buildings Are Getting Too Tall for Seattle Sky.
@23: I suppose that's why Boston's Back Bay, London's Kensington, and pretty much the entirety of Paris are such hellholes, right?

Yes, exactly. Add Copenhagen and Amsterdam to the list. Hellholes, I tell ya!

Also, the Lesser Seattleite Charles quoted trotted out the old "Seattle is one of the most livable cities" canard, which just drives me nuts. Which aspects are livable: the insane real estate costs? The clogged highways? The lack of walkability in most of the city?
Jun 27, 2013 pdp commented on "What Should I Know Before Deciding to Move to Seattle?".
Agree totally with 132 and 134. I grew up in NY suburbs, then spent 20 years in Chicago. In most ways, those two cities are like close siblings and Seattle is like some distant cousin who grew up in a foreign land. Moving here 10 years ago was a huge culture shock. Seattle Freeze is a very real thing, though it's certainly not insurmountable: half the city is made up of newcomers, the vast majority of them perfectly happy with their social situations. Definitely learn to read between the lines of social interactions; this place is like Latin America or Japan in that the people communicate non-verbally and totally expect you to understand their unspoken meaning. Conversely, watch your own unspoken communication. A colleague moved here from Boston and said she went from being considered a perfectly polite person to being one of the rudest people around, just because she didn't realize that she was communicating in ways that were considered inappropriate.

All that aside, I agree with all the positive stuff above, too. Sounds like a good fit for you. As "a gay" you would fit in anywhere, but Capitol Hill would be your best bet for a good transition from NYC: public trans is as good as it gets around here, walkable, dense, good nightlife, etc.
Nov 13, 2012 pdp commented on What Should Be the Next Big Goal for Washington Liberals?.
@24: Yes, let's say we make it a goal to move from the MOST regressive tax system in the country to just #3 or #4 on that list. Maybe 10 years from now, we can be better than Alabama. Or Mississippi. WA is such a weird, selective kind of liberal place.

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