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Jul 24, 2013 cwi commented on Why I'm Boycotting Russian Vodka.
Instead of boycotting the Olympics, I suggest that all countries that are appalled by what is going on officially stitch a small rainbow logo into their uniform designs, big enough to be seen on TV. Then Russia has to make the choice to either accept the logo or ban that whole country. You will see them bow down about as quickly as they did in Cuba. And while they will try to film around it whenever they can, the whole drama around every cut will create more media attention than they ever wanted to attract and every artificial blending away of cameras in the official Russian reporting will be commented on, and the ensuing internet dialog will be endless. And it should be on all uniforms of athletes, coaches, associated delegates, etc.
Make it backfire on Russia - that is the way to fight back.

And every country would be indirectly required to take sides, not only EU and US, but also Australia, NZ, Argentina, Brazil, South Africa...and on and on and on. Russia would achieve exactly the opposite of what they intended. It needs to be part of the uniform, rather than an individual choice. Individuals would obviously just become targets for expressing support for LGBT. The different Olympic delegations that are now thinking about their stance on the matter and whether they are going to boycott, hopefully decide to go this route in sufficient enough numbers. This way the athletes would have their games, yet the Olympic spirit and oath would be honored and Russia as a country in its human rights violation would find itself exposed.
Please help spread this idea!