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Oct 2, 2013 thetruthhurts commented on Your Defensiveness Is Our Command: Talking About Racism in Seattle.
" Yes, white people stop* to death elderly black men in this city and never serve a day in jail."

Oct 2, 2013 thetruthhurts commented on Your Defensiveness Is Our Command: Talking About Racism in Seattle.
"We love having the progressives, we do. But white people aren't going to give up their privilege. Why would they? They just aren't going to"

Yes, white people stop to death elderly black men in this city and never serve a day in jail.
White people are responsible for an epidemic of mob attacks on random blacks in this city for over a decade which have led to many people being killed and permanently maimed and the media won't cover it.
Whites make up most of the crime in predominantly black neighborhoods and blacks are so afraid of angering whites that they ignore it or make excuses for it.
Whites make up 6% of the city's population but get over 50% of the social services.
Whites are responsible for every murder of a person of color in the past few years but continue to claim blacks are victimizing them.
Whites were allowed to assault and kill blacks while the police stood by and did nothing during Maudi Gras. White advocates screamed racism that people noticed they were so disproportionately represented. The newspaper would not publish photos because it showed whites made up most of the perpetrators.
Whites go around calling black people "privileged" and "entitled" if they do anything that doesn't revolve around them. Whites never call white people these things when they get away with things no black person could. Whites make up 13% of the general population and less than 6% of the Seattle population but believe it must be 100% about them 24/7 or they are being victimized and oppressed.
Oct 2, 2013 thetruthhurts commented on Your Defensiveness Is Our Command: Talking About Racism in Seattle.
It took black people 5 minutes to call the death of Trayvon Martin a racially motivated injustice where he was targeted for his race and what he was wearing on his head. It's been 20 years and blacks are still in denial that is what they did to Jews in Crown Heights even though there is 100% proof it is true.
I would have loved to have been at this talk about the Trayvon/Zimmerman incident and called bullshit on this.
Photos of Trayvon when he was 6 were all over the media. How many times was the photo of Issac BItton and his 6 year old son being attacked by a black mob shown?
Why did the police chief have to resign in Sanford FL for not arresting Zimmerman immediately but the black NYC police chief never suffered for allowing blacks to attack Jews, including children, for 3 days in NYC. The black mob who attacked Issac Bitton and his son in front of the police were never arrested and the police who allowed it to take place weren't either.
There are articles that include black community responses to the acquittal of Lemrick Nelson- including Al Sharpton's and Spike Lee's reaction. Not one word of outrage or support for the Jewish community or families of the victim. Just excuses for the lynching and blaming Jews. Compare it to their reaction over the Zimmerman acquittal. Look at how the black and leftist media-NYT, The Nation, The Amsterdam News, The Root, Grio, Global Grind- refers to the Crown Heights pogrom as "clashes between blacks and Jews" while referring to Trayvon's death as being an outrageous racist hate crime.
-Want to talk about blacks and racial profiling? Let's talk about Antony Graziosi, shall we?
-The same media who always say the Crown Heights pogrom was "caused" by a Jewish man committed a car accident in which a black child died never say that the Sanford FL incident was "caused" by the epidemic of black crime in that neighborhood. It's never even mentioned.
-Out of the 20 black males who mob murdered Yankel Rosenbaum only one was charged. He was aquitted. 14 years later he served a short sentence for the civil rights violation in that incident. Sharpton and co were outraged that he did any time at all. I would like to know: do blacks think this in fair? If so, they have nothing to complain about Trayvon or any other black "victim". If they don't think it's fair show me where they objected. I have read extensive coverage of this in the black media and comments are almost 100% almost exclusively supportive of the lynching and the only judicial complaint is that Nelson was ever charged with violating Rosenbaums civil rights.
How bout we talk about that?
Sep 21, 2013 thetruthhurts commented on Race Trouble.
@28 Universities don't tolerate racism? Nation of Islam, the black Muslim hate group, did a tour of colleges and high schools last year with no condemnation. Anti-Semitism by blacks and Muslims certainly is tolerate. So much as questioning affirmative action leads to a spasm of outrage though.
Sep 18, 2013 thetruthhurts commented on Caucasian Seattle Model Paints Herself Black for Local Fashion Shoot.
The headline says "Model Paints Herself Black..."
Is it verified that she painted herself? Wouldn't someone else have done it and wouldn't it have been someone else who came up with the idea for the shoot? This was written to humiliate the girl and didn't even strive for accuracy.
Sep 18, 2013 thetruthhurts commented on Caucasian Seattle Model Paints Herself Black for Local Fashion Shoot.
"Just wow. Really, just wow..."

Don't you think that phrase has been played out? Is there anyone who hears it anymore, especially coming from a writer who used to review porn movies for this publication, who believes the person is genuinely shocked? I don't. It comes across as an attempt to shame someone, in this case a 23 year old model. Linking to her facebook page was unnecessary. And it does seem catty.
Sep 18, 2013 thetruthhurts commented on Race Trouble.
"The last thing you want is to get stuck in disputes with white people who really believe that blacks are naturally inferior...."

How about disputes with black people who really believe that blacks are naturally superior? There are a more of a few of them out there. Especially on college campuses.
Sep 18, 2013 thetruthhurts commented on Race Trouble.
"In Zimbabwe, we used to call white Africans who really believed they were a superior race of humans "cooked"..."

What do you call black people who are racist in Zimbabwe? Didn't Mugabe praise Hitler a few years ago? Didn't black South Africans massacre a few hundred Zimbabwe immigrants a few years ago?
As far as in this country-It wasn't whites who burned down Korean businesses all over this country in the 90's, have been violating the civil rights of Asian students in Philadelphia school for 4 generations and counting, are responsible for the Crown Heights pogrom (the worst hate crime against Jews in US history, or the Freddy Fashion Mart massacre in which 8 young Hispanic employees were murdered due to racists. 3 out of 4 of these events were egged on by "civil rights" leader Al Sharpton. Funny how blacks always think racism is white on black, white on Asian, white on Jewish. Actually blacks are disproportionately involved in hate crimes and a survey taken years ago showed blacks were far more likely to be anti-Asian and anti-Jewish racist than whites.
Sep 16, 2013 thetruthhurts commented on Headline of the Day.
A lot of people are upset that the winner is Indian? More like 6. On the other hand blacks in DC elected to city council Marion Barry who pledged on his reelection night to rid his district of "dirty Asians". Is there a reason why this didn't make as much news as 6 anonymous people on twitter making racism comments about this Indian woman? On the youtube video you can see dozens of blacks applauding Barry's racist speech. Also check out on youtube OWS LA Patricia Mccallister saying the Jews should be run out of American and Hitler was right. Then in another video she can be seen crying about slavery at an AME Martin Luther King Day event. Detroit Tiger's Delmon Young assaulted a homeless man in an anti-Jewish hate crime and never served a day in jail or lost his job. But yeah Charles, lets ignore that and focus on the 6 white people who said something racist about this lady. Your hypocrisy stinks.
Sep 16, 2013 thetruthhurts commented on Headline of the Day.
On the day of the Aurora shooting didn't Charles whine that if it was a black man he would have been called a terrorist? Guess what Chuck? Today the mass shooter is a black man, and guess what? It is not being labeled terrorism by the government or mainstream media. Aren't you disappointed?