Sep 29, 2010 msmao commented on Savage Love.
I am writing to convey my profound admiration for the "It Gets Better" project. Ingenius and profound, even if it is thirty (or one thousand) years too late!

I just forwarded the cornerstone video(Dan & Terry's) to my 58 year old mother for approval and to aid this movement in going viral.

At present, there is one openly gay person in my family; my cousin, a rather successful Nurse Practicioner; and whom has been in a very happy relationship for (to my knowledge) 12 years(queue jealousy).

Regardless of the degree of saturation of LGBT in the media or my family; I give credit to my mother as the one person who established my cognitive acceptance of 'non traditional' families/lifestyles.

A brief personal history: the family on my father's side are devout Catholics (including myself and the aforementioned cousin).
At any rate, I was taught acceptance at an early age. Born in 1980, I was caught admist in a sea of 'weirdness" - our country's contagious involvement in the eternal MidEast conflict and the Advent of the AIDS plague were the news headlines of my youth. My grandmother passed away three years ago with nary a bad feeling towards any member of my family due to this unified love and acceptance.

In this respect, I am proud to say that the majority of my family are EXTREMELY ACCEPTING of my cousin's and other pursueants of an 'alternative lifestyle."

It has been my family's influence that created an open-minded individual in myself and my sibling. Since an early age, I have been titled "wierd," or different. It may be due to the fact that I am a friendly introvert, or any combinations of various reasons (according to Myers-Briggs I am an INTP).

In conclusion, I would like to state that I am rather jealous of all people whom are able to categorize themselves. The reason is that I am yet unable to find my fit within a specific group of people.

Alas, the acceptance of all differences is growing in this country, whether it be race or sexuality. So I am hopeful that people like myself (whom appear to be "normal") and those who have marked differences, are accepted and welcomed in our society without reserve.

Post Script- I would like to thank Terry (and everyone else) for posting an "It Gets Better" video. It was AWESOME to see you both talk about how you met and your family. I am a hopeless romantic.
Jul 2, 2010 msmao commented on SL Letter of the Day: The Wronged Party.
The poster doesn't want to get out of this unfulfilled relationship but try to find reparations. And his wife may ultimately agree to terms of regular scheduled sex.. What can be more scary? There is only one outcome from two avenues.
1. She will agree to have sex with him until she gets pregnant and do so with a specified frequency for a set period of time., like a job. i.e. a few months after her deposit is born. OR

2. She will agree to have sex with him until she becomes pregnant and thereafter, but alas she will not fulfill her commitment.

Either way, she does not find sex fulfilling and it will cease before or at the expiration date. It goes beyond comprehension that she would be married to a man who she does not enjoy sex with. But such is society. Alas, speculation brings up many questions; does she have a naturally low sex drive, is she not attracted to him, does she have issues (such as sexual abuse) etc... There are many permutations. The simple fact is, he is accommodating, she is unwilling to make changes for the better of the couple, and he is indeed WILLING to make a deposit.

The word "deposit" makes me sick. It carries connotations of him having to make continued deposits in the future, whether with physical monies or actual dollars. It is disgusting.

Alas, I see the author of this letter as being so dependent, enamored, infatuated, disillusioned; that every one of us writing comments and Dan's sage advice will go unheeded.

This seems like a case where every one of us can go blue in the face but will ultimately be ignored. DTMFA can be sent daily to the author's email and he will still ignore it.

Infatuation & disillusionment are funny things. This guy may wake up 20 years from now and realize he wasted his life on some silly party girl when he was 23 years old because she saw security in him and then will CONTINUE to feel sorry for himself, like he is at this sexless, sorry moment in his life. Some people love to play victims and enjoy doing so for the rest of their lives (Maybe the wife can use deprivation as a means to an end and turn this frigidity into a game???). Just an idea.

My final thought is that people who are unhappy with their situation and are smart enough to make changes but don't- Well they deserve to smell the pot they piss in.


This being said, he does write a compelling letter and I felt truly sorry for his situation. I feel as if I have a vested interest in his life because of the evoking nature of the letter. He must be a pharm salesman...
Sep 29, 2009 msmao commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day.
Dan, that reply sounded SUPER sloppy. As in, posting while you were hungry for clam chowder and eating vegan sloppy. And hoping your old man would provide the sluurp factor. Just saying, don't digress, either save it for before or after lunch. And I still love you- faghag styley.
Sep 18, 2009 msmao commented on Headline of the Day.
@ 3- What point exactly are you trying to make? Your post is unclear and rambling. There is a reason for the "Preview Comment" button. Christ.

@ 10- You do not have 2nd amendment rights if you are declared mentally unstable.

At least he isn't stupid. I give him credit for escaping, for the second time! I agree with Troll, here's to hoping he enjoys his freedom this time.
Sep 10, 2009 msmao commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day.
Meh. Sounds controlling.

If it hasn't went bad yet, it's on the downward spiral, FAST.

But I'm no expert.
Aug 23, 2009 msmao commented on It's Sunday Morning....
Awesome. Amazing. Wonderful. Contributing to the separation of church and state. AMAZING! Us Roman Catholics are next, I swear it!
Aug 20, 2009 msmao commented on What The Hell Am I Doing In LA?.
Awesome! I may have to get some internet streams of this. That's gonna be so awesome. Dan-you are so hot, you should be on tv. Call me a fag-hag I ain't got no shame!
Aug 7, 2009 msmao commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day.
I have done this, but only with wine. I tell you, you can get seriously messed up. Completely different high. BUT- I exhibited extreme discretion, and there is no way that I would do this with any frequency to have to have a colostomy, even it is true. Anyways, a letter like this does not discourage, in fact I think it does the opposite, especially for someone who likes to play with fire. Firebuttz.
Aug 7, 2009 msmao commented on Required Reading.
im all misty! thanks dan. but i dont know how much of a secret its going to be published online!
Jul 27, 2009 msmao commented on Passive-Aggressive Note?.
I am sorry, this is just absurd. It is not that big of a deal when a dog pees in someones yard. I am not going to water my dog's pee, or put chemicals in its water simply for some pretentious SOB that is so worried about a little part of lawn. My dog pees in my yard all the time and the grass is still alive.
This person has no life, evident from the over-worded sign posted in poor taste. Seriously there are many better things to do in life than worry about something so frivolous.
I actually feel stupid even posting this here, simply because it is a waste of my time as well.
But I do agree with the posters who state cat pee sucks. Man that stuff reeks to holy hell!
I let my dog pee in my year, but then we go for a 3 mile walk and he stops about ever 75 feet, if not more frequent, to cock up his leg and pee. After a while, he can't get out more than a drop if anything at all. I call him an old man, simply because all he is doing is going through the motions! LOL.
Anyways I suggest the owner of this sign gets a dog. May teach them some compassion and tolerance. Probably learn to love the dog and it's pee!