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Feb 7, 2012 joshuadf commented on Cascade Neighborhood Council Resigns En Masse.
@19, I'm one of the people targeted by these "furious" emails, and I've been wondering for months what exactly the problem is myself (I was CNC Treasurer April 2010-April 2011). As near as I can tell, it's about releasing frustration more than anything. There is a recurring issue, which is that during the time the CNC had a temporary lease over the city-owned Cascade People's Center building, we spent a bunch of money. Some was donations from community fundraisers (thanks Inner Chapters and others!), some was via city grants like for a computer lab upgrade that I led, some was from the dissolution of an inactive non-profit EcoCascade which had some money left in the bank. We've answered many emails about this and devoted a monthly meeting to the subject.

For example one question is basically rhetorical: "Is it ok for a few people to decide on such matters or is it important to allow broad participation?" My response was "Clearly as one of those few elected officers I did think it was ok (morally and ethically as well as legally) to decide how to honor the EcoCascade legacy after the dissolution. The fact that some of you have a different opinion is actually to be expected in a neighborhood; it would be very odd if all of us had the same ideas about everything." Yawn. But after getting these emails several times a week, I completely understand why the current officers made this decision. At some point it's not worth the effort to be a neighborhood "public figure" anymore, and to have the freedom to just send the angry emails straight to your spam folder and spend your time on something else.

Oh, and I agree that SLU is still mostly soulless. That's one reason I got involved in the CNC in the first place. My personal conspiracy theory about all these emails is that Vulcan put them up to it, maybe offered some sort of favors, to keep the CNC off-kilter and therefore unable to call them out on their massive parking garages and sterile corporate park. Sure I can comment on slog about it but that's not the same as an official CNC statement. Oh well.
Nov 9, 2011 joshuadf commented on Jon and Mary Shirley Give $2 Million for New Visual Arts Complex at Cornish.
What happened to the artist housing that was supposed to be on top of 1000 Virginia?
Nov 9, 2011 joshuadf commented on The $19 No-Bullshit Cell Phone Plan?.
I bought my own Android phone and do T-Mobile prepaid ("Pay as you go") and spend less than $19/mo. I only use wifi for data. It's not as smooth as this service looks since I have to use a separate app for VoIP calls over Wi-Fi though.
Sep 14, 2010 joshuadf commented on Dear Seattle, Meet the So-Called "Uptown Triangle".
"Historically" should refer to more than the past 60 years. A few hundred years ago it was a forested hill, white people moved in roughly 1880, they regraded the hill in the late 1920s just in time for the Depression. That's why it and the "Denny Triangle" are full of parking lots and warehouses. It's a great location, just few people had money to build from about 1930-1950 or else it would look more like LQA. If you look at Denny Park Lutheran Church's history writeup, they moved there because the land was so cheap after the regrade. Then, roughly 1950-2000 or so was all about sprawl and more parking. In the past 10 years as noted above there has been a decent amount of development, especially along Denny Way. (By the way, note how the name "Denny" keeps coming up? This was where David Denny lived, in a house at what is now Dexter and Republican.)
May 21, 2010 joshuadf commented on Seattle's Latest Fancy Restaurant Casualty: Union.
If you're looking for lunch food, Amazon has a new restaurant in SLU with "a focus on sustainable, local, healthy food." Nice big sign on the door, hours are M-F 7am-4pm. But HA HA you can't eat there:…
May 21, 2010 joshuadf commented on Seattle's Latest Fancy Restaurant Casualty: Union.
If you're looking for lunch food, Amazon has a new restaurant in SLU with "a focus on sustainable, local, healthy food." Nice big sign on the door, hours are M-F 7am-4pm. But HA HA you can't eat there:…
Feb 16, 2010 joshuadf commented on My Intern Went to the Spirituality Book Festival.
A few months ago I came across a review of Norris' book in a waiting room magazine. It looks really interesting and I'm sorry I missed her talk. I'll have to put the Elliot Bay appearance on my calendar.

Here's the review:
'If Alan Jackson and Jimmy Buffett had waited a few years to perform their chart-topping hit so that they could first read Kathleen Norris' new book Acedia & Me: A Marriage, Monks, and a Writer's Life, they might have described more insightfully the "half-past twelve" tedium they were escaping for a "five-o'clock somewhere" drink.'…
Dec 22, 2009 joshuadf commented on Block This Development.
Preservation probably wouldn't have stopped facadism like Vulcan's doing with the former Ford McKay on Westlake (the building is gone, but the terra cotta was removed and is being "preserved" to slap on a new building).

I have to say that situationally I agree with the post, but in this specific instance I can't wait for a new building. The building is already more or less a parking garage (albeit one with a pretty facade): it's an auto repair shop that uses the warehouse space for cars waiting for or finished with work, plus their customers are constantly blocking the sidewalk. As for the new tower, the DJC snippet indicates these will be smaller units with more shared space in the building which should mean lower rents and better interactions between residents.

Incidentally this is right next door to the Washington Talking Book and Braille Library, which is a former auto dealership with awesome street presence.
Nov 20, 2009 joshuadf commented on Gov. Gregoire Opposes "All Cuts" Budget.
Fnarf, this is one of few things Chopp has done right, though it's certainly commendable. There are an overrun of reasons to replace him, so to speak.
Sep 30, 2009 joshuadf commented on Continuation of an Era.
I've heard that standard practice is to consider any building older than 20 years as having zero value unless proven otherwise. This is like considering a forest as having zero value until it is "harvested".